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"Hope Again!! Trunks Wakes Up in the Present"
Kanji HOPE!!再び 現在で目覚めよトランクス
Rōmaji Kibō!! Futatabi Ima de Mezameyo Torankusu
Episode Info
Previous DBS047
Next DBS049
Arc "Future" Trunks Arc
First Broadcast
Japanese June 19, 2016
Character debut(s)
None in this episode
Technique debut(s)
None in this episode
Tool debut(s)
None in this episode

"Hope Again!! Trunks Wakes Up in the Present" (HOPE!!再び 現在で目覚めよトランクス, Kibō!! Futatabi Ima de Mezameyo Torankusu) is the forty-eighth episode of the Dragon Ball Super anime.


Trunks mourns Mai's death. Black taunts the Saiyan, causing Trunks to transform into a Super Saiyan and fight Black. However, Black easily overwhelms the Super Saiyan and prepares to finish him off. Trunks fires a Masenko to distract Black, allowing him to escape into Capsule Corporation. Inside, trunks inserts the fuel into the Time Machine. Afterwards, Trunks uses the Time Machine and begins escaping. Black manages to find Trunks and fires a Kamehameha at him, only to miss due to the Time Machine finishing its teleportation to the past. Black tries locating Trunks but isn't able to find his ki.

In the present, Trunks along with the Pilaf Gang are having a school lesson. Afterwards, they have lunch. Suddenly, Trunks' Time Machine appears from the sky and lands. Trunks goes to see who is inside and sees a person similar to him but unconscious. Pilaf orders Shu to get Bulma. Soon, Bulma arrives and gets the unconscious Trunks out of the machine and onto a bed. As Bulma rushes to get a communication device to contact Whis. Trunks and the Pilaf Gang are confused as to whom the mysterious person might be.

On Beerus' Planet, Goku, Vegeta, Whis and Beerus have finished eating the ramen. Whis gets a call from Bulma who asks Goku and Vegeta to come back to Earth as Trunks has returned. Needing a power signature to lock on so that Goku can use Instantaneous Movement, Bulma asks Trunks to raise his power level. Trunks does so, allowing Goku to pick up Trunks' ki. Goku uses Instantaneous Movement and teleports himself, Vegeta, Whis and Beerus to Earth at Capsule Corporation. At Capsule Corporation, Goku and Vegeta see Trunks who is unconscious and injured; Goku uses Instantaneous Movement to teleport to Korin's Tower to get Senzu Beans.

Meanwhile in the alternate future, Black is infuriated that he is unable to locate Trunks, but vows to find him.

Goku teleports to Korin's Tower and gets a bunch of Senzu Beans. He teleports back to Capsule Corporation where Trunks is given one of the Senzu Beans. Trunks regains consciousness. However, Trunks flies into a rage after seeing Goku, mistaking him for Black, and attacks Goku although Goku blocks the attack. Goku along with everyone present is shocked at Trunks' action.


  • In the episode 47's next episode preview, Trunks is seen without his right wristband. The error isn't corrected in this episode.