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Game Poi
Game Poi[1]
Kanji ゲームポーイ
Rōmaji Gēmu Pōi
Manga Debut Chapter 481
Classification Battle Item
Inventor/Creator Mark

The Game Poi is a modified game machine weapon made by Mister Satan.


It's not a normal Game Boy device, in fact, installed with a bomb with remote-control operated, which Mister Satan prepared. He pretended it was a present and gave it to Majin Boo to have the demon concentrate on the game and not pay attention to their surroundings.[1] The plan proved successful, however, it wouldn't damage the Majin at the least.


  • The "Game Poi" is based on, and named after, the popular line of Game Boy handhelds, looking identical to the first model of the Nintendo Game Boy.


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