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East Capital
Eastern Capital
Kanji 東の都
Rōmaji Higashi no Miyako
Literal English Eastern Capital City
English TV East City
Games Eastern Capital[1]
Other Metro East
Societal information
Currency ¥

The Eastern Capital (東の都, Higashi no Miyako; FUNimation "East City", Viz "East Capital"),[2] sometimes referred to as simply the Capital (都, Miyako), is the main major city located along the eastern coast of the main continent on Earth.


Saiyan Attack

Nappa and Vegeta land in the Eastern Capital after arriving on Earth. After exiting his Space Pod, Nappa does a power demonstration and completely destroys the Eastern Capital with his Exploding Wave, reducing the city to nothing but rubble.[3]


Nearby Locations


  • This is the only known location on Earth to use the Yen as currency.
  • "Eastern Capital" is the literal English translation for Tokyo (東京), the capital of Japan.


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