Dragon Ball canon is defined on our canon page. The following is how Dragon Universe Wiki will handle canon content on the site:


As of November 1, 2018, Dragon Ball canon is defined as:

Note: Because the Super manga is more recent than the God and God film, and because the Super manga and anime have similar depictions of the Hakaishin Beerus Arc, the manga's content is to be given precedence over the movie's content.

Supplemental Canon Content

Additional supplementary materials considered canon include:


Everything that falls outside of the above defined source material are considered non-canon. This includes anime content that contradicts the above source material; it includes the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z movies and OVAs; it includes the anime supplemental guideboks like the Daizenshū; and it includes the video games.

Dragon Ball GT is not considered to be canon, nor are any promotional anime or manga series, such as the Dragon Ball Heroes anime or the Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission manga.

Article Names and Content

Below is our policy for upkeep of our articles in a manner consistent with the canon that has been laid out:

  • Canon names for characters, locations, techniques, concepts, etc. are always to be given preferential treatment.
    • This also goes for article content. For example, canon descriptions of techniques (i.e., appearance and functionality) come before the anime's depiction. This is particularly important for Dragon Ball Super, where the difference between the anime and manga is night and day.
  • When a canon name is not available, names can be drawn from non-canon media sources. Whenever a name is drawn from a non-canon source, please make a Trivia note to indicate to readers that the name is non-canon and drawn from a different source. Below is the order of preference given to article titles drawn from non-canon media sources:
    1. Source Media (i.e., the movie, anime, or game it came from)
    2. References Books
    3. Video games
  • All canon articles should be marked with a canon tag. All non-canon articles should be similarly marked.

Disclaimer on Canon Policy

This canon policy (and the canon page itself) are subject to update whenever new content is added or new statements about the canonicity of certain media are made.

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