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Extinction Bomb
Extinction Bomb
Kanji ぜつめつばくだん
Rōmaji Zetsumetsu Bakudan
Manga Debut Chapter -11
Affiliation Galactic Patrol Galactic Patrol

The Extinction Bomb (ぜつめつばくだん, Zetsumetsu Bakudan) is a weapon used by the Galactic Patrol.


According to Jaco, the Extinction Bomb contains a highly contagious and deadly virus that can wipe out an entire species, which he once accidentally activated on an unknown planet, killing all of its inhabitants.[1] The virus can be set to a certain species, as Jaco noted that, were he to unleash it upon the Earth, it would kill only the Earthling.[2] The bomb is contained within a small, capsule-like object.


  • According to Akira Toriyama, the Extinction Bomb, while effective against species like the Humans, does not work against Saiyans.[3][4]


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