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One time more. I'm able to transform myself one time more than my brother. You should consider this an honor; you will be the first to see my ultimate transformation, and the last!

—Coola to Son Gokū in Dragon Ball Z: The Incredible Strongest versus Strongest

Fourth Transformation[1][2]
第4変身 Dai-Yon Henshin
Games Fourth Transformation (第四形態, Dai-shi Keitai)[3]
Other Ultimate Transformation (究極の変身, Kyūyoku no Henshin)[4]
First Appearance
Movie Debut Movie #8
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range User
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The Fourth Transformation is a transformation ability unique to Coola. He has also referred to it as his Ultimate Transformation (究極の変身, Kyūyoku no Henshin).


The Fourth Transformation invokes a far differing appearance from the previous states. Unlike the first three transformations used by Freeza's Family, the Fourth Transformation is not a regression, but a complete transformation. In this state, Coola's appearance alters all but completely; he gains height, and his cranium grows, gaining four horns in a cown-like appearance. Over his mouth, a mask-like casing overlays it. Shoulder pauldrons form and arch back, and his arm arms gain blades. At the tip of his tail, it is covered in white. Furthermore, Coola's eyes glow bright red.



Coola's enhanced battle sense.

The Fourth Transformation comes with a massive increase in power, vastly boosting Coola's strength and defenses.[1] Gokū and Coola were relatively equal in their base states — the fight going either way at several points — but once Coola transformed, the tide turned explosively in his favor. Gokū noted that his ki surpassed Freeza at this point, though which form of Freeza is not specified. In his Fourth Transformation, Coola was able to effortlessly overpower Gokū, forcing the latter to resort to the Kaiōken, though this was of no help.[4]

Coola's battle sense also improves; despite not showing the ability to sense ki, he was shown the ability to predict an opponent's moves, striking Gokū when the latter attempted a surprise attack, despite no warning. He was even able to dodge an immediate follow-up without breaking his stance. His speed vastly improves, outstripping the Kaiōken-using Gokū by miles.[4]

Coola Penetration

Coola's immense defenses in this state.

His defenses go through the roof as well, as he was able to tunnel through a Kaiōken Kamehameha and strike Gokū without being any worse for wear. This form, however, was outpaced when Gokū transformed into a Super Saiyan.[4]

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