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This article details a subject that is considered non-canon. The subject of this article has appeared in promotional shorts for Dragon Ball Heroes video game. The subject of this article appeared in the video games.

Demigra DBXV
ドミグラ Domigura
Alternative Name(s) Majin Demigra (魔神ドミグラ, Majin Domigura; English "Demon God Demigra")
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe 7th Universe
Race Majin
Age c.75 million
Voice Actors
English Kōsuke Toriumi
Japanese Josh Grelle
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Wizard
Headquarters Crack of Time (formerly)
Demon Realm (formerly)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Mission 1, Chapter #1
Anime Debut Dragon Ball Heroes God Mission 7
Game Debut Dragon Ball XenoVerse
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Demigra (ドミグラ, Domigura), more commonly refered as Majin Demigra (魔神ドミグラ, Majin Domigura; English "Demon God Demigra") is one of the main antagonists of Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


Demigra Putine Gravy

Demigra and his allies try to defeat Chronoa.

Demigra was born sometime over 75 million years ago. At some points in the past, he raised Tokitoki alongside Chronoa. However, due to his own ambition, he started suspicious research using Tokitoki in a castle—causing a time space distortion. Chronoa noticed his actions and tried to stop him. Demigra and his two wizard allies Putine and Gravy fought Chronoa but were defeated and his plans were exposed. Later, Demigra, now became a demon god, tried to take over the Time Vault and kidnapped Tokitoki, however Chronoa managed to stop him one more time, and sealed him away in the Crack of Time.




Demigra's full appearance.


Domigra is a powerful being who has showcased the durability to withstand the ace techniques of two warrior's using Super Saiyan 3 without being affected.[3]


Giant Demon God[]


Demigra as a Giant Demon God.

Demon Enhancement Form[]


Demigra in his Demon Enhancement Form.

The Demon Enhancement Form (魔強化形態, Makyōka Keitai) is a transformation exclusive to Demigra, debuting in Dragon Ball Heroes. This transformation is unique to Demigra, and adopts many traits of his previous Final Form, but is more humanoid and condensed, resembling his original form in a manner. His upper body is a pale, and his lower body dark blue. His hair stands on end, similarly to Vegeta, and his various accessories include his original earrings, and a golden arm band. His eyes remain red and his sclera black, much like his Final Form. The jewel that rested within the golden adornment of his final form now rests firmly in the center of his chest. In his Makyōka Keitai, Demigra is strong enough to fight against a Super Saiyan God Beat, as well as Son Gokū.[4]

Dragon Ball XenoVerse[]

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