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  • The Electric Wave surges through the hand.
  • The Electric wave is shot in form of a beam.
Electric Wave[1]
電撃波 Dengeki-Ha
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 139
Anime Debut DB105
Type Ability
Class Offensive
Range Long range
Related technique(s)

The Electric Wave is a unique ability utilized by Cymbal.


The Electric Wave allows Cymbal to manipulate his body's faint, electric pulse into the palm of his hands. From here, he amplifies it, strengthening the pulse into a current before expelling it from his palm as a wave of electricity. The attack is stated to take advantage of Cymbal's unique skills as a member of the Demon Clan.[1]


  • Despite stating to be unique to Cymbal due to his Demon Clan abilities, Muten Rōshi, disguised as Jackie Chun, demonstrates this same ability, however, it appears to be far more lethal.
  • In a filler episode in Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo utilizes a very similar ability on Gohan when the boy tranformed into a Giant Monkey. However, it may have also been a variation of the International Surprise Palm.


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