Keep in mind that these policies are ultimately guidelines. If it's found that a policy restricts something that the reason the policy was created didn't intend to restrict, then the policy should be changed.

The Dragon Universe Wiki Chat is a social media tool, installed on this wiki, to allow users to get a faster response than one would on a Message Wall. The chat is monitored by our chat moderators.

Chat Rules

  • Do not spam the chat under any circumstances.
  • Do not post pornographic, or otherwise vulgar content in the chat. This goes for private messaging as well.
  • Do not flame other users.
  • Do not engage in inappropriate conversations. Though users are encouraged to be casual with one another, there is no need to discuss matters of gore (extreme bloody content, you know what we mean), or sex (pornography, sexting, or sexual situations) in a place where younger children, who may read the site, can see it.

Three kick rule

A "kick" is when a Chat Mod forcibly removes a person from the chat without banning them. This is meant as a warning and deterrent to offenders of the above rules.

  • Before kicking a user, acknowledge what they have done wrong and warn them twice.
  • If the user persists in their wrongdoing, kick them.
  • If, after three kicks, the user does not comply to chat rules, they will be banned from the chat.

Ban from chat

  • Chat Mods have a privilege which allows them to ban someone from only the chat. See the above section for when this is to be applied.

Note to Mods

Official decisions are to be made via a blog post or a forum page. This is because, in the event Wikia Staff has to get involved, they must see decisions made by the community. Therefore, while important matters can be discussed via chat, voting and other official activity must be done on the wiki itself.

  • Side Note: This includes official warnings. Warning someone on the chat should only be done if they are at risk of being kicked or banned from the chat. However, if the user is to be warned about breaking wiki rules, then they must be warned on their Message Wall.
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