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This article details a subject that is considered non-canon. The subject of this article appeared in the video games.

Demigra DBXV
Demon God[1]
魔神 Majin
Literal English Demon God
First Appearance
Game Debut Dragon Ball Heroes
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range User
Derived technique(s)
Related technique(s)

Demon God is a transformation usable by the demon species. Like other divine transformations, it can only be accessed once the user has gained access to divine ki.


Demon God Towa

Towa's Demon God form.

Unlike the more streamlined Super Saiyan line of transformations, the Demon God form is unique to each user, though there are some similarities to each user's transformation: the user's hair changes, as does their clothing, and they gain a unique weapon. In the case of Demigra and Towa, this weapon is a magical scepter; in the case of Dabura, it is an enhanced sword.


The Demon God transformation is achieved through one of a variety of methods. The user can either accumulate ki until they are strong enough, as in the case of Demigra; they can also acquire godly ki, which automatically grants access to the transformation; finally, the user can be granted the form from someone who is already a Demon God, specifically Mechickaboola.[1]