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God (神様, Kamisama; FUNimation "Guardian of the Earth") is a title reserved for the person who resides on the Castle of God, serving, in essence, the role as the God of the Earth. On Earth, the Gods have been Nameccians for the past two times the position has been fulfilled, but the previous God did have an unknown predecessor.


Despite the prestigious title, the role of 'God' more befits that of an overseer of earth's events and its inhabitants.[1] God resides on the Castle of God , alongside Mr. Popo; the Castle itself rests above the clouds, circling the Earth. While the former God and the current God, Dende, have all been Nameccian, it is unknown what the former God's predecessor was, as they have never been shown in the series outside of anime-only flashbacks, and only in silhouette during those moments. 

The current role of 'God' on Earth, as Piccolo bluntly told the former God, is simply to keep the Dragon Balls in existence.[2] With the Dragon Team, Earth's God no longer has a role of protector, as these individual mortals outstrip both the former God and Dende in power. However, due to this role, the existence of God is vital, as his death renders the Dragon Balls — the Dragon Team's sole method of restoring the damage done to their planet or restoring lost lives of friends and Earthlings — inert and forever gone.

According to the former God, the God of Earth is incapable of committing suicide; he personally asked for assistance in killing himself when Piccolo was close to defeating Gokū.[citation needed]

It appears that, under some circumstances, Earth's God can detect godly ki. Despite not being known to possess the ki himself, Dende was shown to be able to sense Beerus' ki and realized he was a god. Piccolo, despite having fused with the former God, does not possess this ability, and it is unknown why.[citation needed]

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  • The term 'God' appears to apply only to Earth. The Saichōrō fulfills a similar role on Namek, but he is not afforded such a lofty title.
  • In the anime, North Kaiō tells Gokū that the planet Vegeta had a God, much like Earth, and this God destroyed the Saiyans and the planet with meteors after being disgusted by the evil acts of the Saiyans.[3] This story, however, would contradict later material introduced in the manga.


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