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Four Supernatural Fists
Four Supernatural Fists[1][2]
四妖拳 Shiyōken
Literal English Four Supernatural Fists
English TV FUNi Fist of the Four Arms
Four Witches Technique
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 132
Anime Debut DB099
Type Physical Martial Arts
Class Supplementary
Range User

The Four Supernatural Fists is a martial arts skilled invented by Tenshinhan that allows the user to create an additional set of arms from their shoulder blades. This allows the user to attack with twice the ferocity due to the extra set of limbs.[1][2]


Whether it is considered to be an actual martial arts skill or a trait shared by Tenshinhan's three-eyed race is currently unknown. It is a technique that creates another set of arms that arise from the user's shoulders creating a complete set of four arms that can each be used freely as the user dictates. However, given Tenshinhan's brief moment of exertion to properly execute the technique, it becomes clear that the Four Supernatural Fists require a significant degree of ki in order to perform. He managed to momentarily overwhelm Gokū during their match, before the latter attempted to replicate the technique by creating afterimages with his own arms. One particular maneuver that Tenshinhan is known to perform when using this technique is that he makes use of his four arms to hold onto all four limbs of his opponent, in order to make it possible to attack them while they would be unable to defend themselves. In his match with Gokū, he grabbed the boy's limbs and lifted him above his head, repeatedly slamming Gokū's abdomen into his head.[1][2]


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