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フリーザ Furīza
Epithet Evil Emperor (悪の帝王, Aku no Teiō)[4]
Emperor Freeza (フリーザ帝王, Furīza Teiō)[5]
Emperor of the Universe (宇宙の帝王, Uchū no Teiō)[6]
English Localized Name(s) FUNi Frieza
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe 7th Universe
Dominion Hell, Afterworld
Race Alien
Sub-race Freeza's Family
Gender Male Icon Male
Height 158 cm/5'2"
Voice Actors
English Linda Young
Christopher Ayres[Note 1]
Daman Mills[Note 2]
Japanese Ryūsei Nakao
Professional Status
Team(s) 7th Universe
Affiliation(s) Freeza Army Freeza Army
Occupation(s) Emperor
Partner(s) Cell (Anime only)
Superior(s) Cold
Counterpart(s) Freeza (Future)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #21, Chapter #247
Anime Debut DBK001
Movie Debut Movie #7
OVA Debut OVA1
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z II: Violent God Freeza
  • Chilled (Ancestor) (Anime only)
  • Cold (Father)
  • Koora (Brother) (Movie only)
  • Kureeza (Son) (Manga-only)
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Being born with strong mutant traits and an abnormal power level to his single parent Cold,[9] Freeza was already stronger and crueller than him, leading to Cold wanting to immediately turn over his army to his son due to his genius for evil.[10] At some point, Cold warned Freeza to never challenge Majin Boo or the Hakaishin Beerus, due to the strength they possessed.[11]

Freeza plots

Freeza plots the downfall of the Saiyans.

During his childhood in Age 731, Freeza and his empire encountered the Saiyan race on the planet Vegeta. The tyrant formed an amicable relationship with the warrior race and the two began to work in tandem.[12] Sometime after this initial meeting, Freeza hears the Saiyan legends concerning the Super Saiyan and the Super Saiyan God and began to grow wary of the Saiyans.

Four years later, Freeza's reign began to cause tension to grow between the tyrant and the Saiyans.[12] Finally, after the Saiyans attempt rebellion and fearing the appearance of a Super Saiyan, Freeza got Beerus' authorization to destroy Vegeta.[13] Before doing so, he took one month[14] to recall all Saiyans with the exception of Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Kakarot and Tarble's to their planet. Then, twelve years before the beginning of the series, Freeza attacked the planet and committed genocide on the Saiyan race.

Part II[]

See also: Dragon Ball Z

Freeza Arc[]

Having arrived on the planet Namek, Freeza, alongside his army, are terrorizing Nameccian villages, looking for the Dragon Balls. Having successfully massacred a village, Freeza's army claims the Dragon Ball as their prize. The space pirate notes that Vegeta himself is looking for the orbs, However, he also states that Kiwi will dispatch the Saiyan soon enough, due to their fighting strengths being identical.[15]

Zarbon mentions to Freeza that two fighting strength readings of 1500 defeated their reconnaissance units. While Freeza is curious, the tyrant notes that they do not have the luxury to investigate it at the time, and merely gives his soldiers the orders to kill the possessors of such fighting strength should they be spotted again.[16] However, as Vegeta meets Kiwi, Freeza assesses the situation with Vegeta — his new fighting strength of 24,000 —concluding that Vegeta's status as a frontline fighter makes it no surprise, but Zarbon and Dodoria can handle him if they fight in tandem. He also believes that Vegeta seeks the Dragon Balls for the same reason he does — eternal life. Yet the tyrant is openly amused that Vegeta would act on his own to rebel against him.[17] After the death of Kiwi, Freeza tells his men that it is time to seek out the next Dragon Ball, but he urges them to remain on their guard.[18] In doing so, he passes directly by the Dragon Team as they hide.[19]

Freeza and company have arrived at yet another Nameccian village. His soldiers, at his behest, bring out the Nameccians hiding in their homes.[20] Freeza introduces himself to the Nameccians, and inquires as to the location of the other Nameccians in the village. The Nameccians, at first remaining silent, attempt to respond in Nameccian, so as to confuse Freeza. The tyrant, however, knows that they can speak the common tongue. The elder in question replies that the other Nameccians went out to work in the fields, and only the elderly and children remain in the village. Freeza tells him, as long as they cooperate, no harm will befall their village. He inquires as to the location of their village's Dragon Ball, and the elder replies that they don't have one. Freeza's heard this yarn before, however, and tells the Elder that a previous village elder said something similar, until Freeza killed another Nameccian in front of him to force him to cooperate. Beause of this, Freeza learned about the Oldest Elder, who created the Dragon Balls and dispersed them to seven other Elders, and how one must be proven worthy to obtain the Dragon Ball. Freeza explains that, after failing, he simply killed the Nameccian Elder, though it made acquiring the first Ball rather difficult. He states that they obtained the other Dragon Balls far easier, as the others were happy to oblige.[21]

The Nameccians and their Elder believe none of this, as Freeza wouldn't be deemed worthy by the Elders to obtain the Balls. However, Freeza explains the Nameccians were only too happy to cooperate once he began to simply kill them — as he had Zarbon demonstrate. Freeza then asks if the Nameccians feel more inclined to oblige, and the Elder inquires as to the nature of Freeza's wish. Freeza reveals to the Elder that he wants eternal life, and the Elder refuses to relinquish the Ball. Freeza, due to the Elder's stubbornness, decides if he won't comply, he'll simply murder the children instead. However, his attention is drawn by the arrival of more Nameccians.[22]

Freeza is annoyed with the arrival of these new warriors, as they will merely prove a distraction in their way to get the Dragon Ball. Amused by their intention to fight, Freeza asks Dodoria to scout their fighting strength — a paltry 1,000. [23] Freeza is left only amused as his forces are destroyed. He then gives Dodoria permission to simply kill the remaining Nameccians, and becomes visibly annoyed when the Elder destroys their Scouters.[24]

Dodoria lunges for the Elder, but Freeza insists he kill the younger Nameccian warriors first.[25] When his orders have been executed, Freeza turns to the village Elder and insists he come down to talk terms again. Stating that the scouters the Elder destroyed were rather expensive, Freeza requests their Dragon Ball as reparations. Should the Nameccian Elder refuse, Freeza will simply kill the children. The Elder agrees, on terms that the children will not be harmed. Freeza gleefully agrees, and the Elder returns with the Dragon Ball. Freeza then asks for directions to the next village; the Elder, however, refuses, and Freeza tells him the children and he will all have to die.[26]

The Elder insists that Freeza gave his word, however, the tyrant reminds him that the Dragon Balls are useless without all seven, and thus, he needs directions to the other villages. The Elder refuses, and Freeza gives the order for him and the children to be killed. When the Elder uses his body to shield the children, Freeza kills one of the Nameccian children with a Kikōha from the Fingertips, and Dodoria carries out his orders.[27] Freeza's attention is distracted, however, by the arrival of a very angry Son Gohan, who kicks Dodoria away from the remaining Nameccian child.[28] When Gohan escapes with Kuririn and the Nameccian child, Freeza angrily orders Dodoria to pursue them and bring them back, and is left utterly confused by the whole situation.[29]

Freeza is displeased with Dodoria for taking too long to return with the children, and orders Zarbon to instead focus on the remaining Dragon Balls instead. He's decided he will wait at the spaceship with the five Dragon Balls they've already acquired. He concludes that Vegeta might already have procured the other two Dragon Balls, which simply means he would have to wait for Vegeta to come for the five he has. Lifting them with Telekinesis, he flies off towards his spaceship.[30]

In his spaceship, Freeza impatiently awaits the return of his soldiers. Zarbon announces himself, and Freeza permits him to enter. When the former tells the latter that he encountered and defeated Vegeta, but did not confirm the corpse, Freeza berates Zarbon for not fulfilling his duty. Appule, however, arrives and informs Freeza of a pre-destroyed village. Freeza insists Zarbon search for Vegeta, and this time to bank on the Saiyan prince being alive; he then orders Appule to contact the planet Freeza, and summon the Ginyū Special Squadron, along with extra Scouters. Zarbon inquires as to why, and Freeza explains he has had a premonition; one of a powerful Saiyan threat emerging. Zarbon points out that the only remaining Saiyans are Vegeta, Kakarotto, and his son, the latter two of whom are weaker than even Vegeta. Freeza, however, demands Zarbon focus on bringing Vegeta to him, and returns to his thoughts, reflecting on the immense battle capabilities of a Saiyan — and that they could prove troublesome if they ever became Super Saiyans.[31]

After Zarbon returned Vegeta to the ship to treat his wounds and interrogate him, the Saiyan caused enough commotion to destroy part of the ship. Freeza, believing Vegeta had escaped, rushed to the scene with Zarbon, ordering the latter to seek out the former.[32] When Zarbon cannot find Vegeta, Freeza reminds him that if he doesn't find the Saiyan, Freeza will hold Zarbon responsible and simply kill him.[33] Freeza is enraged further, however, when Vegeta announces he's still inside the ship, and releases a powerful Kikōha to cause another huge explosion.[34] Only then does Freeza realize what Vegeta is doing — stealing the Dragon Balls. When they arrive at Vegeta's location, however, the Balls and the Saiyan have gone missing. Freeza orders Zarbon to search for Vegeta, and tell him if Vegeta isn't found within the hour, he will kill Zarbon.[35]

Four days pass, and Freeza concludes that Zarbon has either run away or been killed. His anger is mitigated only by the impending arrival of the Ginyū Special Squadron, who shall be arriving with the new Scouters — and these will enable him to find Vegeta.[36]

An excited Freeza witnesses the Ginyū Special Squadron landing.[37] He leaves his ship, to greet the Squadron as they perform introductions. Freeza gives them their orders — capture Vegeta, and bring him back alive, so Vegeta can confess where he hit the Dragon Balls. Jheese gives Freeza the new Scouters, and they depart.[38]

Ginyū returns shortly with the Dragon Balls. Freeza declines Ginyū's offer of the Dance of Joy, eager to have eternal life within his reach.[39] The Emperor of the Universe calls out to the Dragon Balls, demanding his wish for eternal life and youth be granted. A moment of silent passes, after which Ginyū asks if Freeza has become immortal. The Emperor isn't sure, and remembers what a Nameccian told him — even if he acquired the Balls, he wouldn't get his wish. Freeza realizes that there must be a password — desperate to search for one, he finds three power readings at Point 8824901 that have distinctly Nameccian ki. Freeza departs, leaving Ginyū to supervise the Dragon Balls.[40]

Closing in on the Oldest Elder's home, Freeza concludes the three Nameccians within are the only Nameccians remaining.[41] Passing by Dende, Freeza lets him live, intent on reaching the Nameccian Elder. Landing atop the Elder's pillar, the Emperor steps out of his hover pod, and is confronted by Nail. Freeza introduces himself, and inquires as to how he may get his wish. Nail refuses to tell Freeza, but the latter informs him that he will simply kill him and investigate the other fighting strength located in the building. Nail, however, tells him the fighting strength inside is the Oldest Elder, who sustains the Balls — if he dies, the Balls disappear, much to Freeza's dismay. The latter blows the roof of the building away, revealing the Oldest Elder. The Elder tells Freeza that Nail is the lone true warrior of Namek, and Freeza decides to humor them by fighting Nail.[42]

Freeza warns Nail that he will soon regret fighting him and not simply revealing the password to the Dragon Balls, but nonetheless, the Emperor acquiesces to the Nameccian's terms, and they depart for new fighting grounds. Impatient, however, Freeza insists they land once he's reached a distance he himself is comfortable with. Nail powers up, impressing Freeza with a fighting strength of 42,000. However, Freeza reveals his fighting strength — a shocking 530,000. Nail attacks regardless, but Freeza doesn't feel the attack, and rips off the Nameccian's arm. Mockingly, Freeza apologizes, and insist that Nail not push his limits and simply cooperate. Nail, however, regenerates his arm, surprising Freeza, but the tyrant notes Nail's fighting strength has dropped. Despite this, the battle continues, much to Freeza's exasperation.[43]

The battle with Nail persists, amidst the other on-goings of Namek. Nail blasts Freeza with ki, ignoring his request to simply tell him how the Dragon Balls work. Freeza questions why Nail continues to fight a losing battle, before utilizing impressive speed to appear in front of Nail, backhanding the latter easily. Freeza demands the incantation to summon work the Dragon Balls, lest he kill Nail. The Nameccian Warrior laughs, saying it's too late now, and the Earthlings have the password already. Freeza remembers the Nameccian he let live, and rushes off in a rage. With his Scouter, he realizes the Ginyū Special Squadron is dead, and the Dragon Balls have been stolen. His rage increasing, Freeza picks up his speed.[44]

Briefly, however, Freeza stops flying due to Namek going completely dark. Unbeknownst to him, the Earthlings have summoned Polunga.[45] In the distance, he sees a pillar of light, and his Scouter detects a life-reading, and he realizes they've summoned the Dragon.[46]


Freeza arrives to confront the Dragon Team.

Just in time for the Oldest Elder to die, thus rendering the Dragon Balls inert, Freeza arrives. Feigning a smile, the tyrant lands before them all, stating that this is the first time he has ever been made such a fool of — the lot of them having destroyed his dream for immortality. However, he loses his composure entirely, shouting to the foursome that he will make them pay for what they've done. The group scatters, but Vegeta stands his ground, mocking Freeza for dispensing with the usual pleasantries. The tyrant raises his ki, and the entirety of the group feels Freeza's full strength of 530,000.[47]


Freeza prepares to transform.

Completing his power-up, Freeza mocks the trio, comparing their strength to three ants opposing a dinosaur. Vegeta, however, believes the three of them can win, and Freeza further mocks Vegeta for his delusions. However, it is the mention of Vegeta believing he's become a Super Saiyan that spurs Freeza into attacking. The two clash, and Vegeta and Freeza appear to be even in strength. Vegeta's fighting strength causes the Scouter to explode, and Freeza concludes that Vegeta wasn't bluffing. Vegeta urges Freeza to transform, surprising the tyrant; Vegeta informs him that Zarbon was the one who revealed the secret. With glee on his face, Freeza acquiesces to the request.[48]


Freeza adopts his first transformation.

Grinning, Freeza tells Vegeta it isn't too late to simply beg for his life. When the latter informs Kulilin and Gohan that some species of aliens can transform to camouflage or conserve power, Freeza states he's a different case — transforming makes him so strong he can't control his strength. He also informs Vegeta that when he destroyed the planet Vegeta and killed the king Vegeta, he didn't need to transform at all — remaining in his current state. Blowing off his jacket, Freeza begins to charge his ki. His body warps and bloats, and he increases in height and bulk. The transformation now completed, Freeza stands to his full, intimidating new height, and tells the terrified trio he won't be as "gentle" as he was. He states if any device existed that could measure his fighting strength, it would be over a million. Creating a powerful shockwave, he forces the group to scatter. Choosing Kulilin as his target, he rams the dwarf with one of his horns.[49]

Freeza apologizes, reminding them he can't control himself in this transformed state. He shoves the Earthling off his horn, and proceeds to block Gohan when the boy rushes to save his friend. Freeza tells him there isn't any point in trying to save Kulilin, and Gohan should worry more for himself. The Saiyan boy, enraged, tells Freeza to move, surprising the tyrant as he's completely brushed aside with physical force. He is then attacked with a powerful Kikōha, followed by a stream of Continuous Kikōha.[50] Freeza is injured, but not critically, and Gohan's assault has only made him angry.[51]

The tyrant's ki begins to rise, as he can control his fighting strength. He rises into the air, and swats Gohan down to the ground. Vegeta attacks Freeza with a powerful Kikōha, but the latter tanks the blast entirely, and he smugly tells the Saiyan that they will have their own turn later. Descending to the ground, he deftly dodges the strikes of Gohan. Freeza mercilessly grabs the boy by the hair, slamming his knee into his stomach, and kicking him while he's down. When Gohan tries to escape, Freeza easily catches up. He slams Gohan back into the ground, and appears behind him, striking the boy in the back of the head with his elbow. He then begins to crush Gohan's skull, while Vegeta can only watch.[52]

Crushing Gohan's skull, Freeza invites Vegeta to attempt to save the boy. When the Saiyan doesn't move, Freeza decides to kill Gohan, but instinct kicks in and he leaps into the air, narrowly avoiding a death by Kienzan. He sees Kulilin, alive and well, and is astounded. Assaulted by Continuous Kienzans, Freeza is left with no choice but to dodge them all. He rushes after Kulilin, only to be blinded by a Taiyōken. Blinded, he misses Gohan being healed, surprised to see that the boy is also standing back on his own feet. However, a new arrival surprises him even further.[53]

Freeza is surprised to see a Nameccian is still alive, and notes that Piccolo is different from the other Nameccians.[54] Freeza insults the lot of them, but Piccolo rushes forward with a solid punch. Surprising Freeza, the blow makes contact. He follows up with a Sledgehammer, but Freeza avoids it, retaliating with a kick. They clash further, and Freeza releases a powerful Kikōha, which Piccolo deflects and then responds with a powerful Makōsen. Freeza endures the blast, but is in obvious pain, and was left furious.[55]

Freeza manages to compose his fury, sneering and confusing Piccolo. He then rushes the latter, slamming his elbow into the Nameccian's face, before punching him solidly into the ground. Piccolo flies into the air to evade, and Freeza pursues, hitting Piccolo with a Sledgehammer of his own. The Nameccian crashes into the ground, and Freeza chuckles. The tyrant gives Piccolo a sardonic apology, and Piccolo tells him that he'll get serious if Freeza is going to. This surprises Freeza, who expected Nameccians to be more honest. To crush their confidence, Freeza informs Piccolo of his transformations — and the fact that he can transform yet twice more. He then proclaims he'll show them his second transformation.[56]

Freeza transforms into his second form, adopting a monstrous appearance. His ki inspires fear in the entire group. Freeza notes that Piccolo has become lighter without his heavy clothes, and wants to test the Nameccian's speed. He lunges, and Piccolo makes a break for it. Despite his speed, Freeza proves to be faster, outstripping him entirely. He then pelts Piccolo with fingertip shockwaves, riddling his body with holes.[57]

In the middle of his assault, Freeza is attacked by the young Son Gohan. The tyrant avoids the angry Saiyan child, but Gohan merely rushes above him, and releases a powerful Masendan towards Freeza. Freeza attempts to hold the gigantic blast at bay, only for Gohan to add yet more ki. With immense effort, Freeza flings the blast back at Gohan, yet Piccolo deflects it. Freeza is surprised by Gohan's power, and remembers that he is Saiyan, so he would be stronger after nearly dying. Knowing he killed almost all Saiyans 30 years ago, he attempts to deduce which Saiyan is the boy's father, and notes that he bears a small resemblance to Raditz. As insurance, he tells the group that he will transform into his final form before them all.[58][59]


Freeza reveals his Final Form.

Freeza begins to transform into his true form, which turns out to be quite the process.[60] As his transformation continues, he spots Dende healing Piccolo, finally realizing how the group has been evading death thus far. He completes his transformation, and his ki increases still further.[61] Revealing his true form in all its splendor,[62] Freeza kills Dende in the same manner he did Cargo, depriving the group of their only medic.[63]

Moving at speeds so quick he may as well have teleported, Freeza appears in front of the group, and tells them he promised them all a fear worse than hell. Despite the group's best attempts to attack him, Freeza avoids everything with ease, and takes to their backs. He targets Gohan, but Vegeta saves the boy to show off his new capabilities. Vegeta boasts to Freeza about having finally become the Super Saiyan, which shocks Freeza, before the latter chuckles at Vegeta's attempts at humor. Their battle begins, with Freeza avoiding all of Vegeta's moves, gloating as he does.[64]

Freeza strangles Vegeta

Freeza strangles Vegeta.

Vegeta releases the Final Burst Cannon at Freeza, despite the fact that the blast could easily destroy the planet. This ki manipulation technique is by far the strongest thing Vegeta has used in the battle, and Freeza himself rushes to deflect the technique. This feat forces Vegeta to tears, and Freeza rushes him, slamming him with a headbutt, before forcing him down towards the surface of the planet. Strangling him with his tail, Freeza begins to pummel Vegeta's back. He turns to the group, inviting them to help at their leisure.[65]

Finishing the pointless torture of the Saiyan Prince, Freeza throws him into a plateau, resolving to kill him now.[66] Preparing the finishing blow, Freeza witnesses a shocking event — the arrival of Son Gokū.[67] Looking at Gokū, Freeza realizes he looks familiar. When Vegeta calls him "Kakarotto", Freeza recognizes the name as Saiyan in origin, and realises that Gokū looks identical to a Saiyan who resisted him until the very destruction of the planet Vegeta. Freeza tells Gokū that staying in hiding would have been best, as he will allow no Saiyan to live. Freeza rushes forward, but Gokū kicks him away easily. With a sneer, Freeza releases a stream of fingertip Kikōha towards Gokū. In a move that shocks Freeza, Gokū bats them away with a single hand. Vegeta claims Gokū has become the Super Saiyan, and Freeza kills Vegeta in retaliation, telling him that he despises jokes.[68]

Gokū berates Freeza for callously murdering Vegeta, but Freeza simply retorts that he told Vegeta some time ago that he hates jokes. Hearing Vegeta's spiel to Gokū, Freeza laments that Vegeta won't simply be silent, though Vegeta's tales of his atrocities amuse him. As Vegeta passes on, Freeza states that he and Gokū can finally begin.[69] As Gokū states that he will avenge everyone, Freeza merely brushes it off, and their battle begins.[70] Their battle begins, and the two seem fairly even matched; as Gokū withstands a powerful Kikōha, Freeza's patience seems to begin to wane.[71]

Freeza commends Gokū for his power, surprised that anyone in the Universe surpasses Ginyū. Releasing the Kiai Eyes, he destroys Gokū's footing, but Gokū counters with the same technique. Freeza escapes the Kaia, however, and forces Gokū into the ocean.[72] Freeza wonders why Gokū hasn't come to the surface, and when he sees a Feint Kamehameha coming his way, he believes it to be Gokū, and is taken off-guard by not just one, but two kikōha erupting from the ocean. Gokū slams Freeza into the nearest island, but Freeza is barely affected.[73]

Freeza notes that Gokū is the first person to ever harm Freeza properly since his father, and he's feeling excited for the first time as well. Utilizing his Psychokinesis, he lifts up rocks and launches them at Gokū. The Saiyan recognizes it as psychic power, but the rocks provided the distraction Freeza needed, and traps Gokū in a sphere of ki. He tells Gokū that the Saiyan might die, and flings him away, resulting in a huge explosion.[74] Gokū managed to escape the instant before the sphere exploded, and Freeza expresses his irritation. Both parties agree to get serious.[75]

Freeza inquires as to Gokū's preference — an aerial or grounded battle — and Gokū claims to prefer the ground. The two descend. Gokū compliments Freeza's generosity, and Freeza throws in the bonus of not fighting Gokū with either of his hands. Accepting the deal, the battle begins. Gokū rushes Freeza, but the tyrant dodges easily. Even without using his arms, the latter puts up quite the battle, until Gokū grabs him by the tail and throws him. Freeza recovers quickly, and rushes forward, meeting Gokū on the battlefield again. A clash of blows begins, but Freeza overwhelms GokūIn anger, Freeza slugs Goku, violating the bonus terms. Gokū then gives Freeza some advice; to avoid leaving himself wide-open. Sardonically, Freeza offers his thanks. by strangling him with his tail.[76]

The tyrant offers Gokū a position within his military, but Gokū declines. Freeza estimates that, even though Gokū is hiding his true strength, Freeza would only need 50% of his strength to turn Gokū to dust. The Saiyan believes it to be a bluff, but Freeza doesn't falter.[77] Freeza rushes Gokū slamming his elbow into the Saiyan's face; with a sadistic smirk, he continues the assault with a low-kick, before grabbing Gokū with his tail and slamming his elbow into the Saiyan's stomach. Despite Gokū's best attempts to counterattack, Freeza overwhelms him even when the latter utilizes a Ten-Fold Kaiōken. [78]

The battle rages on, with Gokū at a severe disadvantage. Merely to show off, Freeza releases a thin crescent of energy from his fingertips, carving across the planet. Freeza casually informs Gokū it wouldn't take him much effort to utterly annihilate Namek like he did to the planet Vegeta. However, due to wanting a more satisfying ending, Freeza decides to perpetuate the battle.[79] Gokū surprises Freeza, however, with a Twenty-Fold Kaiōken; the tyrant is taken offguard by a complete rush attack, but with immense effort, manages to withstand a Twenty-Fold Kaiōken Kamehameha.[80]

Having withstood the Twenty-Fold Kaiōken and its associated Kamehameha, Freeza's persistence forces Gokū to realise that he wasn't bluffing.[81] Freeza does admit, however, how close he truly came to dying, and descends, furious. Rushing forward, Freeza headbutts Gokū, mercilessly beating him down. Freeza inquires as to where Gokū's strength went, attacking with a powerful shockwave. Unbeknownst to him, Son Gokū begins to gather the ki for an Extra Large Genki Dama.[82] Freeza questions the nature of his actions, but Gokū stands fast.[83]

With Gokū gathering ki and Freeza none the wiser, the tyrant cannot understand why Gokū continues to stand still.[84] Impatiently, he shouts at Gokū to either do something now or surrender. Growing bored, Freeza demands to know how long Gokū intends to stand there, and when Gokū replies sarcastically, Freeza attacks in a rage. As Gokū attempts to resume his stance, Freeza's patience reaches its end, and he attacks Gokū with a Kiai, launching him into the water. He advances on Gokū, stating that he never quite understands the mind of a Saiyan, but with Gokū dead, and Gohan to follow, there will never be a 'Super Saiyan'. Seeing a reflection in the water, Freeza finally notices the Genki Dama. Utterly amazed, he can't comprehend where Gokū found the ki for the technique, but quickly turns his attention back to the Saiyan in an attempt to finish him. Gokū tries to attack him, but Freeza block the blow and prepares his finishing strike, only to be blindsided by Piccolo, launching him away. Leaping out from the water, an enraged Freeza remembers the Nameccian he had overlooked.[85]


The Genki Dama overwhelms Freeza.

The persistence of Piccolo has annoyed Freeza, but Gohan and Kulilin push the tyrant to his breaking point. All semblance of amicability gone, the tyrant declares his intention to annihilate Namek entirely. The tyrant begins to prepare a orb of ki, but the Genki Dama is complete, and Gokū brings it down. The sphere descended, enveloping Freeza's attack and pushing the tyrant back. Unable to fend off the Genki Dama, Freeza is overwhelmed, and the massive sphere explodes.[86]

Freeza survives Genki Dama

Freeza survives the Genki Dama.

To the terror of the group at large, Freeza's immense durability pays off, as the tyrant survives the Genki Dama with only the loss of a tail and other superficial injuries. Kulilin notices his presence, and Freeza attacks the group, wounding Piccolo. The Genki Dama had been powerful, as Freeza claims it nearly killed him. When Gokū orders everyone to run, Freeza states he won't let anyone leave alive, and proceeds to kill Kulilin by blowing him to pieces, despite Gokū's pleas. After the death of Kulilin, Freeza contemplates whether or not to kill Gohan next. Freeza's cruel actions, however, have pushed Gokū over the edge, and an enraged Saiyan makes a mysterious transformation, much to Freeza's surprise.[87]

Freeza can't understand how Gokū transformed, as Saiyans only become Great Monkeys.[88] As Gohan tries to flee with Piccolo, Freeza attempts kill the boy, but is stopped by Gokū, who crushes his hand, berating him for killing an innocent like Kulilin. Freeza makes the realization however — that Gokū has become the Super Saiyan. Faced with the rage of an angry Saiyan, Freeza is beaten down mercilessly by Gokū, before directly questioning him on the nobility of the Saiyans. When Gokū states the Saiyans died for their crimes, Freeza reminded Gokū that he killed the Saiyans. Freeza doubts that Gokū could kill him, even if he was a Super Saiyan. He releases a powerful kikōha, turning it into a continuous stream. To his surprise, Gokū withstood the blasts easily, and Freeza is sent back by a Kiai.[89]

Exhausted, Freeza is unable to keep up as Gokū mercilessly pummels him. Releasing a Kikōha from the Fingertips at Gokū, the latter dodges with ease, to Freeza's terror. Releasing a continuous stream, Gokū dodges them all and Freeza becomes furious. Gokū extends an invitation for Freeza to strike him, and Freeza releases another blast from his fingertip. The blast collides with Gokū's face, and he mocks Freeza for being unable to kill him when he can destroy whole planets. In terror, Freeza asks just who Gokū is, and Gokū tells him — he is the Super Saiyan, a warrior with a pure heart awakened by fury. Freeza is jolted, realizing that there was truth to the legend after all. He begins to freak out, unable to accept that he is losing to a Saiyan. In desperation, Freeza launches an attack at the planet.[90]

With a powerful sphere hurtling towards Namek, there's a blinding flash of light and all seems lost.[91] Freeza held back, however, and Namek is still intact, albeit with a large crater where Freeza struck. The core, however, was destroyed, and Freeza states that Namek has, at most, fight minutes. Freeza intends to utilize his full power, and forces Gokū away with a Kiai with three-quarters of his power. As Gokū recovers, Freeza boasts of his soon-to-be-reached 100%.[92]

Beginning to raise his ki, Freeza takes the steps to transform into his 100% form.[93] The progress is slow, but his power builds steadily,[94] and he finally achieves 100%.[95] The battle between two super warriors resumes, Freeza rushing Gokū with a powerful gut punch. The two clash, and Freeza asks Gokū how that was for a warm-up. Freeza does commend Gokū's abilities, however, as a formality before death.[96]


Freeza rushes towards Gokū.

The planet crumbles beneath them, and Freeza tells Gokū it can't have more than two to three minutes. When the Super Saiyan is dead silent, Freeza realizes he's just stalling so the others can escape. Gokū denies this, stating he's about to kill Freeza. Enraged, the battle begins anew, and Freeza lands a solid Kiai to Gokū. Attacking the Saiyan from behind, Freeza's strike is dodged and Gokū grabs him, slamming is head into Freeza's face. Freeza is then thrown high into the sky. He stops himself with a Kikōha, and is unable to contain his fury. He coats himself in ki and rushes towards Gokū, who releases a Super Kamehameha.[97]


Freeza vs Son Gokū.

The two techniques clash, but Freeza manages to get around the Kamehameha and strike Gokū directly, sending him into the sea and away from Freeza.[98] Unawares of the plan on Earth and the revival of the Nameccians and Polunga, Freeza sees a darkening world[99], and believes he should make a retreat. However, Gokū rises from the ocean, terrifying Freeza. Preparing the Nova Strike again, he tells Gokū he'll reduce him to atoms, just like that Earthling, pushing Gokū's rage yet furter.[100] However, at the last moment, Freeza sees that the Dragon Balls have been revived.[101]

Freeza rushes towards Polunga, demanding the Shenron make him immortal. However, Polunga grants Dende's wish, due to the wish needing to be made in Nameccian. Everyone on Namek but Gokū and Freeza are transported to Earth. Gokū explains to Freeza what just transpired, but Freeza tells him the planet's contraction has begun, and the explosion should occur within less than two minutes. The two descend to the ground,[102], and a hand to hand battle begins.[103]


The tide of battle firmly turns.

The clash of titans continues on a dying planet, with Freeza and Gokū exchanging blow for blow, with Freeza at the disadvantage. While Freeza is notably winded, Gokū is still full of energy, and the Saiyan decides to quit the battle. An indignant Freeza demands to know why, and Gokū is simply content to have broken Freeza's pride. Enraged, Freeza launches a Kienzan, which narrowly misses, spurring an enraged Gokū to transform. Freeza chases Gokū with the disc, but the Saiyan rushes towards him, despite Freeza knowing full well his ploy.[104]


Freeza bifurcated.

When Gokū rushes into the sky, Freeza forces the Kienzan after him, but it only cuts through an Afterimage. Gokū berates Freeza, telling him to surrender, apply himself, and come back stronger. Freeza merely creates a second disc, and Gokū rushes him, blinding him with a Kikōha to kick up dust. Freeza just narrowly avoids being cut his by own Kienzan, but Gokū slams him down to the ground. Freeza tries to stand up, despite Gokū's warnings, and winds up being bifurcated by his own attack. The tyrant pleads Gokū for mercy, and wrestling with his better nature the Saiyan gives Freeza some ki.[105]


Freeza attacks Gokū in a last-ditch effort.

Despite the Saiyan's generous gesture, Freeza feels no gratitude. Freeza mocks Gokū for his generosity, saying that the only one who can survive the explosion of the planet is he — Freeza. Unable to accept the result, Freeza attacks Gokū with a powerful last-ditch effort. In a rage, Gokū attacks back, overwhelming the tyrant and defeating him utterly.[106]


Freeza being killed by Trunks.

A year after surviving his confrontation with Gokū and with a new and rebuilt body, Freeza and Cold go to Earth alongside some of their soldiers to take revenge on the Saiyan.[107] As he plans to kill all Earthlings to make the Saiyan suffer an unknown warrior shows up in front of the tyrant and after all his soldiers are defeated by the mysterious warrior, he reveals his Super Saiyan nature and process to kill Freeza.[108] The warrior slashes Freeza into pieces with his sword and finally obliterating his corpse with a ki blast, ending his life.[109]

Anoyo-Ichi Budōkai Arc[]

Part III[]

Majin Boo Arc[]

Part IV[]

Dragon Ball Z: Revival of "F"[]

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Revival of "F"


Freeza being tortured in Hell.

After his defeat at the hands of Trunks, Freeza has inhabited Hell. With his cyborg body still intact, from his defeat. Freeza is shown strung up inside a pod-like cocoon that is twirls in displeasure, due to him being surrounded by Fairies, where Freeza is enduring them; dancing and singing alongside a parade of stuffed animals that dance and sing merrily.


Freeza fully rejuvenated.

After his subordinates, Tagoma and Sorbet, make an impromptu visit to Earth, they use the Dragon Balls to summon the Dragon and revive Freeza. Due to the state in which he was killed, the tyrant was revived in pieces. His body attempted to pull itself together, but failed. However, after being collecting the detached parts limbs were taken back to laboratory in order to supplement them by the regeneration technology they've developed over time, that were now implemented into the medical machines. This recovery was enough to bring Freeza back to life, fully recovered. With the process complete, Freeza burst from his tank, fully in tact, his power destroying every scouter on the ship.


Freeza kills Tagoma for speaking out of turn.

Sorbet personally greets him, and it takes Freeza a moment to remember precisely who Sorbet was. Freeza briefly inquires about his father, and while Sorbet says they intended to revive him, the tyrant says that reviving his father is best avoided. Now fully revived, Freeza tests his powers, disappointed to see that they've decreased slightly during his time in Hell. Noting this, the tyrant decides that revenge will have to take a back seat until he can recover entirely. Tagoma humbly insists that Freeza leave the Super Saiyan alone. Disgusted, Freeza forces Tagoma out of the ship, sending him hurtling into space.


Freeza resolves to train for the first time in his life.

Taking Tagoma as an example, Freeza notes that the Freeza Army has become a band of cowards in his absence. Sorbet, however, stresses the fact that Gokū has become much stronger in the years that Freeza has been dead, triumphing over foes like Majin Boo. Freeza notes that in the past, his father warned him against angering Majin Boo and the Hakaishin Beerus. Despite this, he isn't discouraged; Freeza decides that Gokū's triumphs have only made it more interesting. Explaining that he was born a prodigy with no need to ever train, the Frost Demon decides to commit himself to training for the next four months, believing with the new powers he'd unlock, he could finally crush the Super Saiyans.


Freeza releases a Kikōha from the Fingertips at the Eastern Capital.

After concluding his training, Freeza arrives on Earth in his spaceship. He touches down near the Northern Capital. Emerging from his city in his chair, Freeza releases a Kikōha from the Fingertips from his fingertip, destroying the Eastern Capital by way of greeting. This proves sufficient enough to fully attract the attention of the Dragon Team; as the cavalry arrives, Freeza greets them, asking for Son Gokū. When Kulilin replies, Freeza remembers who Kulilin was, as he killed the former monk back on Namek. When Freeza sees a spaceship land, he initially believes it to be Gokū. However, seeing Jaco step out, he recognizes the symbol as part of the Galactic Patrol. Bulma directly yells at Freeza, but when she gets the measure of the situation and asks if Freeza can give Gokū time to arrive, Freeza agrees — to allow for a total of 10 seconds. After not seeing Gokū show up, Freeza orders his thousand soldiers to charge toward Earth's fighters.

Freeza is shocked to see Gohan transform into a Super Saiyan, as Gohan rushes forward and makes quick work of Shisami with a single punch to the stomach. Being disapointed with entire army's defeat, Freeza decide to come out, unleashes a massive blast, wiping out all of his soldiers in an instant. After a short conversation, he suddenly appears in front of Gohan with blinding speed and punches him in the stomach, knocking him out instantly and back in his hover chair before anyone can react.[110]

Revival of "F" Arc[]

Main article: Revival of "F" Arc After his defeat at the hands of Trunks, Freeza has been in Hell ever since. Freeza, who is locked in the cocoon hung on the tree, is being tormented by the Angels of Hell's optimism.

Freeza's subordinates, Sorbet and Tagoma, visit Earth and use the Dragon Balls to revive Freeza. However, because of the state in which he was killed, Freeza was revived in pieces. Sorbet and Tagoma take Freeza's pieces back to their spaceship and, after leaving Earth, put his cut up body into a regeneration machine so that he can fully regenerate and revive. After being in the Medical Machine for a while, Freeza's extraordinary life force along with the regenerative power of the Medical Machine, brings Freeza back to life. With the process complete, Freeza bursts from his tank, fully rejuvenated, his power destroying every scouter on the ship in the process. Freeza realizes that he has been resurrected and smiles wickedly.[111]

Sorbet personally greets him, and it takes Freeza a moment to remember precisely who Sorbet was. Freeza briefly inquires about his father, and while Sorbet says they intended to revive him, the tyrant says that reviving his father is best avoided. Now fully revived, Freeza tests his powers, disappointed to see that they've decreased slightly during his time in Hell. Noting this, the tyrant decides that revenge will have to take a back seat until he can recover entirely.

Tagoma then humbly insists that Freeza leave the Saiyans alone. Disgusted, Freeza punishes Tagoma by piercing him with multiple fingertip ki blasts which horrifies the rest of the soldiers. Freeza decides to not kill Tagoma as it would be boring to finish him off so quickly. Taking Tagoma as an example, Freeza notes that the Freeza Army has become a band of weak cowards in his absence. Sorbet, however, stresses the fact that Gokū has become much stronger in the years that Freeza has been dead, triumphing over foes like Majin Boo. Freeza notes that in the past, his father warned him against angering Majin Boo and the Hakaishin Beerus. Despite this, he isn't discouraged; Freeza decides that Gokū's triumphs have only made it more interesting. Explaining that he was born a prodigy with no need to ever train, Freeza decides to commit himself to training for the next four months, believing with the new powers he'd unlock from training, he could finally crush the Super Saiyans.

After four months have past, Freeza goes to Earth along with a thousand soldiers. As his spaceship descends to Earth, Freeza exclaims that the time for his revenge has arrived.[112]

Freeza's Spaceship lands on Earth and hundreds of Freeza's soldiers begin emerging. The Dragon Team prepare themselves for a fight. Jaco's Spaceship appears and lands with Bulma forcing Jaco to help in defending the Earth. Soon, Freeza himself emerges from his spaceship and looks at the Dragon Team, seeing that Gokū is not among them. Freeza remembers Piccolo and Kulilin, the latter he remembers due to blowing him up. Bulma tries to buy time by talking to Freeza, but Freeza takes no heed of Bulma's words and orders his army to attack. During the battle, the Dragon Team manages to easily combat the army, which infuriates Freeza, until Tagoma steps in to fight the Dragon Team which pleases Freeza. As Tagoma fights the Dragon Team ,Gotenks arrives and smashes into Tagoma, causing great pain for Tagoma. Before he can fight Freeza, the fusion comes undone and Gotenks splits back into Goten and Trunks. Seeing them, Freeza notes that Goten is the son of Gokū and upon looking at Trunks, he remembers that he is similar to the Saiyan who killed him; he concludes that the boys are Saiyans and becomes enraged that the Saiyan race has multiplied since his absence. Frightened by the tyrant's anger, Goten and Trunks decide to watch the battle with Bulma and Jaco.

Before Tagoma can get back up, a frog appears in front of Tagoma and writes the word "change". Tagoma utters change, which envelopes him and the frog in a bright light, causing them to switch bodies. The being that was in the frog’s body, now in Tagoma’s body, reveals himself to be Ginyū, the former Captain of the Ginyū Special Squadron, and announces his return to Freeza. Ginyū explains to Freeza his story of becoming trapped in the frog's body and the events that caused him to arrive on Earth. Ginyū reaffirms his loyalty to Freeza and decides to fight the Dragon Team now that he has acquired a powerful body. Ginyū simultaneously attacks the Dragon Team with great ease, injuring them all at once. Freeza is impressed with Ginyū's strength.

Gohan begins fighting Ginyū and overwhelms him after transforming into a Super Saiyan Noting that Ginyū is unable to get up, Gohan shows Ginyū mercy and decides not to continue fighting. Freeza becomes furious due to Gohan's mercy being just like the mercy Gokū showed him on Namek. Before Gohan can tell Ginyū to leave Earth, the enraged Freeza pierces Gohan with Kikōha from the Fingertips. Ginyū thanks Freeza for the assistance but the tyrant orders Ginyū to step aside because he wants to kill Gohan himself, to which Ginyū complies. The Dragon Team try to assist Gohan, but Ginyū blocks them off. Freeza begins torturing Gohan by piercing him with multiple Kikōha from the Fingertips; the tyrant slowly becomes satisfied, mocking Gohan for giving up so easily and telling the Saiyan to plead for his life. Freeza decides to finish off Gohan and fires a Kikōha from the Fingertips. Suddenly, Piccolo stands in front of Gohan and is pierced by the Kikōha from the Fingertips instead, shocking Gohan. The Nameccian drops onto the ground as Gohan calls out to his fallen mentor. Gohan powers up with all his might but exhausts his power doing so and becomes incapacitated.

Freeza decides to end Gohan's life and fires a Kikōha from the Fingertips. Suddenly, Gokū appears along with Vegeta and deflects Freeza's Kikōha from the Fingertips, saving his son's life. Vegeta carries the heavily injured Gohan away while Gokū uses Instantaneous Movement to transport Piccolo's body to Dende, promising to revive him with the Dragon Balls. After doing so, Gokū returns to the battlefield and asks Goten and Trunks to tell Dende about the situation. Goten and Trunks leave while Gokū and Vegeta prepare themselves. Freeza is happy that Gokū has finally arrived and blames him for his death and making him go through hell; Ginyū also blames the Saiyan duo for his circumstances. Suddenly, Vegeta appears before Ginyū in a split second and fires a ki blast at Ginyū which obliterates and kills Ginyū. Freeza exits his hoverpod and decides to fight himself; he tells Gokū that he underestimated him before and this time he transform straight into his final form. Freeza begins transforming which unleashes an immense amount of power that kills all of his soldiers except Sorbet just to show off his new power. Freeza, now in his final form, decides to begin his revenge while Gokū powers up for battle.

Gokū and Freeza stare each other down. They both block each others punches, which begins their fight. Throughout the fight, Gokū has the advantage. Freeza decides to play unfairly and targets his ki blasts at the Dragon Team; Gokū blocks Freeza's blasts which saves Kulilin and Bulma but allows Freeza to land many hits on Gokū, although Gokū is still able to recover and counter. During the battle, Gokū and Freeza speak to each other more than fighting; Freeza again expresses his hatred for the Saiyan, planning to kill everyone he knows as part of his vengeance while Gokū admonishes Freeza for playing dirty and expresses his disappointment that he is unable to enjoy the fight against Freeza's newfound might due to him being evil. Gokū continues to overpower Freeza. Suddenly, Vegeta interupts the battle and expresses his annoyance that both Gokū and Freeza are playing around, demanding that they fight seriously. Gokū and Freeza listen to Vegeta's demands and the Saiyan Prince flies back down.

Before beginning their actual fight, Gokū and Freeza note to each other that they are hiding new powers from each other. Gokū decides to show Freeza the fruits of his training; Gokū powers up and transforms into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. The Dragon Team is amazed at Gokū's new transformation. Gokū explains to Freeza that his new Super Saiyan form is a Super Saiyan transformation utilizing the godly ki of the Super Saiyan God transformation. Gokū asks Freeza to show him the fruits of his training.

After Freeza transforms into his Golden form, the transformed Gokū and Freeza begin their battle, fighting each other at close quarters for a short while evenly matched; they start firing ki blasts at each other, causing a ki struggle between them. The ki struggle between Gokū and Freeza ends in a draw; the two combatants fight at close quarters again. However, Freeza begins overpowering Gokū and smashes Gokū into the ground, Freeza is glad to see that he is winning the battle so far and is happy to see Gokū suffering; the tyrant smiles with satisfaction.

After Gokū gets back up, Vegeta tells Goku to stop being sloppy and berates him for not noticing Freeza's weakness. Suddenly, Gokū realizes the weakness that Vegeta is referring to and asks the Saiyan prince to give him a little more fighting time. Gokū tells Freeza that he will turn the tables around to his favor now that he knows the weakness of Freeza's new transformation; Freeza does not believe Gokū's lies. However, Gokū decides to let Freeza figure out his weakness as it will start affecting him in due time.

After Gokū and Freeza power up, the combatants fight at close quarters but this time Gokū is able to fight evenly with Freeza. However, Gokū starts losing his advantage as Freeza begins overpowering him again. Freeza smashes the Saiyan into the ground again. The tyrant approaches Gokū and punches the Saiyan in the face. However, the final blow does nothing to Gokū which surprises Freeza. Gokū declares that he will now turn the battle around and punches Freeza in the face, injuring the tyrant. Freeza is shocked that he is suddenly at a disadvantage. Gokū assumes that Freeza came to Earth immediately after he achieved his Golden form, to which Freeza confirms. Gokū tells Freeza his weakness; that due to not being accustomed to his new form, his Golden form consumes a tremendous amount of energy and as a result has depleted Freeza's physical strength.

Gokū notes that Freeza no longer has the strength to defeat him. Freeza refuses to accept his weakness and tries attacking Gokū, but Gokū easily blocks Freeza's attack and throws him onto the ground. Gokū powers down and returns to normal after seeing that there is no reason to fight the greatly weakened Freeza. Suddenly, Gokū is pierced in the chest by Sorbet's ray gun which causes Gokū to collapse onto the ground. Freeza gets up and slams his foot on Gokū's pierced chest, happy that he saved a strategy in the case he was losing. While pushing his foot on Gokū's injury, Freeza taunts Gokū for letting his guard down too much and cites it as his weakness. Freeza prepares to finish off Gokū once and for all with a ki blast. Suddenly, Vegeta fires a ki blast, forcing Freeza to evade and jumps away from Gokū. Vegeta declares that it is time for him to fight.

Vegeta kicks Gokū towards Kulilin and Gohan. Gokū eats a Senzu Bean and decides to let Vegeta fight. The transformed Vegeta overpowers Freeza and is on the brink of defeating him. Refusing to accept defeat, Freeza decides to destroy the planet, killing Vegeta in the process. Shortly afterwards, Earth is destroyed, but Whis creates a bubble around a small piece of rock to protect himself and the others. While Bulma despairs, Gokū regrets not killing Freeza when he had the chance. Whis tells him that he has the power to set back time but only three minutes earlier. He does so, and they arrive back right before Freeza destroys the Earth. Gokū transforms into the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form and immediately attacks Freeza with a Kamehameha which destroys and kills the tyrant.

Freeza returns to Hell and is welcomed back by the dancing happy Angels of Hell, much to the tyrant's displeasure.

Universe Survival Arc[]

Main article: Universe Survival Arc


Freeza freed from Hell's bindings.

Gokū approaches Freeza in Hell, and severs his connection to the tree in Hell. No longer bound, Freeza's powers return, and, having been informed about the Tournament of Power, inquires as to whether his refusal would make things difficult for Gokū. Gokū admits it would, and Freeza declines to join — however, when Gokū turns to leave, a panicked Freeza states he was just joking. He agrees to join, but only under the terms that he is revived by Earth's Dragon Balls. He transforms into Golden Freeza, and tells Gokū that he still has more potential left to unlock, and would love to fight Gokū again. Gokū, tempted by the challenge, agrees, and promises to use Earth's Dragon Balls to revive Freeza. The tyrant inquires as to whether or not he can kill in the Tournament of Power, but Gokū states he can't, much to Freeza's chagrin. As Gokū leaves, Freeza is left to wait for the Fortune-Teller Baba.[113]

Freeza arrives in the company of the Fortune-Teller Baba, and laments his possession of a halo. He greets Gokū by way of a solid blow to the stomach, commenting that his hand slipped. Gokū reciprocates in-kind, landing a powerful punch to Freeza's gut with the same remark. Baba urges them to go, and Gokū offers Freeza his hand so they can teleport. However, when assassins arrive to combat Gokū and Freeza, the latter steps out, killing one of them, saying his hand slipped again. Freeza is quite eager to see these new arrivals. Gokū urges them to take their leave, but Freeza declines. He wants to test his powers against these assassins, as his body has gone soft in Hell. He urges Gokū to join him for his "warm-up exercise". With his ki flaring, Freeza transforms into his Golden Freeza state. His ki is so blinding, it can be seen from space, and he completes the transformation, telling the assassins that he will end this quickly without a complimentary service.[114]

Goku vs Freeza

Freeza attacking Gokū.

As he takes pleasure in torturing and killing the assassins, Freeza finds himself temporally entrapped within Energy of Destruction. Managing to free himself, Freeza uses the energy to trap Gokū. Learning that the 9th Universe was responsible for the attack, Freeza contacts Sidra and in an attempt to join the 9th Universe Team. Before an agreement can be made, Beerus arrives and saves Gokū, leading to Freeza cutting their conversation short. In the aftermath of the fight, Freeza agrees to a match against Gokū, which results in a draw. Afterwards, Whis transports the three of them to the Capsule Corporation to meet up with the rest of the 7th Universe Team.[115]

Upon arriving at the tournament, Freeza encounters Frost, and offers him the chance to work together. As the match starts, Freeza blasts away Catopesra,[116] and tortures Napapa. Afterwards, he toys with Roselle until the fighter jumps on the area to escape him.[117] Later, Freeza drags Mulithim through the arena before tossing him off and eliminating him.[118] During Gohan's fight with Jimmizu, Freeza watches the fight and intervenes to save Gohan when he is about to be defeated. Jimmizu attempts to defeat him, but Freeza counters his Teleportation before severly defeating him. As he collapses, Freeza kicks him off the arena.

Freeza Vs Gohan

Freeza fighting Gohan.

After the battle, Frost approaches him, and Freeza puts on the act that he wants to defeat Gohan. As he begins fighting with his teammate, Freeza doesn't use his full power in his attacks, leading to Gohan noticing that their fight is being staged. Pressuring Gohan to go all out, the Sayian gains the upper hand in their fight, resulting in Freeza transforming into Golden Freeza and "defeating" Gohan. Frost then approaches Freeza, and the two discuss using their full power in their Final Forms. As Frost's guard is down, Freeza attacks him, leading to him getting disqualified.[119] During Gokū's fight with Jiren, Freeza and the rest of the 7th Universe Team happily contributes some of his energy to Gokū's Genki Dama.[120] After Jiren defeats Gokū, Freeza discovers Gokū secluded away from everyone, and decides to transfer some of his energy to the saiyan, to settle the debt he owed from Namek. Before departing, Freeza informs Gokū that the power he subconsciously used in his fight against Jiren is called Ultra Instinct.[121]

Later, Freeza eavesdrops on Vegeta's conversation with Cabba, and notes a Saiyan master and student bond is utterly repulsive. After Vegeta departs and Cabba defeats Monna, Freeza approaches the Saiyan, and voices that he wants to fight Cabba. Overpowering and enraging the boy, Cabba turns into Super Saiyan 2 and attacks Freeza. Taking the brunt of the attack, Freeza transforms into Golden Freeza and knocks Cabba off the arena. Afterwards, he states he'll win the Super Dragon Balls and use them to control the gods.[122] Later, Freeza begins attacking in random directions, in an attempt at find someone who could entertain him. His assault leads to Catopesra engaging Freeza. Attempting to fight Freeza, their fight is postponed when Gokū arrives while fighting Kale and Caulifla. Taking an interest in the pair of Saiyans, Freeza prepares to attack the two, but is stopped by Gokū, who insists on continuing his fight with them. Freeza agrees, as he would enjoy watching Saiyans fight each other. As Gokū departs, Catopesra returns and challenges Freeza to follow him in his Speed Mode, which Freeza ignores.[123] The Saiyans fight leads to the woman fusing into Kefla to engage Gokū, which Freeza deems to be a worthy fight to watch.[124]


Freeza assisting his team against Anilasa.

Upon re-awakening Ultra Instinct, Freeza laughs as he states Gokū to keep getting stronger, and after defeating Kefla, he comments about the strain on the body from Ultra Instinct and for the Saiyan to continue working for him.[125] During Gokū's fight with Anilasa, Freeza intervenes when Gokū is knocked off the arena and kicks him back on to save him. After being thanked, their conversation is cut short when Anilasa attacks, leading to Freeza joining the 7th Universe team in fighting the warrior. As Anilasa attempts to destroy the arena to win, the remaining 7th universe warriors fend off his Kikōha, After Lapis destroys his energy reactor, they eliminate Anilasa, leading to the 3rd Universe being erased. Afterwards, the team confronts Jiren, Toppo and Dispo.[126] Engaging Dispo in a one verse one fight, Dispo dodges all his attacks, leading to Freeza taunting him by saying his speciality is running away. Using the Super Afterimage Fist to surround Freeza, he catches Dispo with his tail as he attempted to attack from behind, resulting in Dispo grabbing it and slamming him into rubble.[127]

Freeza Vs Dispo

Freeza facing Dispo.

Unfazed by the continues onslaught, Freeza laughs at Dispo thinking that attack would defeat him before commencing attacking again. Commenting on Dispo's moves being too linear and easy to read, Dispo increases his speed and overpowers Freeza. Going to knock Freeza off the arena, his attack is blocked by Freeza's tail. Offering to fight his own team if Dispo promises Universe 11 will wish him back in the event they win the tournament, Dispo rejects the offer, leading to Freeza transforming into Golden Freeza and becoming faster. Angering Dispo with his cockiness, he actives his Super Extreme High Speed Mode to overwhelm and push Freeza towards the edge of the arena until Gohan intervenes to save him. As the two team up, their attacks lead to Gohan instructing Freeza to limit their opponents movement to combat dispo's Speed Mode. Erecting a cage around Gohan and Dispo, the two exchange blows until Freeza loses his grip, resulting in his technique deactivating. Entering his Speed Mode again, Gohan immobilises Dispo by grabbing him from behind and calls out to Freeza to knock them both out, which he does swiftly.[128]

Attacking Toppo in his back while he's preoccupied with facing Lapis, the pair simultaneously attack and overwhelm Toppo. Find him after and mocking him, Freeza is surprised to see him stand up. Powering up, Freeza watches to see his resolve, leading to Toppo transforming and coating himself with Energy of Destruction. Testing his strength, Freeza attacks Toppo, but it's disintegrated due to his armour. Learning that he's tapped into his Hakaishin power, Freeza says its meaningless. Confidently attempting to block Toppo's Energy of Destruction orb as he previously did against the 9th Universe assassins, Freeza is overwhelmed. Shortly later, Freeza interrupts Toppo's fight with Lapis. Enraged, Freeza vows to destroy him as his title implies. Launching his planet-destroying attack, Toppo easily destroys, before repelling Freeza through rubble and crushing his head. Kicking his off the arena, lapis alters his trajectory, resulting in him landing in the ring unconscious.[129] Regaining conscious, Freeza kicks Jiren from behind, sending him crashing to the arena. Dodging all Freeza's proceeding attacks, Jiren repels him away, leading to Freeza disregarding the rules and attempt to kill him, but is immediately knocked unconscious.[130]

Jiren Vs Goku & Freeza

Freeza and Gokū fighting Jiren.

As Jiren sends Gokū falling out of the arena, Freeza blasts him back in, during which Lapis joins him in facing the foe.[131] Not sensing Jiren's absolute strength due to Gokū weakening him, Freeza says he'll taste defeat once more by his hands. Holding his own in a fist fight, Freeza enrages Jiren with his taunts, leading to Jiren clobbering him. Squasheing him with his rubble, No.17 tackles Jiren and detonates on explosion in his proximity, leading to Jiren falling to his knees. Loosing his will, Toppo motivates Jiren into commencing the fight, during which the pair are forced to put up a Barrier to shield themselves from his shock wave. As their barrier begins to shatter, Gokū teleports into it and strengths it. After asking if Gokū remembers his promise to resurrect him, Freeza and Gokū engage Jiren in battle while lapis supports them. During the fight, Freeza has Gokū launch him at Jiren, leading to Freeza grabbing Jiren and attempting to pull him out of the ring with him. Failing, Gokū catches up, leading to the pair powering up pushing Jiren out the arena along with themselves.

Freeza's Army

Freeza returns to his army.

With Universe 7 winning the tournament, Lapis uses his Super Dragon Ball wish to restore all the erased universes. With the tournament concluded, Freeza asks if they can hurry up and send him back to hell. Whis then revives Freeza and restores his tail as a gift from Beerus for doing a fine job during the tournament. Announcing he won't stop his evil ways, Gokū says he'll go and defeat him in that case. After returning to Earth, he returns to his army, where he apologises for keeping them waiting and tells them the emperor of the universe has returned.[132]

In Other Timelines[]

Trunks' Timeline[]

In the timeline of the Trunks of the future, Gokū arrived on Earth and killed Freeza.


Freeza would go on to become a measuring stick of sorts after his death.[133] His impact on the Saiyan race, and as an opponent, was not to be ignored. The strongest being in the Seventh Universe that was neither a god nor magical in nature, his power was valued by the likes of the late Doctor Gero. The mad scientist used the cells of Freeza, and his father Cold, in the genetic make-up of the bio-android Cell when the two invaded Earth; this would go on to give Cell all of the advantages of mutant Frost Demon genetic make-up, as well as much of Freeza's attitude.

Even the likes of Hakaishin Beerus knew Freeza, and when he awoke from his slumber, the deity and his attendant would go on to casually mention the tyrant. It was considered no mean feat that Freeza could actually be defeated, especially by a Saiyan.[134]

Fear and terror often accompanied the thought and memory of Freeza — when the late tyrant was revived by Sorbet, the Dragon Team were unable to believe he had returned, and even Gokū and Vegeta, who believed themselves beyond him at this point, were more than surprised. As Freeza is the only member of his race that the Dragon Team has encountered, Frost has been compared to Freeza directly due to belonging to the same race, and superficial similarities in their style and methods.[135]


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