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Please note that this is the Dragon Ball Universe Wiki's article on the Demon God's Dragon Balls. If you are looking for the article on Earth's original Dragon Balls then you should head to Dark Dragon Ball.

Dark Dragon Balls
Kanji 暗黒ドラゴンボール
Rōmaji Ankoku Doragon Bōru
Game Debut Super Dragon Ball Heroes
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Residence Demon Realm
Inventor/Creator Demon God
Affiliation Dark Empire

The Dark Dragon Balls (暗黒ドラゴンボール, Ankoku Doragon Bōru) are a unique type of Dragon Ball created by the Demon Gods.[1] Unlike their Nameccian and Earthling counterparts, the Dark Dragon Balls spread through all of time and space when used.



Developed Form Cell possessed by the Arushinchū.

As with all Dragon Balls, the Dark Dragon Balls, when all seven are gathered, can summon their respective Shenron and grant a wish. When the wish is granted, they spread throughout all of time and space. However, these Dragon Balls possess another unique ability not seen in other Dragon Balls. They can possess those with evil in their hearts, and magnify their power, similar to Demigra's Magic or Manipulation Sorcery.


  • These Dragon Balls share their name with the Dark Dragon Balls of Dragon Ball GT, however, they are written differently, using kanji as opposed to katakana for the word "dark".
  • The Dark Dragon Balls bear similarities to the Super Dragon Balls moreso than they do to the typical Dragon Ball sets. Both sets of orbs were created by gods — a Demon God and the Dragon God Zalama respectively — are stronger than the traditional sets, and do not spread across planets when used.


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