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Personal Data
Universe 10th Universe Symbol 10th Universe
Race Shinling
Birthplace World Tree
Status Erased
Gender Genderless
Voice Actors
English Garrett Schenck
Japanese Tetsuo Gotō
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Kaiōshin Symbol Kaiōshin
Partner(s) Zamasu
Disciple(s) Zamasu
Counterpart(s) Gowasu (Main Timeline)
Gowasu (Alternative Present Timeline)
Headquarters Kaiōshin Realm
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS061
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Gowasu (ゴワス) was a senior Shinling acting as a mentor for the aspiring to future Kaiōshin Zamasu. He is the futuristic counterpart of Gowasu.




Gowas Render

Gowasu (Future)’s full appearance.


Part IV

"Future" Trunks Arc

Main article: "Future" Trunks Arc

Future Gowasu death

Gowasu's death.

In Trunks' future, while waiting to teatime served by his pupil as usual, Gowasu was killed by Black when the latter used the Time Ring to warp to that timeline. After Black explained his identity to the future Zamasu and anointed him a Kaiōshin, who had likewise grown disgusted with the mortals, the two teamed up.[1]

In Other Timelines

Main Timeline

Main article: Gowasu In that timeline, Gowasu was also killed by his pupil. However, Whis use his ability of reversing time to undo Zamasu's attack and Beerus destroyed the criminal for good.[2]

Alternative Present Timeline

Main article: Gowasu (Alternative Present) In that timeline, Black who is alive after Beerus' attack thanks to the power of the Time Ring, killed Gowasu, inheriting the senior's role as Kaiōshin and taking his Time Ring.[1]


  • Gowasu's name likely comes from gowasu (ごわす), which means "to be", shares with Zamasu the same name pun scheme.


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