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Energy Suction Device[1][2]
Kanji エネルギー吸引機
Rōmaji Enerugī Kyūinki
Manga Debut Chapter 444
Anime Debut DBZ219
Affiliation Babidi's Forces Symbol Babidi's Forces

The Energy Suction Device is a device used by Babidi's Forces to gather ki to revive Majin Boo.


The device is an oddly-shaped container with a pointed end. The device is a tool for extracting the ki needed to revive Majin Boo. Manipulated by the wizard Babidi, Yamu used this at the Tenkaichi Budōkai, a gathering of people with strong power. It’s point-shaped to allow the energy to enter in easily. The evil Babidi's crest is engraved on the sides. To extract energy, one thrusts the pointed end into the opponent. Since the pointed end is affixed with a stopper, it’s very secure when inserted. The amount that it’s able to absorb at one time is over half of that needed to revive Bū. When used on Super Saiyan 2 Son Gohan, the drain was enough to leave him at death's door. [1][2]


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