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"From Gokū to Gohan… A Father's Spirit is Passed Down"
Kanji 悟空から悟飯へ…父の魂は伝わった
Rōmaji Gokū kara Gohan e… Chichi no Tamashī wa Tsutawatta
FUNimation The Horror won't End
Episode Info
Previous DBZ189
Next DBZ191
Saga Cell Saga
First Broadcast
Japanese June 23, 1993
Character debut(s)
None in this episode
Technique debut(s)
None in this episode
Tool debut(s)
None in this episode

"From Gokū to Gohan… A Father's Spirit is Passed Down" (悟空から悟飯へ…父の魂は伝わった, Hakuchū no Akuma!! Kyōfu wa yori Kanpeki ni; FUNimation "The Horror won't End") is the one hundred ninetieth episode of the Dragon Ball Z anime.


Cell is through playing games, so he decides to take out Gohan, and the Earth, once and for all. While powering up his Kamehameha, he explains how he became Gero's "ultimate perfection". Gohan thinks this is the end of the world, but suddenly Gokū begins to speak to him telepathically through North Kaiō. He tells Gohan that he has the strength and that he cannot give up. So, despite only being able to use one arm, Gohan powers up the biggest Kamehameha he can maneuver and aims it directly at Cell, just as Cell releases his own blast.