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  • The beginning process of engulfing itself with flames.
  • The Blaze Ball released after fully engulfed by the crimson flames.
Flame Bullet[1]
ほのおたま Honō no Tama
Games Hell Blitz[2]
Evil Impulse (エビルインパルス, Ebiru Inparusu)[3]
Evil Blast (エビルブラスト, Ebiru Burasuto)[4]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #38, Chapter #455
Anime Debut DBZ227
Type Unique Technique
Sub-Type Sorcery
Class Offensive
Range Long range

The Flame Bullet was a Unique Technique, and the signature attack of Darbra.


Darbra forms pink-colored sphere with the use of his sorcery by extending his arm with an open palm, in split moments he proceeds to wrap the technique with crimson, fire. Releasing it in the form of a charring fire ball. When used against Super Saiyan 2 Son Gohan it was strong enough to knock him into the ocean, damaging him slightly. The technique can be used in tandem with his Afterimage Sorcery, using this tactic in his battle against Son Gohan.[5][1]


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