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Hakaishin Beerus Arc
Kanji かみかみへん
Rōmaji Kami to Kami Hen
Other God and God Arc (かみかみへん, Kami to Kami Hen)[1]
FUNi Battle of Gods Saga[2]
Series Dragon Ball Super
Next Revival of "F" Arc
Series Information
Anime Original Run July 5, 2015 - November 8, 2015
Manga Original Run June 20, 2015 - September 19, 2015
Corresponding Episodes DBS001 - DBS018
Corresponding Chapters Chapter 1 - Chapter 4

See also: List of Volumes and List of Dragon Ball Super episodes The Hakaishin Beerus Arc (かいしんビルスへん, Hakaishin Birusu Hen; Literally meaning "Destruction God Beerus Arc") is an arc from the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga series. Some time after the six-month period where everyone's memories of Majin Bū are gradually erased,[3][4] the Hakaishin, Beerus, awakens from his 39-year slumber in search for the "Super Saiyan God." The arc spans from episodes 1 to 18 of the anime and from chapters 1 to 4 of the manga series. It also covers the events of the eighteenth Dragon Ball movie — Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. It is preceded by the Majin Boo Arc and followed by the Revival of "F" Arc in the anime while in the manga, it is followed by the Hakaishin Champa Arc.


The Awakening of the Hakaishin


Gokū's life as a radish farmer.

Following the events with Majin Boo, a locus of peace has ensues, where the Dragon Team enter an interlude of peace. Where the earth's heroes has accustomed into a new world, where peace carries over after their long-fought battle against Boo. Gokū now a farmer misses the the days where he fought against powerful foes. Gokū, becomes distracted and tries to train momentarily. Distracting Son Goten he drives the tractor off a ledge, springing Gokū into action. Gokū teleports and saves Goten. Gokū then reflects and vents the frustration of not having a new foe. Goten sets off to buy his sister-in-law a new gift asking his friend Trunks to assist him. Both of the boys fail in their first try. Every gift far exceeds in price. After being pitched about special spring water the boys take an adventure to the spa that exists beyond the mountains. As the two find the location of the spring they fight against a large snake. Goten returns to Gohan's new house to deliver the gift to Videl. Videl loves the gift and thanks Goten. Goten later tells his father the events, until a car emerges. None other than Mr. Satan exits the vehicle and presents Gokū with a large sum of money to keep him quiet about the events that actually transpired in the battle against Majin Boo. After accepting the money Gokū gives the money to Chi-Chi as a bribe to allow him to train with the Kaiō of the North.

Kaioshin sense Beerus

The Kaiōshin notice the destruction of planets.

All seems peaceful, until numerous planets begin disappearing and the Kaiōshin soon realize that Beerus, the God of Destruction, has awoken from his slumber. After the destruction of a planet the Kaiōshin fear for the Universe.[5]


# English title Kanji title Rōmaji title Japanese airdate
1 Who Will the 100 Million Zeni Peace Reward Go To…?! 平和の報酬1億ゼニーは誰の手に!? Heiwa no Hōshū Ichioku Zenī wa Dare no Te ni!? July 5, 2015[6]
2 Onward to the Promised Resort! Vegeta Goes on a Family Trip?! 約束のリゾートへ!ベジータが家族旅行!? Yakusoku no Rizōto e! Bejīta ga Kazoku Ryokō!? July 12. 2015[6]
3 Where Does the Dream Continue?! The Search for Super Saiyan God! 夢の続きはどこだ!?超サイヤ人ゴッドを探せ! Yume no Tsuzuki wa Dokoda!? Sūpā Saiyajin Goddo wo Sagase! July 19, 2015[6]
4 Aim for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf Gang's Grand Strategy! 目指せドラゴンボール!ピラフ一味の大作戦! Mezase Doragon Bōru! Pirafu Ichimi no Daisakusen! August 2, 2015[6]
5 Decisive Battle on Kaiō's Planet! Gokū versus Hakaishin Beerus 界王星の決戦!悟空VS破壊神ビルス Kaiōkai no Kessen! Gokū Tai Hakaishin Birusu August 9, 2015[6]
6 Don't Anger the Hakaishin! The Heart Pounding Birthday Party 破壊神を怒らせるな!ドキドキ誕生パーティー Hakaishin o Okoraseru na! Doki-Doki Tanjō Pātī August 16, 2015[6]
7 How Dare You Hit My Bulma! Vegeta's Furious Mutation?! よくもオレのブルマを!ベジータ怒りの突然変異!? Yokumo Ore no Buruma o! Bejīta Ikari no Totsuzenhen'i!? August 23, 2015[6]
8 Gokū Steps Up! The Last Chance From Beerus-sama?! 悟空見参だ!ビルス様からのラストチャンス!? Tsu ni Gokū ga Kenzan da! Birusu-sama Kara no Rasuto Chansu!? August 30, 2015[6]
9 Sorry About the Wait, Beerus-sama — Finally, Super Saiyan God is Born! お待たせ、ビルス様 ついに超サイヤ人ゴッド誕生! O Matase, Birusu-sama Tsui ni Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo Tanjō! September 6, 2015[6]
10 Show Me, Gokū! The Power of Super Saiyan God!! 見せろ悟空!超サイヤ人ゴッドのパワー!! Misero Gokū! Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo no Pawā!! September 13, 2015[6]
11 Let's Keep Going Beerus-sama! The Battle of Gods Continues! 続けようぜビルス様!神と神の戦いを! Tsudukeyō ze Birusu-sama! Kami to Kami no Tatakai o! September 20, 2015[6]
12 The Universe Crumbles?! Clash! The Hakaishin versus Super Saiyan God! 宇宙が砕ける!?激突!破壊神VS超サイヤ人ゴッド! Uchū ga Kudakeru! Haikaishin Tai Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo! September 27, 2015[6]
13 Gokū, Go Surpass Super Saiyan God! 悟空よ、超サイヤ人ゴッドを越えて行け! Gokū yo, Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo o Koete Ike! October 4, 2015[6]
14 This is All of My Power! The Battle of Gods Concludes! これがオラのありったけの力だ!決着!神と神 Kore ga Ora no Arittake no Chikarada! Ketchaku! Kami to Kami October 11, 2015[6]
15 Heroic Satan, Cause a Miracle! A Challenge From Outer Space!! 勇者サタンよ奇跡を起こせ!宇宙からの挑戦状!! Yūsha Satan yo Kiseki o Okose! Uchū Kara no Chōsenjō!! October 18, 2015[6]
16 Vegeta Becomes a Pupil?! Take Down Whis! ベジータが弟子入り!?ウイスを攻略せよ! Bejīta ga Deshi'iri!? Uisu o Kōryakuse yo! October 25, 2015[6]
17 Pan is Born! And Gokū Goes Off on a Training Journey?! パン誕生!そして悟空は修行の旅へ!? Pan Tanjō! Soshite Gokū wa Shugyō no Tabi e!? November 1, 2015[6]
18 I've Come Too! Training Begins on Beerus' Planet! オラも来たゾ!ビルス星で修行開始だ! Ora mo Kita zo! Birusu-sei de Shugyō Kaishi da! November 8, 2015[6]


# English title Kanji title Rōmaji title Japanese release date
1 The Hakaishin's Prophetic Dream かいしん Hakaishin no Yochimu June 20, 2015[7]
2 Gokū's Defeat くうはいぼく Gokū no Haiboku July 18, 2015[7]
3 Beerus' Wrath ビルスのいかBirusu no Ikari August 21, 2015[7]
4 God and God かみかみ Kami to Kami September 19, 2015[7]

Differences with Dragon Ball Z: God and God

  • In Super episode 2, Gregory is present. However, he is not present either in the movie or in the manga, as he was developed and designed by Akira Toriyama as extra material for the Dragon Ball Z anime series.
  • In Super episode 3, Bulma's birthday party takes place on a cruise ship. In the movie, her birthday party takes place on land near Capsule Corporation.
    • In addition, in this episode, the bingo tournament held at Bulma's birthday party was titled "Super Bingo Tournament" (超ビンゴ大会). In the movie, it was simply titled "Bingo Tournament" (ビンゴ大会).
    • Furthermore, in this episode, even the Oracle Fish had forgotten the term "Super Saiyan God", and Beerus had threatened her by claiming to drop two of her regular three feeding times if she did not remember. This was not present in the movie, and the Oracle Fish remembered the moment Beerus requested the information.
    • Moreover, in the episode, after being told by the Oracle Fish of the Super Saiyan God, Beerus took a hot bath. In the movie, after conversing with the Oracle Fish, Beerus and Whis headed directly to North Kaiō's planet.
    • Additionally, in this episode, Whis informed Beerus of Gokū beating Freeza while the Hakaishin was bathing, and Beerus had intended to head to Kaiō's planet. In the movie, Whis informed Beerus of this after the Hakaishin woke up to eat, and they encountered the Oracle Fish before leaving.
  • In Super episode 4, when the Pilaf Gang meets Goten and Trunks, they showed their gratitude to the children for helping them get on the cruise ship. In the movie, the gang gets scared of Goten and Trunks due to the former's physical resemble to Gokū and runs away from them, while Trunks develops a crush on Mai. This however, does not take place in Super.
  • In Super episode 5, Beerus himself says that he destroyed North Kaiō's planet and reduced its size due to the bad tasting food Kaiō served during his last visit. In the movie, Whis notes that Beerus destroyed North Kaiō's planet after losing a game of "hide-and-seek". However, Akira Toriyama himself noted that it was because Beerus lost to Kaiō in a car racing video game.[8]
    • In addition, in the episode, Gregory was attempting to keep Gokū in North Kaiō's house in order to prevent the Saiyan from being spotted by Beerus (which failed). In the movie, Gokū was hiding in Kaiō's home by himself.
    • Furthermore, in this episode, Gokū did not change from his track suit to his Turtle School gi until he had to fight Beerus. In the movie, Gokū changed long before Beerus arrived.
    • Moreover, in the episode, during his fight with Beerus, Gokū fought the Hakaishin with all three Super Saiyan transformations as the battle progressed. In the movie, he only transforms to the first two stages, and fights the deity with only the Super Saiyan 3 transformation.
    • Additionally, in this episode, North Kaiō warns Vegeta, after he trains at Capsule Corporation and while being at Bulma's birthday party, of Beerus' arrival. In the movie, North Kaiō contacted Vegeta while he was training at Capsule Corporation and before arriving at Bulma's party.
  • In Super episode 6, Bulma had met Beerus and Whis shortly after the Hakaishin was intimidating Vegeta by causing him to fall to the ground. In the movie, Bulma was drunk while she met Beerus.
    • In addition, in the episode, Beerus gets angry when Goten and Trunks knock his food out of his hand with water guns, and Vegeta attempts to stop Beerus' from angrily destroying the Earth by preparing takoyaki for him, which temporarily succeeds. In the movie, Beerus gets angry when his forehead is hit from bullets deflected from a drunk Gohan that were shot from Mai's gun that she held on Trunks' head (a scene that was omitted altogether in Super). In order to distract Beerus, Vegeta performs the Bingo Dance.
    • Furthermore, when Vegeta recalls his first memory of Beerus, Vegeta is depicted with a different hairstyle with bangs over his head despite Vegeta's statement that a Saiyan's hair does not change from the moment he or she is born in the manga. However, the movie stayed true to Vegeta's statement and young Vegeta was depicted with the widow's peak that he currently has.
  • In Super episode 7, Gotenks, without becoming a Super Saiyan, fights Beerus but is defeated when the Hakaishin repeatedly slaps his wrist. In the movie, Gotenks transforms into Super Saiyan, but loses the fight after Beerus gives him a spanking.
    • In addition, in this episode, Beerus manages to damage Tenshinhan, Piccolo, and Android No. 18 (who all speak to the Hakaishin before charging after him) without making contact with them after dodging their onslaught of attacks. In the movie, no such conversation was present and Beerus beat No. 18 with a hit on the back, and then used a pair of chopsticks to throw Tenshinhan and knock out Piccolo.
    • Also, the order in which Beerus fights the Dragon Team is changed in this episode. Beerus first defeats Gotenks, and then 18, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo simultaneously. In the movie, Beerus knocked down 18, then Tenshinhan and Piccolo before Gotenks intervened.
    • In the episode, Chi-Chi also scolds Kuririn for letting his wife fight before him, but Kuririn tells her he gave up fighting and can't do so in front of his daughter Marron. This conversation was not present in the movie.
    • Furthermore, in this episode, when Gohan goes ultimate and charges after Beerus, the extra bang that appears in his hair is not present (but oddly enough, is present in the first theme song of Super), and Gohan makes no change of clothes, and is unable to make any bodily contact with the Hakaishin when Beerus knocks him out by swinging Majin Bū's body to hit him. In the movie, Gohan changes to his Turtle School gi, goes ultimate (with the extra bang in his hair present), and manages to put Beerus in a full nelson before the Hakaishin slams Gohan's head with Majin Bū's and defeats Gohan by kicking him in the stomach.
    • Moreover, in the episode, before Beerus intends to destroy the Earth (only to be paused from doing so when Bulma slaps him), the Hakaishin steps on Vegeta's head, claiming the Saiyan is no different than his father. In the movie, this is not present and Beerus claims he will destroy the Earth and kill Vegeta while claiming the Saiyan will maintain his pride and honor while doing so.
  • In Super episode 8, while Vegeta is infuriated from Beerus slapping his wife Bulma and gains an incredible power boost due to it, after attacking the Hakaishin, Beerus claims that Vegeta is the only one in a long time to push Beerus into using 10% of his power, also claiming that the Saiyan prince gave him more "fun" than Gokū did on North Kaiō's planet. In the movie, after Vegeta powers up and assaults Beerus, Rōshi claims that Vegeta's anger made him stronger than Gokū.
    • In addition, in this episode, when Beerus resolves that the fate of Earth will be decided with a game of Jan Ken, Beerus selects Oolong because he mistakenly assumes that he is the same species as Majin Bū, and Yamcha gives Oolong no advice. In the movie, Yamcha advises Oolong that Beerus most likely selected him as his opponent because the Hakaishin believed that Oolong, being a pig, would be unable to form anything besides "scissors" with his hands, and advises Oolong not to throw "scissors". No such advice was given in the episode, and Oolong ends up throwing "scissors" three times in a row in Super.
  • In Super episode 9, Videl reveals that she is pregnant after Whis tells to the Dragon Team that they were running one Saiyan short in order to successfully perform the Super Saiyan God ritual. In the movie, Videl reveals the secret after Dende heals her from a bullet that a drunk Gohan accidentally deflected to her leg.
    • In addition, the episode, Shenron mentions that a certain book of mythology on planet Namek contains information on how to create the Super Saiyan God. In the movie, there is no mention of said book.
    • Furthermore, in this episode, Shenron asks for Beerus' permission to leave. In the movie, Shenron hastily leaves after fearfully apologizing to Beerus.
    • Moreover, Gokū promises Vegeta that the next time, the Saiyans would transform him into a Super Saiyan God. In the movie, however, Gokū made no such promise, and Vegeta demanded that he be the Super Saiyan God the next time they needed that power, to which Gokū agrees to do.
    • Additionally, in the episode, there were three attempts at making Gokū a Super Saiyan God. The first failed due to the Dragon Team being one Saiyan short of the requirements given by Shenron to create the Super Saiyan God, before it was revealed that Videl was pregnant with Gohan's child. The second attempt at making Gokū a Super Saiyan God failed despite Videl being there, due to them not using their hearts while flooding Gokū with energy, according to Whis, leading them to succeed on the third attempt. In the movie, there were only two attempts, and Videl was not present on the first attempt at making Gokū a Super Saiyan God, causing the attempt to fail because they were one Saiyan short, but they succeeded on the second attempt when Videl joined in.
    • Also, in the episode, Videl's hair had glowed yellow just like that of a Super Saiyan in the Super Saiyan God ritual. However, in the movie, her natural hair color was retained throughout the duration of the ritual.
    • Likewise, in this episode, the Super Saiyan God ritual causes atmospheric and climate changes in its surroundings during the transformation sequence. In the movie, none of that happens during the transformation.
  • In Super episode 10, Gokū is shown slowly getting accustomed to the power of the Super Saiyan God transformation, growing gradually as the battle wages on. In the movie, this is not present, and Gokū immediately combats Beerus with the new power without showing any apparent adjustment.
    • In addition, in the episode, Gokū fires a Kamehameha as a Super Saiyan God in the initial stages of the fight. However, in the movie, Gokū does not fire a Kamehameha until after losing the Super Saiyan God transformation, and fires it as a Super Saiyan during the waning stages of the battle.
    • Furthermore, in this episode, Bulma intends to watch the fight and leads most of the Dragon Team to a flying machine to follow the action, leaving Vegeta, Majin Bū, Mister Satan, Videl, Panchy, Brief, Chi-Chi, Gyūmaō and Umigame on the ship. In the movie, Chi-Chi, Gyūmaō, Mister Satan, and presumably everyone else other than Vegeta are on the flying machine, who are lead by Rōshi's intentions to see the battle.
  • In Super episodes 10 and 11, Gokū is shown either deflecting or compressing Beerus' sphere attacks while on Earth, over the ocean. However, in the movie, Gokū does not to anything of the sort until the last moment of the battle in space.
  • In Super episode 11, after an initial clash above the cruise ship, Gokū and Beerus end up fighting on an island before flying into space. In the movie, Gokū and Beerus fight over the city, in a forest, in a desert, and in an underground cave deep in the ocean before the battle shifts into space.
    • Furthermore, in the episode, while the flying machine malfunctions, Gohan and Goten tell Bulma that the reason they are on the ship and cannot closely follow the fight by flying is because they are out of ki, while Vegeta watches the entire fight from the cruise ship. In the movie, any one on the Dragon Team that can fly (other than Pu'ar, Chaozu, Videl and Number 18) does not board the flying machine and instead flies on their own to spectate the fight.
    • In addition, in this episode, Gokū is stabbed by Beerus, leaving a hole on his body and causing the Saiyan to fall all the way back to Earth in the ocean, but the Saiyan recovers from said wound due to the Super Saiyan God's regenerative attributes and flies all the way back to space. In the movie, Gokū does not suffer any wound from Beerus nor the Super Saiyan God demonstrate any kind of healing power, and Gokū does not return to Earth until after the battle with Beerus.
  • In Super episode 12, Bulma attempts to fly into space as well, but fails to do so when the flying machine is suddenly scorched from the battle between Gokū and Beerus. In the movie, however, the machine does not fly out of the Earth's atmosphere.
  • In Super episode 13, Gokū maintains the Super Saiyan God transformation in even while fighting Beerus in space, before eventually reverting to a normal Super Saiyan while retaining the godly power. In the movie, Gokū lost the Super Saiyan God transformation and became a Super Saiyan before fighting in space.
  • In Super episode 14, Gokū, in his base state, manages to stop the Beerus Ball (which appears after Super Saiyan Gokū's Kamehameha clashes with Beerus' attack) by punching and destroying it. In the movie, Beerus simply launches the Beerus Ball on Earth after withstanding Gokū's Kamehameha, and Gokū transforms into the Super Saiyan God once again and absorbs the sphere.
    • In addition, in the episode, after Gokū loses to Beerus, the Saiyan tells the Hakaishin that the latter cannot decide the limits of a normal being just because Beerus is a God. Shortly after, Gokū falls towards the Earth, only to be caught by Vegeta on the cruise ship. In the movie, Gokū admits defeat to Beerus and they converse (with Beerus confirming Whis being his teacher, the existence of 12 universes and stronger fighters than himself, and that he is the Hakaishin of the Seventh Universe that Gokū resides in), before the Saiyan falls unconscious in space, only to be caught by the Hakaishin and taken safely down to Earth in a mountain range by the Dragon Team.
    • Furthermore, in this episode, Beerus intends to destroy the Earth, but misses the planet entirely and blasts his ki into the sky due to randomly falling asleep, and Whis converses with Bulma and Gokū before taking the slumbering Hakaishin back to his planet, while the attendant talks to a now-awake Beerus on the way back. In the movie, Beerus destroys a very small portion of the Earth due to running out of energy, and rides home with Whis while awake, with no extra conversation shown.
    • Moreover, in the episode, Gokū had intended to keep good on his promise by making sure Vegeta became a Super Saiyan God. However, Vegeta denied, claiming that he'd surpass the Super Saiyan God and Beerus with his own strength, impressing Gokū. In the movie, Vegeta showed willingness to use the power of the other Saiyans to transform into the Super Saiyan God after demanding to Gokū that he'd be the one to use that power.
    • Additionally, in this episode, after Piccolo revealed that Gokū used Instantaneous Movement to watch the Dragon Team battle Beerus, everyone was shocked before Gokū confirmed this. In the movie, only Vegeta, Bulma and Oolong were present when Piccolo revealed this, and Gokū earned the ire of all of them. Unlike the movie, Gokū's suggestion to slap Bulma in order to power up Vegeta (causing Gokū to be slapped by Bulma because of that), was not present in Super.

Anime-Manga Differences

  • In Super chapter 1, Gokū specifically imagines fighting Freeza, Cell, and Majin Bū after passing off the work to Goten. This is not shown in Super episode 1.
    • In addition, Beerus' and Whis' entire conversation about "Super Saiyan God" and the prophetic dream from the chapter is not present in the episode.
    • Furthermore, in the manga, Beerus destroyed an entire planet occupied by an unnamed insectoid race for attempting to poison him while serving him food. In the anime, Beerus destroys half of a planet occupied by an unnamed hog-like race due to the poor quality of the food served to him. Also, the "Soup Yasai Jinkot" name and joke are not present in the episode.[3]
    • Moreover, the anime also shows antics from Goten and Trunks that were not present in the manga adaption.[3]
    • Additionally, in the manga, when Gokū saves Goten from falling off a cliff from driving a tractor via Instantaneous Movement, Gokū is a still a Super Saiyan while doing so. In the anime, Gokū saves Goten in his base state.[3]
    • Also, in the manga, Mark´s limo driver is a man. In the anime, the driver is replaced by Pizza
  • In Super chapter 2, the Oracle Fish tells Beerus that he will meet the Super Saiyan God, and then Whis informs Beerus of Gokū defeating Freeza. In the anime, Beerus takes a hot bath between these events.[9]
    • In addition, in the chapter, Beerus claims to have order a being of the dinosaur species to destroy Earth. In the anime, Beerus claims to be responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs on Earth.[9]
    • Furthermore, in this chapter, Gokū never wears a track suit like he did in the anime, and in the manga, North Kaiō does not force Gokū to hide in his home away from Beerus like how he did in the anime with the help of Gregory, due to Beerus and Whis suddenly appearing.[10] Gregory is also not present in the manga, while he was in the anime.[11]
    • Moreover, when Gokū is training in the chapter, he has a rope tied to his body and a huge boulder in order to train. In the anime, Gokū is shown lifting huge weights.[9]
    • Additionally, in the manga, Whis informs Beerus of the Saiyans' ability to transform into Super Saiyans while Beerus recalls all Saiyans having black hair while fighting Gokū. In the anime, Beerus was informed of this from Whis after watching Gokū as a Super Saiyan dominate Freeza while the Hakaishin was bathing on his planet, long before the battle.[9]
    • Likewise, in this chapter, Champa and Vados are shown doing their agenda while the fight with Beerus and Gokū takes place, throughout the Battle of Gods Arc in the manga. In the anime, these two do not debut until the Revival of "F" Arc.[12]
    • Also, in the chapter, between Beerus' first and second blows to defeat Gokū, the Hakaishin asks if Gokū can transform into a Super Saiyan God after showcasing the Super Saiyan 3 transformation, which Gokū denies. In the anime, no such conversation was present, and Beerus proceeded to knock out Gokū in two blows.[10]
  • In Super chapter 3, Beerus' encounter with the Dragon Team in the anime prior to fighting them was skipped entirely in the manga and the Hakaishin was already shown only blowing away Majin Bū, Gohan (who had went ultimate, gained an extra bang of hair from doing so, and was wearing his Turtle School gi) and assaulting Gotenks, who had transformed into a Super Saiyan 3 in an attempt to combat Beerus. Gotenks is later thrown in the water (only to defuse into Goten and Trunks and be saved by Tenshinhan). In the anime, Gotenks never transformed after fusing, and was thrown onto the ship, Gohan never changed his clothes nor gained an extra bang of hair from going ultimate, and Beerus stepping on Vegeta's head was not shown in the manga like it was in the anime.[13] Also, Beerus met the prince for the first time in 39 years during battle in the manga, rather than during the festivities in the anime.[14]
    • In addition, in the chapter, Vegeta informs Piccolo and the Dragon Team that battling Beerus is useless, and reveals his identity as the Hakaishin and the most powerful being in the universe. In the anime, it was Gokū who revealed this to Bulma and the rest of the Dragon Team.[15]
    • Furthermore, in this chapter, Bulma was shown to be partially awake during Vegeta's rage after she was slapped by Beerus. In the anime, she was temporarily knocked out.[13] Also, in the chapter, Vegeta only fought Beerus over the ocean before kicking him and firing a ki blast at the Hakaishin, and Beerus made no mention of Vegeta surpassing Gokū's power. In the anime, Vegeta pushed Beerus to fight on rocks in the water before blasting him, and Beerus mentioned that Vegeta gave him more "fun" than Gokū did by pushing the Hakaishin into using 10% of his power, a feat no one had done in a while before that encounter.[15]
    • Moreover, in this chapter, Champa and Vados meet with Old Kaiōshin and Kibito Kaiōshin, and the latter Kaiōshin rushes to get the Nameccian Dragon Balls in order to protect them. This does not happen in the anime.
    • Additionally, in the chapter, Gokū uses Instantaneous Movement to get in front of a Super Saiyan Vegeta in air in order to prevent Beerus from destroying him and the Earth, requesting the Hakaishin's patience. In the anime, while Vegeta is not a Super Saiyan and while Beerus prepares to destroy the Earth, Gokū reveals himself on the top of the cruise ship, asking Beerus to wait.[15]
  • In Super chapter 4, after Shenron reveals to the Dragon Team the requirements of making a Super Saiyan God, Gokū successfully becomes a God in the first attempt. In the anime, it took three tries for Gokū to become a God.[16]
    • In addition, in this chapter, Gohan claimed he couldn't sense his father's ki after Gokū transformed into a Super Saiyan God, and Piccolo informed his former student that normal beings cannot sense the ki of Gods, impressing Whis. In the anime, Whis had told Gohan that non-gods cannot sense godly ki.[17]
    • Furthermore, in the chapter, Gokū and Beerus initially clashed on the ship rather than above it in the anime,[17] and the two ended up fighting over a city before ending up in space. In the anime, these two never fought near a city, and combated each other over the ocean and on an island before heading into space.[18]
    • Moreover, in this chapter, Gokū maintained the Super Saiyan God transformation for the entire fight, and destroyed the Beerus Ball with a Kamehameha before finally running out of energy and reverting to his base state. In the anime, Gokū had lost the Super Saiyan God transformation, but retained the godly power as a normal Super Saiyan,[19] and Gokū's Kamehameha clashing with one of Beerus' attacks caused the Beerus Ball to appear, and Gokū destroyed it by punching it in his base state.[20]
    • Additionally, in the chapter, after Gokū ran out of energy from destroying Beerus' attack, Beerus holds off on destroying the Earth, and informs the Gokū that he is the Hakaishin of the seventh universe, with there being twelve in all, and that Whis is his master, before both the Hakaishin and his attendant fly off. In the anime, there was no such conversation or revelation, and Gokū had fallen to Earth (only to be caught by Vegeta), and Beerus had intended to destroy the Earth before randomly falling asleep.[20]
    • Also, in this chapter, Champa had destroyed one of the ships from Freeza's Army, which contained character Guarana, who has not yet appeared in the anime. In the anime, however, Champa and Vados simply fly past a ship from Freeza's Army that contained Sorbet and his henchman, and Champa gets Vados to destroy a planet.[12]


  • This arc (and thus, the series itself) is stated to take place six months after the fight with the pure Majin Bū in Weekly Shōnen Jump.[21] However, the 2013 exhibition, The World of Dragon Ball, states Dragon Ball Z: God and God, the movie in which the arc is based upon, is stated to take place four years after the battle with Bū, in properly fitting the timeline in Age 778. This discrepancy was cleared up after the narrator confirmed in the first Dragon Ball Super episode that these events take place some time (presumably four years) after the six-month-period in which all Earthlings had their memories of Majin Bū erased.[3]
God and God Special Comics

The cover for "God and God" Special Comics.

  • On December 02, 2016, a special manga compilation of the arc was released by Shueisha on Saikyō Jump's January 2017 issue.


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