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Feast your eyes while you can...on my last true form!!!

—Freeza to the Dragon Team in Freeza Makes Doubly Sure!!

Final Form[1][2][3]
さいしゅうけいたい Saishū Keitai
Literal English Final Form
Other True Form[4]
Super Freeza (超フリーザ, Sūpā Furīza)[5]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 304
Movie Debut Movie #8
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range User
Derived technique(s)
Related technique(s)
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The Final Form (さいしゅうけいたい, Saishū Keitai) is the "last" transformed state of Freeza's Family (and Frost in the 6th Universe) and also their true selves. However, despite the name, this transformation is not the limit of their ability to transform, as Freeza discovered a form beyond it. In the eighth Dragon Ball Z movie, Coola also learned to transform beyond his final state.


The appearance of this form varies between users, but similarities remain. The body becomes shorter than the two previous forms and takes on a much sleeker appearance. The horns and, in Freeza's case, spikes from the previous forms disappear, and their cranium becomes smoother and rounder; the lines previously on their face remain intact as well. While Freeza's three-toed feet remain, Frost's feet appear similar to shoes; it is not known whether these are actually his feet, or true footwear.


I estimate that if I use just about half my maximum power, I'll be able to turn you into cosmic dust.

—Freeza to Son Gokū., The Monster Freeza

The Final Form of a Freeza Clan member is, normally, their most powerful state. Unlike most "transformations", their Final Form is the state they were born in, and it contains immense power; according to Freeza, his power in this state is so great, he cannot control himself, and thus made multiple transformations to restrain his strength.[6] Within this state, Freeza proved himself more than capable of handily defeating Gokū. He is also capable of regulating his power easily within this state, starting small, but increasing his strength in increments as Gokū proves to be progressively stronger.[7]




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