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"Shoot, Kuririn! The Genki Dama, Packed with Hope"
Kanji 撃てクリリン!願いをこめた元気玉
Rōmaji Gute Kuririn! Negai o Kometa Genki Dama
FUNimation Krillin's Offensive
Episode Info
Previous DBZ033
Next DBZ035
Arc Saiyan Arc
Corresponding edited Z episode DBZ025 (Edited)
Character debut(s)
None in this episode
Technique debut(s)
None in this episode
Tool debut(s)
None in this episode

"Shoot, Kuririn! The Genki Dama, Packed with Hope" (撃てクリリン!願いをこめた元気玉, Ute Kuririn! Negai o Kometa Genki Dama; FUNimation "Krillin's Offensive") is the thirty-fourth episode of the Dragon Ball Z anime.


As Gohan fights against Vegeta, Gokū gives Kuririn the part of the Genki Dama that he was able to save. As Kuririn prepares to unleash the ball, Kaiō says not to use his eyes to throw it, but to feel it out. Sensing the right moment, Kuririn fires the Genki Dama, but Vegeta is able to dodge it. Gokū telepathically communicates with Gohan, telling his son to redirect the blast at Vegeta, who has jumped into the air. Gohan is able to aim it directly at Vegeta, and lands a direct hit. However, Vegeta falls back down to Earth, and recovers from the blast. He blew away the Dragon Team with a giant explosion of energy, but finds that they withstood the blast, separated from each other. Vegeta is about to destroy them, when he notices in horror that Gohan's tail has grown back.

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