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Please note that this is the Dragon Ball Universe Wiki's article on the ammunition created by Bulma. If you are looking for the article on the Life Cultivation Technique also called an Energy Bullet then you should head to Kikōha.
The Bulma-san of this world made this before she died. It's an Energy Bullet that is several times stronger than a normal one.

—Mai in "Don't Defile Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta's Fierce Battle!!"

Energy Bullet[1]
Kanji エネルギー弾
Rōmaji Enerugī-dan
Manga Debut DBS063
Inventor/Creator Bulma

The Energy Bullet was a form of sniper-rifle ammunition created by the future Bulma.


This bullet has several times the strength of a normal bullet, and Bulma made it with the intention of it being used on Gokū Black. While it is unknown if the bullet could potentially kill the Saiyan deity, Mai was more than capable of knocking Black off his balance with the force of a missed shot, implying there is indeed great strength behind the bullet.[1]


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