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"Hands Off! Enma-sama's Secret Fruit"
Kanji 手を出すな!エンマ様の秘密の果物
Rōmaji Te o Dasu na! Enma-sama no Himitsu no Kudamono
Literal English Hands Off! Enma's Secret Fruit
FUNimation Goz and Mez
Episode Info
Previous DBZ012
Next DBZ014
Arc Saiyan Arc
Corresponding edited Z episode DBZ008 (Edited)
First Broadcast
Japanese July 26, 1989
English July 5, 2005
Character debut(s)
  • Goz
  • Mez
Technique debut(s)
None in this episode
Tool debut(s)
None in this episode

"Hands Off! Enma-sama's Secret Fruit" (手を出すな!エンマ様の秘密の果物, Te o Dasu na! Enma-sama no Himitsu no Kudamono; FUNimation "Goz and Mez"; Literally meaning "Hands Off! Enma's Secret Fruit") is the thirteenth episode of the Dragon Ball Z anime.


Gokū accidentally falls from Serpent Road into Hell, where he finds a fruit tree. Gokū is famished, so he tries to take a piece. However, the tree belongs to Enma, and the two oni there, Goz and Mez, will do anything it takes to stop Gokū from acquiring the fruit. They explain that it is a special fruit that will keep whoever eats it full for a long time. Goz and Mez have their own tests to give. The first wasn't very successful (even though he won), but the second was. To their great surprise, Gokū wins the race. Frustrated, they direct Gokū to a "shortcut" back to Serpent Road. Gokū reveals that he has stolen a piece of fruit from the tree. Unfortunately, this leads back to Enma, and Gokū must start all over. However, after eating the fruit he is much faster and will not get as tired.