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ダモン Damon
English Localized Name(s) US Damon
Personal Data
Universe 4th Universe Symbol 4th Universe
Race Alien
Status Erased
Voice Actors
English Bruce DuBose
Professional Status
Team(s) 4th Universe
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Damom (ダモン, Damon; English TV "Damon") was a warrior from the 4th Universe.


As his fellow team members arrived in the Realm of Nothingness, he was one of two warriors that was hidden in obscurity. Tenshinhan commented in Damom's great ability to conceal its presence.


Damom is a small insect-like organism that is colored green. Damom has brown colored antenna and red compound eyes.


During his introduction in the Tournament of Power, Damom (like Gamisarasu) is shown to be clever and strategic by keeping himself hidden from view.

Damom is shown to maintain confidence, even after his identity was exposed. Damom only displayed worry when he suspended in the air from Son Goku's punching on the ground and when he was trapped inside of Lapis' small barrier. After being eliminated, he was shown to fear Quitela's wrath and was desperately trying to avoid getting stepped on by him.

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc

Damom was alongside the rest of his fellow team members.

Damom was responsible for eliminating Piccolo from the Tournament of Power through sweeping his feet on the edge of the Survival Venue.

Damon was exposed to everyone by No. 17 and was the last warrior of Universe 4 to be eliminated. He apologizes to Quitela, before the latter tries to step on him for losing. Damon and the others (except Quitela) accepted their doomed fate.

After the tournament of Power ended, Damom and Universe 4, among the other erased Universes were restored by Lapis' wish on the Super Dragon Balls


Although small in size, Damom takes full advantage of it and possesses adequate strength and speed to combat larger foes, putting them on the defensive.

He was also shown to be a team player by working together with Shansta, whom can generate illusions and Damom would attack those trapped within to make it seem real.


  • Like all of the member of the 4th Universe he is named based on a pun off Cardamom a spice.
  • Damom is the currently the smallest fighter and character in the Dragon Ball franchise.


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