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Demons are evil creatures that serve as major antagonists in the Dragon Ball franchise. The Demon (魔, Ma) could refer to:

Demon Clan[]

  • Demon Clan (魔ま族ぞくMazoku)— is the term used to describe several groups of evil aliens that appear in the Dragon Ball series. To be a Demon Clansman you must be pure evil, and Demon Clansmen possess certain properties that their race does not normally have, notably, Piccolo Daimaio and his offspring possessed abilities that other Nameccians did not, such as the ability to completely destroy a Kintoun and stop people's spirits from going to the afterlife by forcing them to remain to dwell in the living realm, spending eternity in a state of limbo, unable to rest in peace. Piccolo Daimaio was also able to birth mutant offspring, and Lord Slug and his clan were shown to have developed a weakness to sunlight. However, if someone loses their pure evil heart, they will cease to be a Demon Clansman.



  • Majin (魔ま人じん lit. "Demon People") - is a magical, demon-like race that lives on planet Earth. The race initially only existed in the form of the pure, original Majin Boo, since time immemorial and became associated with the wizard Bibidi and his organization. They made their debut in the series with the introduction of Majin Boo, and several of his incarnations over the course of the final arc of Dragon Ball constitute this race.
  • Demon Realm race (魔界の種族 makai no shuzoku)- a race of Demons who dwell within Demon Realm, a dimension separate from the main mortal universe, located at the very tip of the universe and is not a part of the living world or afterlife. It is described as a physical plane opposite of the known universe.
  • Devil (悪魔 Akuma) - a race native to Hell and the most notable being Akkuman, the strongest of Fortuneteller Baba's fighters before Grandpa Gohan appears.



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