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ギニュー Ginyū
Alternative Name(s) FUNi Captain Colorful
Alias Commander Ginyū (ギニュー隊長, Ginyū-taichō; FUNimation "Captain Ginyu")
English Localized Name(s) FUNi Captain Ginyu
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe 7th Universe
Race Alien
Status Deceased
Gender Male Icon.svg Male
Voice Actors
English Dale Kelly(Original Z)
Brice Armstrong(Remastered Z)
R. Bruce Elliott(Kai)
Japanese Hideyuki Hori(Z)
Katsuyuki Konishi(Kai)
Professional Status
Team(s) Ginyū Special Corps
Affiliation(s) Freeza Army Freeza Army
Occupation(s) Leader of the New Freeza Army
Partner(s) Jheese
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #23, Chapter #272
Anime Debut DBK028
Movie Debut Dragon Ball Super: Broly
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Ginyū (ギニュー, Ginyū), also known as by his rank "Commander Ginyū" (ギニュー隊長, Ginyū-taichō; FUNimation "Captain Ginyu"; Literally meaning "Commanding Officer Ginyū") by his subordinates, was a Mutant of an unnamed species. He was a high-ranking member of Freeza's Army and leader of the elite eponymous Ginyū Special Corps. Ginyū escaped from Namek in his frog-form and later joined in Freeza's second invasion of Earth. Ginyū was able to switch bodies with Tagoma that gave him the power to dominate the Dragon Team.


The Ginyū Special Corps, along with Dodoria and Zarbon ere present on the planet, Vegeta, during Cold's announcement of his retirement and Freeza's ascension as leader of his military.[3]



Ginyū was a man who was fanatically loyal to Freeza. Defined by his loyalty, he led the Ginyū Special Corps under his direct command, and notably had a flair for the flamboyant, designing the poses that his Special Squadron was famous for. He cared deeply for his teammates, being notably frustrated when Reacoom, Gurd, and Butta were killed, but also did not tolerate failure or treacherous action, even if it is in his favour.

Despite being allied with someone as vile as Freeza, Ginyū unusually had a sense of fair play that his master lacks. Similarly to Gokū, Ginyū longed for a thrilling battle, and believed in having a fair fight. He notably threatened to kill Jheese when the latter interfered in his battle with Gokū, and despite having the advantage due to the former's underhanded tactics, did not press his unfair advantage due to the prospect of an exciting challenge.[4] However, he was not exempt from underhanded tactics himself, as he was more than willing to steal Gokū's body the moment the Saiyan proved he was the superior warrior.[5]


Captain Ginyu was, at one time, Freeza's most powerful soldier. Born with an abnormally powerful power level compared to the rest of his species, he stood out due to be a 'mutant'. When Son Gokū arrived on Namek, Ginyu was the only one of the Ginyū Special Corpse able to fight him relatively evenly and gave him a hard battle until he used Kaiōken. However Ginyū's special ability came into play, the 'Body Change' technique, where he could transfer his mind and consciousness into another fighter and use their abilities.

After taking over Tagoma, Ginyu's power outclasses Son Gohan's base form (though Gohan's lack of training had made him unable to bring out his full power). Once Gohan went Super Saiyan however he had the upper hand.[6]

Power Level

Form Power Level
Base State 95,000
Full Power 120,000
Suppressed (in Tagoma) 259,000

Dragon Ball

Freeza Arc

Dragon Ball Super

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Revival of "F" Arc

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  • His name is a pun on gyūnyū (牛乳), the Japanese word for dairy milk.


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