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Fighting Strength (戦闘力, Sentō-ryoku; FUNimation "Power Level") is term that is used throughout the Dragon Ball series that determines the power of specific characters. These ratings were used in the beginning of the second portion of the


List of characters by Fighting Strength

Arc / Movie Character Fighting Strength Source
Saiyan Arc Farmer 5 Chapter 195
Son Gokū (w/weighted clothing) 334 Chapter 199
Son Gokū 416 Chapter 199
Piccolo (w/weighted clothing) 322 Chapter 199
Piccolo 408 Chapter 199
Son Gohan 710 Chapter 199
Piccolo (Makankōsappō) 1,330 Chapter 201
Son Gohan (Enraged) 1,307 Chapter 203
Son Gohan (Normal) 1 Chapter 203
Raditz 1,600 Movie 20 information card[1]


  1. Raditz info card Broly movie
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