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Energy Absorption[1][2][3]
エネルギーきゅうしゅう Enerugī Kyūshū
Games Drain Life 19
Drain Life 20
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 295
Anime Debut DBZ147
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range Close to Mid range
Related technique(s)

The Energy Absorption is a skill used by antiquated models of Dr. Gero's Androids.


Due to the mechanical components in their bodies, and thus not having natural ki, Gero had to develop a new method for his artificial creations to obtain energy. Through the lens-shaped device on their palms, Androids No. 19 and No. 20 are capable of sucking in the opponent's ki and convert it into energy compatible with their artificial bodies. This method of absorption works on both energy blasts, such as the Kamehameha, as well as absorbing energy directly from the opponent's body.[1][2]


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