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Gold Great Monkey[1][2][3]
おうこんおおざる Ōgon Ōzaru
Games Great Monkey Baby (大猿ベビー, Ōzaru Bebī)
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBGT034
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range User
Parent Great Monkey Transformation
Super Saiyan 3
Derived technique(s)

The Gold Great Monkey is an anime-only ability that is exclusive to Saiyans that have achieved the legendary Super Saiyan transformation and possess their tail.


The Golden Great Monkey Transformation is fundamentally the same as the original transformation used by the Saiyans, the key difference is that, in addition to possessing a tail and gazing at a full moon (or any full planetary body that can reflect the sufficient Bruits Waves, given Gokū used the "full Earth" to transform[4]), as well as the ability to become a Super Saiyan 3.[5] The appearance of a Golden Great Monkey is more or less the same as the standard Great Monkey, with the exception of golden fur that stands on end, akin to the Super Saiyan which boosts the form. The unique exception to this is Baby, who possessed blue skin as opposed to the standard beige, most likely due to the Tsufruian mutations caused by his possession of Vegeta's body at the time.


The precise enhancement of power is unknown, but the boost is presumed to be tremendous. Gokū, who was previously unable to match Baby, even as a Super Saiyan 3, was more than a match for the Tuffle parasite while using this form. Like all Great Monkeys, however, untrained Saiyans prove themselves unable to properly control themselves while transformed, mindlessly destroying with no heed for for their comrades or family; in fact, due to the Super Saiyan boost, it could be said Golden Great Monkeys are more aggressive and violent. They gain a unique ability unseen in other Great Monkeys; the ability to breath flame.[6] Great Monkeys who can control themselves, such as Vegeta while controlled by Baby, are capable of using ki blasts in this state, enhanced and empowered to a frightening degree.

As theorized by Vegeta, if a full-blooded Saiyan manages to retain their sanity within this form, they can regress and compress the power into a state known as Super Saiyan 4. This was first demonstrated by Son Gokū, and later by Vegeta when he became a Golden Great Monkey for a second time.[7]


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