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ディスポ Disupo
Epithet Dispo the Sonic Warrior (音速の戦士 ディスポ, Onsoku no Senshi Disupo; FUNimation "The Sonic Warrior Dyspo")
English Localized Name(s) VIZ Dyspo
Personal Data
Universe 11th Universe Symbol 11th Universe
Race Alien
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English Christopher Dontrell Piper
Japanese Bin Shimada
Professional Status
Team(s) Pride Troopers
11th Universe
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 30 (Super)
Anime Debut DBS085
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Dispo (ディスポ, Disupo; English TV "Dyspo"), also known as Dispo the Sonic Warrior (音速の戦士 ディスポ, Onsoku no Senshi Disupo; FUNimation "The Sonic Warrior Dyspo") is a member of the Pride Troopers.


U11 dispo render

Dispo's full appearance.

Dyspo bears heavy resemblance to Beerus, even more so than Champa. Dyspo is very slim, purple, and hairless with wide, elongated pointed ears—lacking the extra earring that Beerus himself has—and is a mixture of Siamese Cornish Rex and sphynx cats in appearance. He has rabbit-like front teeth, unlike Beerus and Champa's more pointed, catlike teeth and also doesn't seem to have a tail. He wears a red and black form-fitting suit and tall white boots, like all of his teammates.



Dispo's Seeed

Dispo's speed.

As a member of the Pride Troopers, Dispo is one of the most powerful fighters in the entirety of Universe 11. Specializing in speed, Dispo is faster than light,[1] and as such, claims himself to be the fastest in all the universes.[2] Dispo was powerful enough to keep Hit on the defensive for the first half of their fight, even attacking him before he could activate his Time Stop. He managed to hold the upper hand against Super Saiyan God Son Gokū, yet was quickly knocked back by his Super Saiyan Blue form. One weakness of his Light Bullet, is that he can only move in linear patterns, making it easy to predict. Against Final Form Freeza, he admitted his inferiority to him, and quickly left in fear. However, in his most powerful form, Dispo was completely superior to Freeza even in his Golden Freeza form.

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc

Creation and Conception

According to an interview, Dispo was designed by Akira Toriyama. His cocky personality was only decided on when his seiyū, Bin Shimada, was cast. [3]


  • His name is likely taken from the English word for "disposer" (ディスポーザー, disupōzā) of garbage disposer device.


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