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This article details a subject that is considered canon. The subject of this article appeared in Dragon Ball Super anime and manga series. The subject of this article has appeared in promotional shorts for Dragon Ball Heroes video game. The subject of this article appeared in the video games.
I start wars and resolve them myself. Then I purchase the war-ravaged lands at a low price, before restoring and reselling them for a huge profit. It was I who invented this business scheme.

—Frost to Vados in "Piccolo versus Frost — Bet Everything on the Makankōsappō!"

Frost Infobox
フロスト Furosuto
Epithet 6th Universe's Freeza (だいちゅうのフリーザ, Dai-Roku Uchū no Furīza)[2]
Personal Data
Universe 6th Universe 6th Universe
Race Alien
Sub-race Freeza's Family
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English Greg Ayres
Japanese Ryūsei Nakao
Professional Status
Team(s) 6th Universe Team
Counterpart(s) Freeza
First Appearance
Manga Debut Dragon Ball Super Volume #1, Chapter #7
Anime Debut DBS032
Game Debut Dragon Ball Heroes
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Emperor Frost (フロスト, Furosuto) is a mutant member of Freeza's Family in the 6th Universe, who was the Emperor of the 6th Universe, before becoming a fugitive on the run.


Peace-Keeping Force

Frost as the Emperor of the 6th Universe.

As the secret leader of space pirates within his universe, Frost has them attack planets to start wars. Publicly, he leads a Peacekeeping Force, which he most frequently uses his Assault Form to end the wars, in-order to buy the ravaged land at a cheap price. Upon rebuilding and restoring the war-torn area's, Frost gains profit by using his invented business scheme. While leading his force on Mayonnai, he fought alongside Cabba to end the conflict.[3] For his good deeds, Frost won the Universal Peace Prize three times.[4]



Frost's full appearance.

Resembling heavily Freeza's first suppressed form, Frost's appearance is typical of his race, and like Freeza, known as his First Form (だいけいたい, Dai-Ichi Keitai).[5] As such, he possesses a short, humanoid body with a large blue cranium, two horns that jut from the side of his head, red eyes, and a long black tail. His skin, particularly on the hands, feet, and face, are indigo in hue, while the skin around his cranium, torso, ankles, and calves are a lighter blue, while his lower legs appear to be black. In the middle of his torso is a blue spot, similar to the one on his cranium. His shoulders and waist possess pads that resemble the Combat Jacket worn by Freeza's Army in the 7th Universe. In the anime, Frost is remarkably shown with black holes at both ends of his forearms.



Frost's "kindness" showing through with children.

Upon his introduction, and unlike his 7th Universe counterpart Freeza, Frost appeared to have a generally pleasant personality. He greeted Son Gokū in the ring using the phrase yoroshiku (宜しく), a polite, informal phrase that can be used when greeting someone for the first time.[6] Additionally, he expressed concern and advised Gokū to surrender the match before the Saiyan sustained serious injuries in their battle, a far cry from the cruelty established by Freeza's Family. He also supposedly spent much of his time neutralizing conflicts in war-torn areas and appears to love children.

Despite constantly fighting to neutralize wars, he only killed as last resort. His hatred for killing was so great that when he accidentally killed an evil person due to having difficulty controlling his final form, he vowed to never use that form again unless he absolutely had to.

However, the nice and heroic personality he carried was later revealed to be a facade. During his match against Piccolo, he is exposed for cheating in the tournament by using weaponry in his fights against Gokū and Piccolo, and he reverts to being a cold and calculating individual, much like his 7th Universe counterpart. He is revealed by Vados to be the cause of all the wars he supposedly stopped — swooping in to play the hero after the carnage.[7]


Frost's Beam

Frost firing a beam while in his Assault Form.

Frost, like many of his race, has proven to be a being of considerable power and strength. According to Vados and the tournament announcer, Frost is the strongest person in Universe 6. Although this was before Cabbas transformation into a Super Saiyan, and Hit’s introduction. In his tournament match against Son Gokū, Frost was shown keeping up with the Saiyan, who had since been trained by Whis. Frost has also shown the ability to mimic techniques, when he mimicked the Mafūba to produce the Mafūba Reverse.

Physical Prowess[]

Frost has shown an extraordinary level of speed, power, and physical strength. In his suppressed form, he was able to effortlessly keep up with Saiyan Beyond God Son Gokū, easily able to match his strength and speed despite surpassing his Super Saiyan form.[8] Upon reaching his third form Frost's physical abilities completely outclassed Gokū's, knocking him around like a ragdoll, swimming through a Kamehameha, and deflecting ki blasts without any damage. In his fourth, despite being inferior to the god ki using Super Saiyan Gokū, he was still able to keep up with his speed and strength.[9]

Bodily Modifications[]


Frost reveals one of his needles.

Despite his denials, Frost has made modifications to his body to better aid his fighting. Specifically, Frost's body possesses needles which utilize paralyzing poison. He possesses a needle in his wrist, and after becoming a man on the run, has added one to his tail, and another to his heel. These needles posses different types of poison depending on the needle in question; the left wrist needle is meant to paralyze. The right wrist needle, however, is a lethal poison meant to kill. 


Main article: Transformation Ability

Frost final form

Frost's Final Form.

Similarly to Freeza, Frost possesses the ability to transform. His transformations are similar in appearance and can be presumed to function the same way, with the 'transformations' he uses actually being stages of suppressed strength, and his final form being his basic form. Frost showcases two known transformations: Second Form (だいけいたい, Dai-Ni Keitai) and Final Form (さいしゅうけいたい, Saishū Keitai),[5] being identical to Freeza's second transformation[10] and final form respectively.[11] His first known transformation, which is referred to as his Assault Form (突撃形態, Totsugeki Keitai; English TV "Raid Form"),[12] was strong enough to completely outclass base form of Son Gokū. In his final form, it is difficult for Frost to control its power, and as such, is capable of killing an individual unintentionally, leading to himself vowing to never use the form needlessly. Frost is also capable of the same 100% Form that Freeza can pull off.[13]

Part IV[]

See also: Dragon Ball Super

Hakaishin Champa Arc[]

Main article: Hakaishin Champa Arc

Gokū vs Frost

Frost facing Gokū.

Frost was one of the fighters brought in by the Hakaishin Champa to fight in the 6th Universe and 7th Universe Hakaishin Selection Martial Arts Competition.[14] Frost was the second combatant to face Son Gokū. He to the shock of Gokū and his friends with his pleasant personality due to their negative experience with the Frost Demons of the 7th Universe. After fighting for a while, Gokū accuses Frost of holding back to analyze his opponent's strength and transform little by little, which Frost denies at first but after Gokū explains his knowledge of Frost Demons, Frost claims he will transform into his final form but really transforms into his first form, which the entire Dragon Team realizes right away. After seemingly dominating Gokū, he recommended he surrender before suffering major injuries. Gokū then responded he was finally warmed up and transformed into Super Saiyan and begins his counterattack. Frost finally transforms into his final form, which Gokū happily recognizes.

Gokū and Frost resume their fight. However, Gokū easily overpowers Frost in both offense and speed. Gokū suggests to his opponent that he should give up, although Frost refuses as he must live up to the children's expectations and win Champa's support. The injured Frost gets back up and punches Gokū, but Gokū blocks the punch. Suddenly, Gokū starts feeling weary and dizzy; Frost takes the opportunity and kicks Gokū out of the ring. Gokū lies down outside the ring, having turned back to normal which shocks the Dragon Team and Team 7th Universe.[15]

Frost vs Piccolo

Frost fighting Piccolo.

With Gokū being defeated by ring out, Piccolo is the next 7th Universe fighter to enter the ring. The fight between Frost and Piccolo begins; Piccolo begins charging up his Makankōsappō. Frost launches a barrage of ki attacks only for Piccolo to dodge them. Frost manages to hit Piccolo's leg; Piccolo counters by creating clones of himself in order to give himself more time to charge his Makankōsappō. Frost destroys the clones and attacks Piccolo. Piccolo stops Frost by wrapping his arm around him, which gives him the opportunity to fire his fully charged Makankōsappō with perfect accuracy. Suddenly, Piccolo becomes weary and his wrapped up arm retracts back to him; Piccolo fires his Makankōsappō that misses its target completely. Frost blasts the weary Piccolo which knocks him out. The tournament announcer checks Piccolo and confirms that he is knocked out.

Before the tournament announcer declares Frost the victor, Jaco intervenes and objects to Frost's victory, explaining that he saw a weapon in Frost's right arm with his superior eyesight. Jaco asks the tournament announcer to check Frost's right arm; Champa and Cabba are angry at Jaco's false accusation, but Champa and Beerus allow the announcer to do a body check. The announcer does so and checks Frost's body; he indeed finds a needle in Frost's right arm and after touching the tip of it, he becomes weary just like Gokū and Piccolo. Frost tries defending himself by saying that the needle is part of his body, although the tournament announcer sees that Frost's right arm has signs of modification; he disqualifies Frost for cheating and reinstates Piccolo as the winner. Champa and Cabba are shocked at Frost's dishonorable act, but Vados isn't surprised since it is Frost's true nature and reveals that Frost started all the wars he supposedly stopped, swooping in to play the hero after the carnage. Frost smiles wickedly and confirms Vados' facts as the truth; he starts wars on planets and resolves them himself, then he purchases the war-ravaged planets at a low price and after restoring them he sells the restored planets for a huge profit. The Dragon Team are disgusted with Frost's personality, finding him to be no different than Freeza. Champa is angry at Vados for selecting someone like Frost to participate on his behalf, although Vados states that Champa demanded people who would definitely win whether they are good or bad. As Frost leaves the ring, Champa prepares to destroy Frost for humiliating him with his cheating.

Frost Defeated

Frost defeated by Vegeta.

Suddenly, Vegeta states that there is no need for disqualifying or destroying Frost and demands to fight Frost since it is his turn next. However, the tournament announcer tells Vegeta that Piccolo has been reinstated. Piccolo decides to forfeit, allowing Vegeta to take his place. Champa isn't pleased with retracting Frost's disqualification, but Vados tells him that Piccolo's forfeit and Frost's reinstatement gives them the numbers advantage, reminding him that he doesn't want to lose to Beerus. Champa allows Frost to continue fighting.[16] Vegeta steps into the ring and prepares to fight Frost. The match begins with Frost dashing towards Vegeta. However, Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan and defeats Frost with one hit; Vegeta's attack sends Frost out of bounds. The announcer checks Frost and sees that he is unconscious. The announcer declares Vegeta as the winner.

As Beerus and Champa settle their dispute over a tournament rule change with a game of rock-paper-scissors, Frost wakes up and sneaks away from the tournament ring in order to steal Team Champa's reward as well as Champa's teleportation cube. Just as Frost attempts to steal, Hit appears which surprises Frost who refers to him as a legendary hitman. Frost wonders if Hit has come to kill him. However, Hit does not respond and knocks Frost unconscious with his technique; Hit notes that the cube will be rewarded to him if their team wins the tournament which is why he stopped Frost from stealing. Hit takes the unconscious Frost back to the tournament ring. Frost is sitting in Team Champa's waiting area, unconscious. [17] Following the tournament, he became a fugitive on the run.[18]

Hakaishin Champa Arc (manga)[]

Frost and the other members of 6th Universe Team arrive at the nameless planet where the 6th Universe and 7th Universe Tournament takes place, before beginning the matches they are asked to do a written test, which Frost and his team pass.


Frost clashes with Gokū.

After Gokū defeats Botamo, Frost steps into the ring.[19] He greets Gokū pleasantly, and the match commences. The two exchange a ferocious trade of blows, and they seem to be fairly evenly matched. Gokū, however, begins to gain the upperhand, and comments that Frost was gauging his strength the entire time. Modestly, Frost denies this, but Gokū instead urges him to transform. Frost is surprised someone knows about his transformations, but Gokū explains he fought someone identical to Frost.[20]


Frost transforms into his final form.

Frost decides to reveal his final form, and transforms into his Assault Form. The others watching the battle, however, know this form isn't the final form of Freeza's species. Gokū notes it looks different. Frost inquires if the other "him" from the 7th Universe was able to defeat the Saiyan. Gokū avoids the question, which Frost takes as an indication that his 7th Universe counterpart lost. They clash again, and despite finally gaining an edge over the Saiyan Beyond God, Gokū then becomes a Super Saiyan. Frost, seeing this, is intimidated by Gokū rushing him, and transforms into his final form.[21]


Super Saiyan Gokū clashes with Frost.

Post-transformation, Frost releases a massive amount of ki. Gokū reciprocates, and the two are covered in their respective auras. Frost charges Gokū, before launching himself into the air with ki. He releases a sphere of ki towards Gokū, but the latter deflects it. This occurs again, and Frost uses a Continuous Kikōha, closing in on Gokū as he deflects them all. The Super Saiyan, however, catches his arms and kicks him into the air, where he collides with the barrier. Frost charges downward, and he and Gokū clash again, exchanging a powerful trade of blows across the barrier.[22]


Frost knocks out Gokū.

When it becomes clear that Gokū has the advantage, Frost launches a powerful Kiai Cannon, but Gokū withstands it, and responds in kind, nearly knocking Frost out of the ring. Frost seems elated at Gokū's power, however, and states that while Gokū has far exceeded what he expected, he won't concede. Taking the stance of Freeza, Frost rushes forward. Gokū casually dodges each strike, deflecting them or redirecting Frost with a Kiai of his own. He tells Frost to surrender, and go on to train like Freeza. Frost grins and pulls back a powerful punch. Gokū blocks the blow, but finds himself stunned long enough for Frost to send him hurtling out of the ring and knocking him out.[23]

With Frost announced the winner, his match with Piccolo is next. Despite Piccolo's half-hearted request that he regresses to a weaker form, Frost tells him he wants to end the next matches as quickly as he can. The battle commences, and Frost releases a flurry of Kikōha that Piccolo dodges. The former is puzzled by Piccolo's statement that he isn't a Nameccian, but is instead a reincarnation of the former Piccolo. Piccolo stretches his arms towards Frost, and the display manages to keep Frost at bay. With the two of them nearing exhaustion, Frost lands a solid blow to Piccolo that stuns him enough to be rung out.[24]

Jaco objects, however, claiming Frost is in possession of a concealed weapon within his right arm. This claim proves true, despite Frost's claim that the needle is part of his body. Frost is disqualified, and Champa is furious with Frost for his misconduct. Frost, however, doesn't care; there's no prize money, and the battles are ultimately pointless. Vegeta objects to Frost's disqualification, asking he instead be allowed to defeat the man himself.[25]

The battle commences with threats from both sides, and a Super Saiyan Vegeta quickly overwhelms Frost. With incessant force, he knocks the alien unconscious.[26]

Universe Survival Arc[]


Frost on the run.

Hiding out on a planet in the 6th Universe, Frost is approached by Hit. Frost believes Hit is here to execute him, and feigns surrendering, before attacking Hit with his tail, utilizing a new poison needle. While Hit manages to fend Frost off easily, the latter commends Frost for his newfound strength, saying he was serious for a moment and Frost had improved during his time as a fugitive.


Frost accepts Hit's offer to join the 6th Universe Team.

Hit explains to Frost that he has been invited to become a member of the new 6th Universe Team in the Tournament of Power, as his tenacity for living would prove useful. Frost accepts, and Hit informs him he is not able to use his poison needle, as it would result in erasure on the spot. Frost removes the poison needle from his tail, stating he is ready to sacrifice his life for the 6th Universe, but Hit instructs him to remove the needle in his heel too. Frost is amused that Hit noticed this additional deception.[27]

Non-Canon Appearances[]

Video Games[]

Main article: Dragon Ball Heroes Frost débuted in the arcade video game Dragon Ball Heroes, appearing in the God Mission 7 trailer. Contrary to the original series, Frost is shown battling a Super Saiyan Blue Son Gokū, despite never even seeing the form in the anime or its manga adaptation.[28]

Frost was among the characters included in the Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 DLC Pack 1.

Frost is a playable character in the following video games:

Game name Japanese release English release
Dragon Ball Heroes November 11, 2010
Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden June 11, 2015 October 20, 2015


  • Like all known Frost Demons, Frost has a cold-related name.
  • Frost is explicitly referred to as a "counterpart" to a being from a different universe; in his specific case, Freeza, from the 7th Universe. However, this is more than likely due to the fact that, before Frost, Freeza was the only Frost Demon the Dragon Team had encountered.
  • Rather than being voiced by the same voice actor as Freeza — as was done with Ryūsei Nakao in the Japanese Dragon Ball Super — Frost is instead voiced by Greg Ayres in the FUNimation dub, who is the brother of Freeza's voice actor, Chris Ayres. This makes Frost sound similar, but not identical, to Freeza in the English version.


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