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Kanji シェンロン
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Dragons, also referred to as Shenron (シェンロン; FUNimation "Eternal Dragon"; Literally meaning "Dragon Gods") are magical, wish-granting deities from the Dragon Ball series.



The Shenron are summoned when seven Dragon Balls are gathered together and once the summoning happens, they can grant to the summoner(s) a varying number of wishes. The wishes that can be granted from them as well as the specifications to make said wish, vary as much as the Dragons themselves.



Despite each Shenron having different appearance, they share some common physical traits such as their long, serpentine form and no wings. Their body is covered in think, green scales, and similar to a serpent, their body could be considered one long tail. Notably, they possess vivid red eyes, which glow when granting a wish. Additionally, they have large stag antlers perched atop their heads and a yellow underbelly.

Their size is truly immense, being among the largest creatures in the Dragon Ball universe, dwarfing even most dinosaurs. However, as they have never been seen to fully stretch out their bodies in the manga, it is not known precisely how long they are.

List of Dragons



The Shenron for Earth

Main article: Shenron The Shenron of Earth is created by God — and later upgraded by Dende. This Shenron has been summoned numerous times by both the Dragon Team and villans throughout the series to fulfill their wishes.



Polunga, the Shenron for Namek

Main article: Polunga Polunga is the Shenron from Namek, created by the Nameccians. Polunga was created by Saichōrō — and later upgraded by Muri. Despite being the Nameccian Shenron, he has lent his wish granting abilities to the Dragon Team multiple times throughout the series, and was notable for being initially more powerful than Shenron.

Super Shenron

Super Shenron

Super Shenron, the Shenron for the Super Dragon Balls

Main article: Super Shenron Super Shenron is the Shenron that is summoned using the Super Dragon Balls. He was created by the original dragon god, Zalama, and is also known as the "dragon of the gods" (神の龍, Kami no Ryū). He serves both the Sixth and 7th Universes. The Dragon Team encounters him after winning the 6th Universe and 7th Universe Hakaishin Selection Martial Arts Competition.

In Other Media

Evil Dragons


  • Between Polunga and the Shenron of Earth, the latter has died and been revived the most, totaling at thrice.
  • The English dub term of "Eternal Dragon" has caused a slight bit of confusion in regards to the Shenron's mortality status. Despite being called an "Eternal Dragon" in the English dub, it has been made plain in the series that the Shenron can be killed.


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