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Have you forgotten? The fact that I made my way into your body? Yes, it appears you have remembered. At that time, I laid an egg inside your body.

—Baby, Gokū Returns… All of Earth is my Enemy?!"


Baby's egg taking effect.

The egg (卵, tamago) is a unique, parasitic egg laid by Baby whenever he possessed a victim but then left their body. The eggs themselves were never seen in the flesh, so to speak, but their presence was felt during the entire Tsufruian Parasite Biohazard. By Baby's own admission, the eggs are impossible to simply force out of someone.[1]

The eggs lay dormant for a brief period, but when they hatch, their cells reach the brain. From this point, the possessed begins to act according to Baby's own will.[2]

Similar to the Aquamist, the Eggs can be removed from the victim's body by way of the Divine Water.


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