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This article details a subject that is considered non-canon. The subject of this article only appeared in the anime. The subject of this article appeared in Dragon Ball Super anime and manga series. The subject of this article appeared in the video games. The title of this canon article is from a non-canon source. This article is about a canon subject that lacks an official name in canon media and is known only by its name in non-canon media.

Fierce God Black Kamehameha
神裂ブラックかめはめ波 Shin Retsu Burasuku Kamehameha
Games Black Kamehameha[1]
Super Black Kamehameha:Rosé (超ブラックかめはめ波・ロゼ, Chō Burakku Kamehameha Roze)[2]
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS056
Game Debut Dragon Ball Heroes
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Basic type
Class Offensive
Range Long range
Derived technique(s)

The Fierce God Black Kamehameha is an enhanced version of the Black Kamehameha used by Gokū Black in his Super Saiyan Rosé transformation.


Its true strength and power are unknown, however, as Black stopped the technique before he could use it on Gokū when Zamasu arrived. Black seemed confident enough in its power, however, to use the technique as a finishing move against Gokū.[3] The technique later prove strong enough to defeat and incapacitate Super Saiyan Trunks and Super Saiyan Blue Son Gokū.[4]

In Other Media[]

The Fierce God Black Kamehameha made its debut in Dragon Ball Heroes. In Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, the technique can be performed without the requirement of Super Saiyan Rosé transformation. Notably, this move isn't considered a "Kamehameha" in within this game. The Super Soul "I ain't losin'! Here's my full power!" does not boost the technique in any manner, nor does the Super Soul "Haaaaaaaaaah!" negate it.


  • While this technique wasn't named yet in the anime, it was first named in Dragon Ball Heroes.


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