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Eye Beam[1][2]
アイビーム Aibīmu
Games Bionic Punisher (バイオニックパニッシャー, Baionikku-Panisshā)[3][4][5]
Photon Laser[6]
Other Beam from the Eyes (からビーム, Me kara Bīmu)[7]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 29, Chapter 339
Anime Debut DBZ127
Type Ability
Class Offensive
Related technique(s)

The Eye Beam is an ability used by a wide-range of warriors, that uses their pupils to emit a thin-beam.


When the Androids use this technique through the amount of ki absorbed through their energy absorption devices to accumulate into the eyes and fired out in a precise glance. It has enough destructive power to shave various portions of a city with a single blast.[1][8]


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