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Please note that this is the Dragon Ball Universe Wiki's article on Earth's original Dragon Balls. If you are looking for the article on the Demon God's Dragon Balls then you should head to Dark Dragon Ball.

Dark Dragon Balls
Kanji ダークドラゴンボール
Rōmaji Dāku Doragon Bōru
Other Ultimate Dragon Balls (究極のドラゴンボール編, Kyūkoku no Doragon Bōru)[1][2]
Anime Debut DBGT001
  • Many individuals

The Dark Dragon Balls (ダークドラゴンボール, Dāku Doragon Bōru; English TV "Black Star Dragon Balls"),[3] also called the Ultimate Dragon Balls (究極のドラゴンボール編, Kyūkoku no Doragon Bōru)[4], are a unique and very dangerous set of Dragon Balls created by God and Piccolo before they split from a single Nameccian.


They're roughly the same size as Earth's Dragon Balls, and appear to be identical, with the only exception being the black stars that shine within the orbs, hence the name. Gathering these seven orbs would summon a different version of Shenron, red in colouration, with vivid yellow eyes.

Background & Usage

Unlike the Earth's Dragon Balls, the Dark Dragon Balls appear to have no true limitation; wishes involving death to not exceed this Shenron's limitations, and the wishes he grants have magic so powerful that the regular Shenron cannot reverse them. Only a second wish on the Dark Dragon Balls can reverse a wish made by them.[3]

Despite their immense power, these Dragon Balls have a terrifying drawback. Once a wish has been made, the Balls trigger a reaction within the planet Shenron was summoned on, and the Dragon Balls spread across the entire galaxy. The detonation can be halted and reversed, however, if someone makes the grand tour across the cosmos to retrieve the seven magic orbs and return them to the planet on which the wish was made.[3]


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