The Future (未来, mirai) refers to the timelines that exist beyond the present. In the Dragon Ball franchise, the Future refers to two separate timelines that resulted from the time-traveling of Future Trunks and Cell. Trunks' timeline takes place 17 years after the present, while Cell's takes place 23 years after the present.

Trunks' Future Timeline

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Trunks' Alternate Future
Date Fights, Battles & Events Image
August, Age 764 Son Gokū returns to Earth and kills Freeza and Cold. Freeza and Cold
Age 776 Trunks is born to Bulma and Vegeta. Bulma and Trunks
November, Age 776 Son Gokū dies of a fatal heart disease. Future Goku dies
Age 777 Doctor Gero activates #17 and #18
Doctor Gero is killed by his creations.
17 kills Gero
May 12, Age 777 #17 and #18 kill the Dragon Team. Son Gohan is the only survivor. Future Kuririn killed
Age 780 Gohan is killed by #17 and #18 in Pepper Town.
In the anime, Trunks becomes a Super Saiyan (he already is one in the manga).[1]
Future Gohan dead
Age 783 In the anime, Trunks fights and loses against the Cyborgs in Bridgetown. Trunks beaten
Age 784 Trunks uses Bulma's Time Machine to travel back to Age 764. Trunks leaves for the past

Cell's Future Timeline

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Appearances in Other Media

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Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2

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