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Hakaishin Champa arc promotional poster
Hakaishin Champa Arc
Kanji かいしんシャンパへん
Rōmaji Hakaishin Shanpa Hen
Literal English Destruction God Champa Arc
Other 6th Universe Arc (だいちゅうへん, Dai-Roku Uchū Hen)
FUNi Champa Saga[1]
Series Dragon Ball Super
Previous Revival of "F" Arc (Anime)
Hakaishin Beerus Arc (Manga)
Next "Future" Trunks Arc
Series Information
Anime Original Run January 24, 2016
Manga Original Run October 21, 2015
Corresponding Episodes DBS028-DBS046
Corresponding Chapters Chapter 5-13

See also: List of Volumes and List of Dragon Ball Super episodes The Hakaishin Champa Arc (かいしんシャンパへん, Hakaishin Shanpa Hen; Literally meaning "Destruction God Champa Arc")[2][3], also called the 6th Universe Arc (だいちゅうへん, Dai-Roku Uchū Hen),[4] is an arc from the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga series. The arc currently spans from chapter 5 to 12 in the manga and from episodes 28 to 46 of the anime series. It is preceded by the Revival of "F" Arc in the anime and the Hakaishin Beerus Arc in the manga series. In both media, it is succeeded by the "Future" Trunks Arc.



After Freeza's defeat, peace returns to Earth. Meanwhile on planet Beerus, Son Gokū and Vegeta are training together under Whis. The Saiyan duo train while wearing extremely heavy suits.

Suddenly, an explosion occurs which wakes Beerus up. Enraged that his nap was interrupted, Beerus takes his anger out on Gokū and Vegeta by firing multiple ki blasts at them, thinking that they were the ones who disturbed his sleep. At the forest where the explosion occurred, Champa and Vados appear out of the smoke. They walk to Beerus' Palace, although the walk takes quite long due to Champa running out of breath along the way.

The duo eventually reach the door of Beerus' Palace. Just as Champa is about to blow the door away, Beerus rushes out of the door looking for Gokū and Vegeta; Beerus fires multiple ki blasts everywhere in an attempt to find the Saiyan duo. Champa yells at Beerus, which calms the enraged Beerus down. After regaining his composure, Beerus greets Champa while Gokū and Vegeta wonder who Beerus is talking to.

Inside the palace, the two Saiyans curiously asks who he is with Gokū mocking Champa for his appearance, which annoys Champa. Vados requests the two Saiyans to watch their tone when speaking with Champa and reveals that Champa is Beerus' twin brother and also the Hakaishin of the 6th Universe, completely surprising them. Gokū then asks who is the strongest between them, Vados refuses to directly respond, only stating that looking at their physiques will provide the answer; Champa chides Vados.

Beerus asks Champa why he is here, to which Champa responds by having Vados bring out dondon bird eggs. Beerus, Whis, Gokū and Vegeta eat the dondon bird eggs; Champa claims that the 6th Universe still have the most delicious food. However, Beerus decides to let Champa eat his food of choice, a cup ramen. Champa takes a bite from the cup ramen and immediately begins eating all of it. Champa says that the cup ramen wasn't bad, to which Beerus refutes Champa's claim since he devoured the entire cup. Champa asks Beerus where he found the noodles; Beerus explains that he found the cup ramen on Earth, exclaiming that what he ate was just the tip of Earth's iceberg and that Earth is overflowing with many delicious foods. Champa orders Vados to find Earth in the 6th Universe to which she does.

Vegeta asks what is the 6th Universe; Whis tells Vegeta and Gokū that there are 12 universes and the universe that they live in is known as the 7th Universe. Whis explains that the 6th Universe (the one Champa hails from) and their 7th Universe are nearly identical to each other like twins. Whis says that all universes form a pair; a front and a back. Whis provides an example, that the First and Twelfth Universes are twins because they add up to the number 13 which is why the Sixth and 7th Universes are twins since they also add up; two universes that add up to the number 13 are twin universes. Vegeta is marveled at Whis' information while Gokū is confused, to which Vegeta tells him that he will explain it to him later.

Vados announces that she has found an Earth in their 6th Universe. However, Vados tells Champa that the 6th Universe's Earth was plagued by a massive war in its past and as a result humanity from the 6th Universe's Earth is now extinct. Champa is flabbergasted at the disappointing news while Beerus laughs at Champa's misfortune, noting that Champa doesn't have any Earthlings to make him delicious food. Determined to find a way to obtain delicious food, Champa challenges Beerus to a real showdown, leading to a small hand to hand scuffle between them which disintegrates the floor beneath them, but the Hakaishins' assistants stop them. Champa decides to finish what he was saying; he challenges Beerus to a martial arts competition between them fought on their behalf by a team of five people selected by them from their respective universes, surprising Beerus and Whis but grabbing Gokū and Vegeta's interests. Champa says that if he wins, Beerus must exchange the 7th Universe's Earth for his Earth. Champa explains that their respective teams fight one at a time and whoever defeats the other team's leader in the end will be the victor.

Beerus demands to know what reward he will receive if his team wins the competition. Champa explains to his brother the existence of the "Super Dragon Balls", planet-sized Dragon Balls whose wish granting capabilities far exceed the Nameccian and Earth Dragon Balls, due to being the original set. Champa says that he has collected six out of the seven orbs and that if Beerus wins he can have the six Super Dragon Balls, although he will have to find the last Super Dragon Ball. Beerus is still unconvinced to partake in this martial arts competition since the reward is incomplete, but Gokū and Vegeta claim that Bulma can build a Dragon Radar capable of finding the last Super Dragon Ball with ease. Having been convinced by Gokū's request to join the competition and the prospect of having a complete reward by the end of the tournament, Beerus decides to participate in the competition with Vegeta also deciding to join as well; Gokū becomes exhilarated at being able to fight strong martial artists from another universe.[5]

Before Champa and Vados leave Beerus' Planet, they set the rules of the tournament which are exactly the same as the Tenkaichi Budōkai. It will be held on a nameless planet that exists within a neutral dimension and the tournament will begin in five days. As per Vegeta's proposal, there will be a simple paper test given to all potential contestants, in order to avoid bringing unintelligent creatures to the event.

After Champa and Vados leave, Gokū, Vegeta, Beerus and Whis travel to Earth to ask Bulma to create a Dragon Radar to find the last Super Dragon Ball. On Earth after explaining the situation to Bulma, Bulma suggests that they should instead use Earth's Dragon Balls to find the location of the remaining Super Dragon Ball. After Vegeta collects the Dragon Balls due to Beerus ordering him, they summon Shenron and ask him for the location of the remaining Super Dragon Ball. However, Shenron is unable to fulfill their wish due to his limits. Bulma decides to go with the original plan and makes preparations to create a Super Dragon Radar.

Meanwhile, Champa and Vados arrive at the nameless planet with the six Super Dragon Balls. On the nameless planet after Champa christens the planet with the name "Planet of Nothing", Champa and Vados create and prepare the tournament arena that will host the fights. After creating an atmosphere and arena for the contestants, Vados asks Champa if he has decided on his five entrants; Champa reasons that if his brother is bringing Saiyans with him, he should do the same and bring a Saiyan from his Universe.

Later that evening, Beerus declares that the fifth warrior joining their team will be someone called Monaka, the strongest fighter that he has ever faced.

The next day, Bulma has finished creating the Super Dragon Radar. Bulma states that Beerus mentioned the possibility that a set of Super Dragon Balls might exist in their universe, to which Vegeta suggests finding them first. However the Super Dragon Radar is unable to detect anything, and Bulma theorizes that due to them being on the edge of the universe, thir location is not ideal to do the search that they will need to head to the center of the universe and move accordingly from there in order to search for the 7th Universe's Super Dragon Ball. Due to feeling that the situation is fishy, Bulma calls her big sister for help; Tights gets Jaco to help and Bulma asks him if he can take them to the center of the universe, to which Jaco agrees after Bulma threatens him to do so.[6]

While flying, Son Gokū and Vegeta ponder about the criteria they should use in order to choose the last two team members since they do not know the opponents they will be facing. Kuririn shows up and thanks Gokū for inviting him to the space picnic after being informed by Chichi; Vegeta is confused as to what Kuririn is talking about, to which Gokū explains that he told Chichi a white lie about the space picnic, much to Vegeta's annoyance.

Gokū and Vegeta explain to Kuririn the real story; that the 6th Universe’s Hakaishin Champa decided to challenge Beerus to a martial arts tournament between their universes fought on their behalf by a team of five fighters from their respective universes. If the Team 6th Universe wins, Champa will be rewarded with the 7th Universe's Earth, or if Team 7th Universe wins, Beerus will be rewarded with the six Super Dragon Balls Champa has collected. The tournament will take place in the neutral space between the Sixth and 7th Universes on the Nameless Planet. Gokū and Vegeta end their story by saying that they will be participating in the tournament as a part of Team 7th Universe.

Kuririn wonders where the other three members of Team 7th Universe are, to which Vegeta says that the fifth martial artist for the team has been decided; a martial artist called Monaka who is the strongest fighter Beerus has faced. Kuririn asks if they have thought about the two remaining fighters; Gokū decides that Bū should be on the team, which Vegeta agrees to. Gokū then remembers that the pure Majin Bū was reincarnated as a good human after he asked Enma to do so. However, Vegeta notes that a newborn won't be able to complete. Gokū thinks that Piccolo should be the last member of the team, but Vegeta wants Gohan to be the last member; Gokū points out that Gohan has become stale due to studying more than training, much to Vegeta's disappointment.

Gokū, Vegeta and Kuririn fly to Mr. Satan's house to ask Majin Bū to join the team. Bū refuses due to disliking Beerus, but Gokū convinces Bū to join after offering one of the Super Dragon Ball wishes to him which can any wish. Bū decides that he will fight on Mr. Satan's behalf as long as Mr. Satan is given the wish. Gokū and Vegeta decide to find and ask Piccolo.

Meanwhile, Beerus is eating a cup ramen on his planet. Whis is surprised that Beerus actually agreed to having a tournament with Champa, as he initially did not expecting him to agree and attributes Beerus' change due to Gokū's influence. Whis and Beerus discuss the events that have led up to this point, from Beerus' prophetic dream about the Super Saiyan God to him meeting and fighting Gokū. After the discussion and having finished his cup ramen, Beerus decides they should go and get Monaka.

Gokū, Vegeta and Kuririn head towards Piccolo. Along the way, Goten and Trunks fly by and ask to join the team, but Vegeta refuses sincethey are planning on using fusion which is against the rules. Gokū, Vegeta and Kuririn find Piccolo training with Gohan. Gokū asks Piccolo to join the team; Gohan decides to join, but then realizes that there is a conference he must attend and apologizes. With Piccolo joining, Team 7th Universe has all its members.

At Capsule Corporation, Bulma is waiting impatiently for Jaco to arrive. With four days left, Gokū decides to train in the Room of Spirit and Time for three days. Gokū asks Vegeta to join him, although Vegeta notes that the amount of strength they will gain is minuscule. Gokū convinces Vegeta to join him after mentioning that he wants to close the gap between him and Monaka. Not wanting to be left behind, Vegeta decides to join Gokū and train with him.

Beerus and Whis travel to Monaka's homeworld. Beerus notes that it has been a long time since they saw Monaka; Whis wonders if inviting Monaka is a good idea, to which Beerus says that he will handle everything.[7]

Jaco arrives on Earth. However, he does not have the ability to take Bulma to the center of the universe. However, Jaco remembers someone by the name of Zunō, a person with omniscience who will most likely know where the last Super Dragon Ball is.

Thus, Bulma and Jaco travel to Zunō's planet in order to discover the location of the final Super Dragon Ball. They arrive on the planet, however, Zunō's aides reveal that Bulma and Jaco need to make an appointment (although they will have to wait seven years) to meet with Zunō and thus they decline their meeting with him. Geppuman, a frog-like alien who has waited seven years to meet Zunō, arrives. Suddenly, Jaco recognizes him as a wanted criminal while Geppuman realizes that Jaco is part of the Galactic Patrol. Both Geppuman and Jaco decide to not take any action. As Geppuman goes to meet with Zunō, Bulma thanks Jaco for trying. Not wanting to make the trip a waste of time, Jaco orders Geppuman to stop. Seeing that Jaco has decided to capture him, Geppuman takes one of Zunō's aides hostage. Jaco easily apprehends Geppuman and arrests him. Thankful for saving one of them, Zunō's aides decide to let Bulma and Jaco meet with Zunō.

Zunō's aides requests that they must hand over a "present" to Zunō in order for their questions to be answered. Jaco demonstrates and hands over his present (which is revealed to be a kiss on Zunō's cheek). Zunō decides to answer one of Jaco's questions; Jaco asks Bulma's bust size, to which Zunō correctly answers . Bulma gives Zunō her present. Zunō decides to answer three questions that Bulma has due to her being middle aged and not his type, causing Bulma to rhetorically ask that she still only gets two more questions than Jaco, which reduces her remaining questions to two.

Confused and not wanting to waste time, Bulma asks Zunō to tell her everything about the Super Dragon Balls. Zunō explains to Bulma that they were created by the Shenron known as Zarama, in the 41st year of the "History of Gods". Zunō also tells Bulma that by gathering the Super Dragon Balls and reciting the God's incantation, the Dragon God will appear forth and grant a single wish. Bulma asks if the Super Dragon Balls exist as a single set within both two universes, to which Zunō tells Bulma that she is correct. Bulma and Jaco then travel back to Earth, unsuccessful in their attempt to learn about the final Super Dragon Ball's location but have the knowledge about there being only one set of Super Dragon Balls.[8]

On Earth, Gokū and Vegeta train in the new Room of Spirit and Time for three days, allowing them to accumulate three years worth of training.

The last day arrives; Gokū along with his friends and family as well as Jaco and the Galactic King (except Gohan who had to stay behind due to an academic conference) travel in a spacecraft prepared by Whis to reach the tournament grounds. The spacecraft stops at Beerus' Planet to pick up Beerus and Monaka. Gokū and Vegeta meet Monaka who is Beerus' strongest challenger. Gokū asks Monaka if he could spar with him, only for Beerus to remind Gokū that his opponents are the fighters from the 6th Universe.

The spacecraft leaves with Beerus and Monaka on board to travel to the tournament grounds; after taking a total of two hours and forty five minutes, Gokū and his friends arrive at the Nameless Planet's tournament grounds. Gokū and his friends see the Super Dragon Balls and are astounded by their size. Team 7th Universe (consisting of Gokū, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Bū and Monaka) go to the written test area; at the written test area they encounter Team 6th Universe (consisting of Botamo, Cabba, Frost, Hit and Magetta), the warriors of the 6th Universe that Champa chose to represent him. Gokū and Vegeta comment on the familiarity of Team 7th Universe, with one of them being similar to Freeza.

Two teams prepare to write the written test. While taking seats, Piccolo mentions that Frost does not exude any brutality nor evil. Cabba sees Gokū and Vegeta and notes they are Saiyans. Cabba explains that he is also a Saiyan like them, which shocks Gokū and Vegeta. Vegeta asks what planet Cabba hails from, to which he replies planet Sadal; Vegeta is surprised that planet Sadal still exists in the 6th Universe and explains that the 7th Universe's planet Salad was destroyed due to an internal conflict and afterwards, the 7th Universe's Saiyans pilfered another planet, naming it planet Vegeta. Cabba is astounded by the differences with their respective universes. Gokū asks Cabba about his tail, but Cabba replies that the 6th Universe Saiyans used to have tails long ago but not anymore. Vegeta wonders if the 6th Universe's Saiyans are still a warrior race; Cabba replies that they are, but instead of plundering they are hired to defeat criminals. As the written test is about to begin, Vegeta asks Cabba to escort him to his planet when the chance arises, to which Cabba says he will. Vegeta and Cabba wish each other luck and note that they will not go easy on each other.

The written test begins and after ten minutes, Vados announces that all the contestants pass except Majin Bū and as a result is disqualified, which shocks Team 7th Universe. After the team begins arguing, an annoyed Beerus steps in and stops the argument, declaring that Monaka will go last while they figure out the orders they will go in. Gokū decides to go first, then Piccolo and next Vegeta.

The martial arts tournament between the 6th Universe and the 7th Universe begins; the first match is between Botamo from the 6th Universe facing Gokū from the 7th Universe.[9]he martial arts tournament between the 7th Universe and the 6th Universe begins; the first match is between Botamo from the 6th Universe facing Gokū from the 7th Universe. The match begins with Botamo managing to give Gokū trouble. After Gokū is hit, Beerus criticizes Gokū for playing around, although Gokū mentions that he ate earlier and as a result is unable to fight properly. After jogging off the food, Gokū resumes the battle with Botamo.

Although Gokū is stronger and faster than Botamo, he isn't able to inflict any damage against Botamo nor is Botamo's stamina running out; even Gokū's Kamehameha doesn't inflict any damage against Botamo. Piccolo and Vegeta worry that if the battle continues this way, Gokū will be worn out; they conclude that the only way for Gokū to win is for him to use his full power and transform into a Super Saiyan in order to overpower Botamo's defense, although they are skeptical whether Gokū's Super Saiyan will be able to inflict any damage against Botamo. Piccolo is disappointed that Gokū won't be able to preserve as much stamina as possible for the next match considering that they have a disadvantage in numbers.

Suddenly, Gokū has an idea; he pushes Botamo down and drags him near the end of the tournament ring. Gokū lets go of Botamo who retaliates by attacking Gokū. However, Gokū throws him out of the ring. The tournament announcer declares Gokū to be the victor. Piccolo and Vegeta are surprised with Gokū's strategy while Beerus is pleased that Gokū is using his brains.

The next challenger to fight Gokū will be Frost. Frost politely greets Gokū and wishes him the best of luck, which surprises the Dragon Team due to Frost's personality being completely different than Freeza's. The second match between Gokū and Frost begins. After fighting briefly, Gokū tells Frost to transform to his final form since he knows that Frost's plan was transforming little by little while gauging his true strength; Frost is surprised that Gokū figured out his strategy, to which Gokū attributes it to fighting a similar foe in his universe. Gokū advises Frost to transform to his final form before he is unable to use his own true strength. Frost accepts Gokū's request and begins transforming.

Frost finishes transforming, with his transformed appearance being similar to Freeza's second transformation. Gokū doesn't recognize Frost's transformation, although Kuririn and Piccolo beg to differ as they remember the bad memories the transformation wrought on them. Frost and Gokū begin fighting again but this time Frost is having an easier time, which pleases Champa.

After Frost hits Gokū, Gokū gets up and decides to take the match seriously. Gokū isn't fooled by Frost's transformation and knows that he still has one more transformation up his sleeve and has not decided to show it due to preserving it for the upcoming matches, just like him. Gokū transforms into a Super Super Saiyan, which shocks Champa, Cabba and the 6th Universe's Kaiōshin. Seeing that Gokū is now more formidable than before, Frost transforms into his final form. The smoke clears which reveals Frost in his final form who looks identical to Freeza's own final form. Gokū is pleased with Frost's final transformation; Frost tells Gokū that he didn't hide his final form to preserve it but rather because his final form is difficult to control and is happy that Gokū will be able to handle the power of his final form.

Gokū fights with Frost. However, Gokū easily overpowers Frost in both offense and speed. Gokū suggests to his opponent that he should give up, although Frost refuses as he must live up to the children's expectations and win Champa's support. The injured Frost gets back up and punches Gokū, but Gokū blocks the punch. Suddenly, Gokū starts feeling weary and dizzy; Frost takes the opportunity and kicks Gokū out of the ring. Gokū lies down outside the ring having turned back to normal, which shocks the Dragon Team and Team 7th Universe.[10]

With Gokū being defeated by ring out, Piccolo is the next 7th Universe fighter to enter the ring. The fight between Frost and Piccolo begins; Piccolo begins charging up his Makankōsappō. Frost launches a barrage of ki attacks only for Piccolo to dodge them. Frost manages to hit Piccolo's leg; Piccolo counters by creating clones of himself in order to give himself more time to charge his Makankōsappō. Frost destroys the clones and attacks Piccolo. Piccolo stops Frost by wrapping his arm around him, which gives him the opportunity to fire his fully charged Makankōsappō with perfect accuracy. Suddenly, Piccolo becomes weary and his wrapped up arm retracts back to him; Piccolo fires his Makankōsappō that misses its target completely. Frost blasts the weary Piccolo which knocks him out. The tournament announcer checks Piccolo and confirms that he is knocked out.

Before the tournament announcer declares Frost the victor, Jaco intervenes and objects to Frost's victory, explaining that he saw a weapon in Frost's right arm with his superior eyesight. Jaco asks the tournament announcer to check Frost's right arm; Champa and Cabba are angry at Jaco's false accusation, but Champa and Beerus allow the announcer to do a body check. The announcer does so and checks Frost's body; he indeed finds a needle in Frost's right arm and after touching the tip of it, he becomes weary just like Gokū and Piccolo. Frost tries defending himself by saying that the needle is part of his body, although the tournament announcer sees that Frost's right arm has signs of modification; he disqualifies Frost for cheating and reinstates Piccolo as the winner. Champa and Cabba are shocked at Frost's dishonorable act, but Vados isn't surprised since it is Frost's true nature and reveals that Frost started all the wars he supposedly stopped, swooping in to play the hero after the carnage. Frost smiles wickedly and confirms Vados' facts as the truth; he starts wars on planets and resolves them himself, then he purchases the war-ravaged planets at a low price and after restoring them he sells the restored planets for a huge profit. The Dragon Team are disgusted with Frost's personality, finding him to be no different than Freeza. Champa is angry at Vados for selecting someone like Frost to participate on his behalf, although Vados states that Champa demanded people who would definitely win whether they are good or bad. As Frost leaves the ring, Champa prepares to destroy Frost for humiliating him with his cheating.

Suddenly, Vegeta states that there is no need for disqualifying or destroying Frost and demands to fight Frost since it is his turn next. However, the tournament announcer tells Vegeta that Piccolo has been reinstated. Piccolo decides to forfeit, allowing Vegeta to take his place. Champa isn't pleased with retracting Frost's disqualification, but Vados tells him that Piccolo's forfeit and Frost's reinstatement gives them the numbers advantage, reminding him that he doesn't want to lose to Beerus. Champa allows Frost to continue fighting.

Vegeta steps into the ring and prepares to fight Frost.[11]Vegeta prepares to face Frost. The match begins with Frost dashing towards Vegeta. However, Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan and defeats Frost with one hit; Vegeta's attack sends Frost out of bounds. The announcer checks Frost and sees that he is unconscious. The announcer declares Vegeta as the winner. After the fight, Beerus finds a wound on Gokū's palm from Frost's weapon which allows Gokū to be reinstated into the tournament, thus there are three fighters left from each universe respectfully; Gokū, Monaka and Vegeta from Team 7th Universe and Cabba, Hit and Magetta from Team 6th Universe. Gokū asks Beerus if he can fight after Monaka, but Beerus says that he will fight after Vegeta since Monaka is their trump card. Gokū tries talking with Monaka, although Beerus desperately stops him from doing so because he doesn't want Gokū to interrupt Monaka's meditating and also wants to keep Monaka's "true colors" a secret. Suddenly, a barrier forms around the ring, to which the announcer declares that a new rule has been introduced; if a contestant touches the ring barrier, it will be considered out of bounds and the contestant will lose as a result. Beerus confronts Champa about the rule change, causing the two Hakaishin to settle their dispute with a fierce game of rock-paper-scissors.

While Beerus and Champa are busy having their rock-paper-scissors match, Frost wakes up and unbeknownst to everyone, goes towards a crater that has Team 6th Universe's reward if they win the tournament. Frost walks to the reward and prepares to steal it along with Champa's tranportation cube in order to make an easy getaway. Suddenly, Hit appears, to which Frost refers to him as a legendary hitman. Frost wonders if Hit has come to kill him. However, Hit does not respond and knocks Frost unconscious with his technique; Hit notes that the cube will be rewarded to him if their team wins the tournament which is why he stopped Frost from stealing. Hit takes the unconscious Frost back to the tournament ring.

After Beerus and Champa end their rock-paper-scissors match that settles their dispute to a degree, the next Team 6th Universe fighter to battle Vegeta is announced which is Magetta. The fight between Vegeta and Magetta begins. Vegeta is faster than the slow and bulky Magetta which allows Vegeta to easily lands attacks on Magetta, but Vegeta's attacks have little effect against Magetta's robotic body. Magetta pumps himself up which causes him to become faster, allowing him to keep up with Vegeta's speed. Magetta spins his body around and rotates himself like a spinning top to attack Vegeta at great speed. Vegeta responds by jumping into the air and launching ki blasts at Magetta, to which Magetta counters by firing his magma spit. Eventually, Magetta's magma spit overpowers Vegeta's ki blasts, causing Vegeta to evade.

Magetta continues firing his magma spit at Vegeta, until Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan which blows Magetta back and stops his attack. Vegeta decides to show Magetta the overwhelming power of a Super Saiyan. However, Magetta starts releasing great heat from his body; the heat within the ring barrier starts affecting Vegeta.[12] Vegeta has transformed into a Super Super Saiyan while Magetta uses his body to heat up the ring. Although the heat is tiring Vegeta, he manages to endure it. Magetta fires his magma spit at Vegeta, although he dodges. Vegeta gets close and prepares to land an attack, but Magetta repels Vegeta back by blowing steam out of his funnel. Magetta fumes gas out of his funnel into the expelled steam; he then fires his magma spit at the gassed steam, creating a great explosion that strikes Vegeta. The explosion sends Vegeta hurling towards the tournament barrier, but he manages to recover by firing a ki blast that prevents him from touching the barrier.

Vegeta decides to charge a Galick Gun. Magetta responds by increasing the heat from his body and powers up as a result. Vegeta fires his Galick Gun at Magetta which hits him. However, Vegeta’s attack does not affect Magetta. Magetta counters by firing his magma spit which overpowers Vegeta’s Galick Gun. Vegeta prepares fighting back, but he evades once he sees Magetta turning his magma spit into stone. Magetta fires his magma spit at Vegeta, causing Vegeta to strike at hit. However, this magma spit was a diversion to allow Magetta to close in on Vegeta and strike him with the stone club forged from the magma spit. Vegeta is unable to evade and is hit by Magetta’s stone club. Vegeta is sent out of bounds, but he manages to recover; however, his foot has unfortunately touched the out of bounds ground.

The announcer checks Vegeta and sees that his foot has landed on a piece of the tournament ring; he declares that Vegeta is not out. Angry that he was saved by the rules and tired of the barrier, Vegeta power up greatly and shatters the tournament barrier in the process, which allows Vegeta to breathe normally again. Vegeta further powers up and prepares a Final Flash; Magetta responds by also powering up. Vegeta finishes powering up and fires his Final Flash while Magetta fires his powered up magma spit. The two attacks collide, but Vegeta’s Final Flash overpowers and strikes Magetta at point blank range. Surprisingly, Magetta holds his ground against the Final Flash and tries pushing it back with his magma spit. Vegeta's Final Flash hits Megetta and slightly confuses him.

Seeing an opening, Vegeta uses his enhanced speed to appear before Magetta and punches at him; Magetta blocks Vegeta’s punch and manages to hold Vegeta back. Vegeta insults Magetta, which makes Magetta lose focus, causing Vegeta’s charging punch combined with Magetta's great weight and loss of focus eventually causes the ring to collapse and as a result, Magetta lands out of bounds. The announcer declares Vegeta the victor.

Vegeta flies to the 7th Universe waiting area, where Beerus and Gokū congratulate Vegeta while Whis gives Vegeta water to drink. Whis notes that Vegeta did not need to go as far as insulting Magetta since Metalmen are emotionally weak and are unable to fight once insulted. Beerus wonders why Whis did not tell them sooner, although Gokū says that it would have been boring to have known that from the start. Gokū wonders why Vegeta did not use his full power against Magetta, but realizes that Vegeta was saving his strength for Hit just like him.[13]

Cabba prepares to fight next. Whis and Vados fix the ring and make it bigger; Beerus and Champa decide to abolish the aerial out of bounds rule to make the remaining matches more exciting. Vegeta and Cabba enter the new ring and prepare to fight. The match begins with Cabba managing to keep up with Vegeta, but the tide of battle turns immediately when Vegeta decides to fight back and lands many blows on Cabba. Cabba gets back up and fires a ki blast similar to Vegeta's Garlic-Hō; Vegeta fires his Garlic-Hō which cancels out Cabba's ki blast.

Seeing that Cabba has potential, Vegeta decides to fight seriously and tells Cabba to transform into a Super Saiyan. Cabba reveals that he doesn't know how to and, bowing to him, asks Vegeta to teach him the technique needed to become a Super Saiyan. However, Vegeta becomes furious and transforms into a Super Saiyan; Vegeta begins brutally attacking Cabba. Vegeta grabs Cabba and threatens to destroy his homeworld and his family.

Enraged, Cabba knocks Vegeta back and transforms into a Super Saiyan. Cabba, with his newfound strength, manages to pressure Vegeta. Cabba fires a ki blast barrage at Vegeta. Pleased with Cabba's power, Vegeta stops Cabba's ki blast barrage and allows himself to be hit by Cabba's punch. However, Cabba's punch doesn't inflict any damage towards Vegeta. Vegeta tells Cabba that the emotion of anger allows a Saiyan to trigger the Super Saiyan transformation and tells him not to forget that emotion. Vegeta orders Cabba to transform again; Cabba transforms into a Super Saiyan and then realizes that Vegeta was deliberately being cruel in order to force him to become a Super Saiyan.

Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, which astounds Cabba. Vegeta tells Cabba that he can also achieve the same power he has if he continues to train. Using his godly strength, Vegeta knocks out Cabba with one punch, which ends the fight. Vegeta wakes Cabba up with a vase of water; Cabba thanks Vegeta for his advise. Vegeta tells Cabba that he should never bow since it is not the Saiyan way and advises him to never forget about the pride of a Saiyan because it is their strength. The Dragon Team now understand why Vegeta became furious and cruel towards Cabba because he was bowing during the fight, an act unbeffiting of a Saiyan. Before going, Vegeta advises Cabba to train to surpass him, to which Cabba says he will.

Gokū finds it hard to believe that Vegeta would train someone; Piccolo deduces that Vegeta, being a prince, wanted to help Cabba out of instinct. Gokū wonders why Vegeta doesn't help him out of instinct, to which Piccolo answers that Gokū is annoying to Vegeta. The next 6th Universe fighter to face Vegeta is Hit, the last fighter of Team 6th Universe. As Hit enters the ring, Champa finds it hard to believe that Hit actually showed up; Vados says that she promised him the Cube as his reward for winning the tournament, much to Champa's anger since the Cube is a vehicle of the gods which allows one to travel anywhere they want including other universes. However, Champa calms down knowing that Hit will provide them certain victory even if it comes at the cost of the Cube.[14]

Hit and Vegeta prepare to face each other. The fight between Vegeta and Hit begins. Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. Vegeta braces himself as he sees that Hit has no openings. Suddenly, Hit strikes Vegeta at incredible speed and power, to which Vegeta could not react to nor see Hit's attack. Hit attacks Vegeta's vital points multiple times at incredible speeds, which injuries Vegeta. Seeing that he is at a disadvantage in close quarters, Vegeta puts distance between himself and Hit. Vegeta prepares to fire a ki blast, but is suddenly stabbed by Hit and blown back. The Dragon Team nor Gokū and Piccolo are able to see Hit's movements; Gokū teleports to Jaco and asks him if he could see Hit's movements, to which Jaco replies that even he cannot see Hit's movements, surprising Gokū. Whis comments that he expected no less from the warrior known as the best assassin in the 6th Universe while Beerus is surprised that Champa was hiding such a powerful trump card. Vegeta manages to get up and concludes that Hit has incredibly fast movement in which the eye cannot see and uses light attacks. Vegeta attempts to attack Hit again, only to be countered by Hit punching Vegeta's stomach. However, Vegeta grabs Hit's arm in order to prevent him from moving. Vegeta attacks Hit and nearly reaches Hit's face. Surprisingly, Hit strikes Vegeta first, causing Vegeta to revert back to his base form and collapse on the ground. Gokū and the Dragon Team are shocked while Champa cries tears of joy. Hit inquires to the announcer that he isn't able to kill since it is against the rules and Vegeta isn't able to surrender anymore, thus the announcer is forced to declare Hit as the winner. Before going, Hit compliments Vegeta by stating that he is the first person to stay alive after taking his many attacks.

As Goten, Trunks and Kuririn go to the ring to help Vegeta, Gokū and Jaco conclude that Hit is extremely fast and try to uncover why he is. The Galactic King theorizes that Hit is using Time-Leap, which Jaco says makes sense. Gokū asks what Time-Skip is; the Galactic King states that Time-Leap allows some people to leap through a little amount of time. The Galactic King says that Time-Leap allows the user to leap through time for 0.1 seconds. To make the explanation easier for Gokū to understand, Jaco tells Gokū that Hit can freeze time for 0.1 seconds; because Hit is already extremely fast already, Time-Leap gives him a great advantage. Whis is surprised that there is someone else than him who can manipulate time while Beerus becomes worried. Gokū is the next 7th Universe fighter to battle and goes to the ring.

While walking to the ring, Gokū tries to figure out how to counter Hit's Time-Leap. As Goten, Trunks, Kuririn and Vegeta walk past, Gokū asks Vegeta for advise. Vegeta simply tells Gokū to do his best, much to Gokū's dismay. Seeing that they are at a great disadvantage, Beerus asks Whis to tell Gokū the secret to countering Hit's Time-Leap. However, Whis decides to let Gokū figure it out himself since it will be good training for him. Beerus is surprised that Whis is easy going, to which Whis attributes it to the fact that they still have Monaka, the "strongest fighter" of the 7th Universe. Beerus knows that Whis realizes the truth long before the tournament even begun, causing Whis to comment that in order to motivate Gokū and Vegeta, Beerus lied about Monaka being the "strongest fighter" of the 7th Universe and actually brought a total amateur. Whis laughs while Piccolo overhears their conversation and realizes that if Gokū is defeated, they will lose.

The fight between Gokū and Hit begins. Gokū decides not to transform until he has figured out a way to overcome Hit's Time-Leap. Gokū attacks Hit many times, only for Hit to use his Time-Leap, extraordinary speed and pressure point fighting style to subdue Gokū. Hit suggests that Gokū surrenders, although Gokū refuses and has figured out a hint to fighting him. Hit attacks Gokū with his Time-Leap; surprisingly, Gokū blocks Hit's attack. As Hit puts his arm down, Gokū manages to strike Hit's face, which puts a scratch on Hit. This shocks Beerus and Champa. Gokū attacks again and Hit uses his Time-Leap, only for Gokū to counter and kick Hit back. The Dragon Team, Beerus and Vegeta are astonished that Gokū has managed to figure out a way to counter Hit's Time-Leap while Champa becomes frantic.

Gokū tells Hit that he quickly predicted how Hit's movements will be after 0.1 seconds of time, which is how he countered the Time-Leap. Hit takes his hands out of his pockets, causing Gokū to comment that Hit has decided to fight seriously and he also decides to fight seriously.[15] Gokū and Hit prepare to fight seriously; Gokū transforms into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. The fight commences with Gokū, powered by his godly ki, managing to keep up with the nimble Hit and lands many blows on Hit. Seeing that the Super Saiyan Blue Gokū is more powerful than before, Hit decides to use his Time-Leap; Hit charges forward and activates his Time-Leap, but Gokū manages to predict what Hit would do after 0.1 seconds and manages to punch Hit in the stomach, although Hit was still able to scratch Gokū. Gokū kicks Hit away. Hit gets up and after powering up, Hit and Gokū clash again with them striking each other blow for blow. Gokū attacks Hit, but surprisingly, Gokū fails and Hit strikes one of Gokū’s pressure points.

Gokū struggles to get back onto his feet after Hit attacked his pressure point. Hit notes that Saiyans become stronger by transforming, but there is only one way for him to become stronger which is improvement, thus he improved his Time-Leap by increasing it to 0.2 seconds after witnessing Gokū transform; Hit reveals that he has never tried to improve himself since there was no need to but after looking at Gokū, he thought he can also be better than he already is like Gokū. Champa implores Hit to finish Gokū, but Hit allows Gokū to stand up and continue fighting since Gokū was able to help him improve. After getting up, Gokū prepares to attack again. Suddenly, Hit activates his Time-Leap but Gokū isn’t able to predict Hit’s movements nor counter allowing Hit to strike Gokū multiple times. Gokū collapses to the ground as Hit says that he has improved his Time-Leap to 0.5 seconds which is why Gokū wasn't able to counter at all; Hit orders the announcer to declare Gokū unable to fight.

Suddenly, Gokū gets back on his feet, much to Hit’s surprise as well as Vegeta, Beerus and Champa. Gokū refuses to give up so easily since it will be unfair towards Hit to end the fight anticlimactically. Gokū decides to unveil his new yet incomplete technique which has only a 10% chance of working; Gokū powers up and successfully activates his Kaioken while still in his Super Saiyan Blue transformation, resulting in a transformation called Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Kaioken; the power of Super Saiyan Blue combined with Kaioken. Gokū was worried that the Kaioken would have failed while he is still in his Super Saiyan Blue transformation but he can control it perfectly. Gokū demonstrates his newfound speed thanks to his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Kaioken transformation; Hit is unable to see Gokū. The Old Kaioshin notes that the Super Saiyan transformation is taxing on the user's body and using Kaioken along with it would result in decreasing the user's life span which is why Gokū has not used it for a long time; Gokū says that combining his Kaio-ken with his Super Saiyan Blue is now possible thanks to the Super Saiyan Blue's proper ki control. Vegeta is dumbfounded that Gokū has managed to surpass him again. Gokū multiplies his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken transformation by ten times.

Hit and the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Kaioken Gokū battle; Gokū is able to land many strikes against Hit while Hit struggles unable to counter or defend against Gokū's newfound physical strength. Gokū fires his empowered Kamehameha at Hit while Hit uses his Time-Leap to defend against it. The clash between Hit and Gokū’s Kamehameha releases a blinding light.[16] The clash between Gokū and Hit causes a shock wave, causing Whis and Vados to create barriers to protect the spectators. After the shock wave ends, Gokū and Hit appear from the smoke, although Hit received mild injuries from Gokū's Kamehameha.

Gokū and Hit clash again with Hit using his Time-Leap to stop and strike Gokū multiple times. However, Gokū manages to shrug off Hit's attacks thanks to his Kaioken enhanced defense. Gokū counters and punches Hit many times which slams Hit onto Champa's portrait.

Hit descends onto the ground with Gokū descending as well. Both combatants are tired and injured from their fight so far. After both combatants get up, Gokū asks Beerus if the tournament rules can be withdrawn because since Hit is an assassin and the tournament rules prevent death, Hit cannot fight at his full strength. Champa decides to withdraw the rules, but Beerus objects; the Hakaishins start arguing. Seeing that he will be unable to fight Hit at his full strength due to the Hakaishins unable to come to an agreement, Gokū lands outside the ring which disqualifies him, much to Beerus and Champa's shock. At the 7th Universe Team waiting area, Beerus chides Gokū for surrendering so easily, although Gokū attributes it to the strain of Kaioken.

The next 7th Universe fighter to face Hit is Monaka. The fight begins. However, Hit realizes that Monaka is simply an amateur. After Monaka throws a punch against him, Hit decides to throw the fight and flings himself towards the the tournament dome, eventually landing outside the ring.

The announcer declares Monaka the winner as well as declaring the 7th Universe to be the winners of the tournament. At the 6th Universe Team waiting area, Hit decides that he doesn't need the Cube anymore and wants to be taken home. However, Champa is furious with Hit for ignoring his orders and losing the final so easily; the Hakaishin refuses to let Hit return home alive. Cabba tries to defend Hit, but Champa ignores him and is displeased with his team's pitiful performance. Champa decides to destroy his team for bringing shame to him. Gokū attempts to intervene, however, Beerus informs Gokū that the tournament is over and the Hakaishins are back in charge, explaining that the only way to change the rules is to battle and defeat them. As Champa flaunts his position of power, Vados tells Champa that there are people in the ring.

Both Beerus and Champa become shocked and horrified when they see three unknown individuals in the ring; two tall individuals and a smaller one dressed in similar garb to that of the Hakaishins and their assistants. Beerus and Champa are in disbelief that The King of Everything has showed up.[17]

Beerus and Champa are shocked that the Zen'ō has appeared; the Kaiōshin from the Sixth and 7th Universes also become surprised. Gokū, Vegeta and Piccolo wonder who the small being is, to which Beerus reveals that he is the King of all twelve universes and stands on top of the god hierarchy. Beerus and Champa, their assistants and the Kaiōshin of the Sixth and 7th Universes appears before the King of Everything and bow to him. Gokū casually goes to greet the Zen'ō, much to Beerus and Champa's shock. The Zen'ō reveals that he was watching the tournament and congratulates Gokū for putting up a good fight. He states that he enjoyed the tournament and in the future will hold a tournament with every universe participating.

Beerus and Champa are relieved that the King of Everything has gone home. Beerus berates Gokū for being so casual towards the King. With the tournament over, Champa gives the six Super Dragon Balls to Beerus. Champa and Vados along with the 6th Universe team head home. Meanwhile, Bulma tries locating the last Super Dragon Ball with the Super Dragon Radar but to no avail. However, upon closer inspection of the Radar, Bulma realizes that all the Super Dragon Balls are in the same area. Monaka advises Whis that the last Super Dragon Ball can be seen from a 3D point of view. Whis congratulates Monaka for figuring out the location of the last Super Dragon Ball and requests everyone to hop on the Cube.

Gokū and his friends ride on the cube and distance themselves from the Nameless Planet. Whis uses his power to destroy the crust of the planet, revealing that the Nameless Planet that the tournament was held on was in actual fact the last Super Dragon Ball. With all seven Super Dragon Balls gathered, Bulma reminds Beerus not to wish for the destruction of anything, to which Beerus complies with. Bulma gives Whis the incantation to summon the dragon from the Super Dragon Balls. Whis recites the incantation, causing the Super Dragon Balls to glow.

The Super Dragon Balls transform into Super Shenron, a golden dragon of titanic proportions. Beerus makes his wish and Super Shenron grants it. Super Shenron disappears and the Super Dragon Balls scatter across the Sixth and 7th Universes. Gokū and the others wonder what Beerus wished for since the wish had to be made in the language of the gods, but Beerus keeps his wish a secret.

On their way home, Vados receives a transmission informing her that the 6th Universe's Earth has been revived along with the humans, much to Champa's surprise. Vados assumes that Beerus used the Super Dragon Balls to wish for the restoration of the 6th Universe's Earth and its humans, meaning that Champa can also enjoy the delicacies of Earth's food now.

Whis takes Gokū and his friends to Beerus' Planet to drop off Beerus and Monaka. Gokū asks to spar with Monaka, but Beerus refuses Gokū's request on the account that Monaka is tired. After Whis leaves to take Gokū and his friends home, Beerus thanks Monaka for helping to motivate Gokū and gives him his reward; huge amounts of gold, much to Monaka's joy.[18]

Gokū and his friends return to Earth. On Beerus' Planet, Whis is contacted by Bulma who invites him and Beerus to a celebratory party for winning the martial arts competition between the Sixth and 7th Universes. Bulma also asks Whis and Beerus to invite Monaka since he played a pivotal role in winning the tournament. After the contact ends, Beerus is concerned with Monaka going to the party since Gokū will want to fight him, although Whis suggests that Beerus tells the truth. However, Beerus wants to keep up the lie in order to continue motivating Gokū and Vegeta but more importantly he doesn’t want to be found out lying since it will affect his reputation as a Hakaishin and stain his relation with Zen'ō. Beerus decides to tell the Dragon Team that Monaka cannot attend since he is busy with work.

The next day at Capsule Corporation, some of the Dragon Team have arrived; Bulma wonders when they should begin the party, but Vegeta asks for the party to only begin until Beerus arrives in order to avoid one of his rampages. From the sky, a delivery vehicle lands, to which Jaco comments that his delivery of sweets has arrived. Monaka appears from the vehicle, much to the shock of the Dragon Team. Bulma wonders why he is handling the delivery, to which Monaka says that he works as a delivery man for the universe shipping firm. Chichi is ecstatic that not only Monaka is powerful but has a proper job as well.

Meanwhile at an open field, Gokū is sleeping on the job. Back at Capsule Corporation, Bulma invites Monaka to join the festivities. Goten and Trunks accidentally knock Monaka into a table, causing Monaka to cry. The Dragon Team are surprised and begin to doubt Monaka strength. Beerus and Whis arrive and are shocked that Monaka is also at the party. Bulma wonders why Beerus did not invite Monaka and begins to suspect that Monaka is actually weak, which surprises Beerus. The Dragon Team see that Beerus' reaction to Bulma's question confirms their suspicion that Monaka is actually weak. Whis suggests that Beerus tells the truth. Beerus informs the Dragon Team to keep the truth about Monaka a secret from Gokū.

Suddenly, Gokū appears before Beerus thanks to Instantaneous Movement, causing Beerus to admonish Gokū for surprising him. Gokū sees Monaka and decides to spar with him, but Chichi orders him to head home and clean himself first to which Gokū does. After Gokū leaves, Whis informs the Dragon Team about the importance of the lie about Monaka; if Gokū finds out the truth about him, Gokū's motivation will decrease and his resolve to become stronger will disappear, which will severely affect his performance at the Zen'ō's tournament.

Gokū returns all cleaned up and requests to spar with Monaka. However, Beerus tells Gokū that he can only spar with Monaka until he has performed 100 trillion sit ups and reps. Gokū decides to do all the sit ups and reps. With Gokū occupied, the Dragon Team think of ways to make Monaka strong. Goten and Trunks have an idea and tell Beerus; Beerus is flabbergasted that the idea entails him wearing a disguise. Goten and Trunks give Beerus Mr. Satan's Monaka costume so that he can pose as Monaka. Beerus feels humiliated that he has to wear such a thing, although Whis says that Beerus must reap what he sowed.

Gokū has finished doing his sit ups and takes Monaka so that they can spar. Chaozu attemps to stop Gokū but fails. Kuririn performs a Taiyōken on Gokū, giving Beerus the opportunity to put on the Monaka costume. Afterwards, Gokū sees "Monaka" and becomes excited at his growth in size, assuming that he has the powers of a god as well.

Gokū and "Monaka" move to an open field. "Monaka" and Gokū begin fighting. However, Beerus has to hold back in order to prevent the costume from breaking. However, Beerus actually starts to enjoy the fight and decides to fight without restraint. Gokū and "Monaka" continue fighting, with Gokū being able to hold his own but "Monaka" still has the upper hand. Before Gokū and "Monaka" attack, Whis stops the battle due to Beerus ordering him to do so. Pu'ar, disguised as Beerus, asks for the sparing to stop.

After the fight, Yamcha accidentally reveals that the real Monaka was watching, much to the Dragon Team's shock. However, Gokū assumes that Monaka can split his body like Majin Bū's and becomes motivated to become stronger. Gokū goes off to eat while Beerus takes off the Monaka costume, admitting that lying isn't the best option.[19] At home, Gokū has only eaten half of his dinner, which concerns Chichi. Gokū admits that he hasn't been feeling right and decides to visit North Kaiō. However, Gokū's Instantaneous Movement causes him to teleport to various places. Eventually, Gokū manages to teleport to North Kaiō's planet. North Kaiō examines Gokū and explains that he has delayed onset ki disorder, a temporary disease that makes it difficult for the user to control their ki properly, but the disease will only last for a few days. This disease is a result of using ki in a reckless way; Gokū remembers using Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken and multiplying it by ten when he was fighting against Hit and surmises that to be he reason for having the disease. North Kaiō advises Gokū to not push himself too far with his training as training too much will cause him to lose his senses and thus lose the ability to fight. North Kaiō suggests to Gokū that he should get plenty of rest and spend time with his granddaughter, Pan. Gokū returns home, but his reckless flying causes him to accidentally destroy the house.

At a hotel, Gohan and Videl are having a meeting with a university teacher who wants him to become his assistant. Gohan receives a call from home and leaves the dinner temporarily. Gohan speaks to Gokū, who tells Gohan that he, Chichi and Goten along with Piccolo are staying at his place for a while since he needs time to repair his destroyed house and they will take care of Pan while they are gone, which relieves Gohan. The Pilaf Gang overhears Gohan speaking to his father and devise a plan now that Gokū is sick.

Gokū along with Piccolo and Chichi spend the rest of the day looking after Pan. The next day, the Pilaf Gang arrive outside Gohan and Videl's home, planning to make Piccolo convey their demands. However, Pan appears before them. At that moment, Gokū, Piccolo and Chichi see that Pan is missing and begin searching for her, much to the Pilaf Gang's fear. They retreat in their machine, but take Pan along with. Pan's presence causes the Pilaf Gang to lose control of their machine which causes it to fly into space. Suddenly, Pan awakens her ki and flies out of the machine along with the Pilaf Gang in tow.

Pan flies back to Earth, dropping the Pilaf Gang in the process and flies home. Afterwards, Gohan and Videl return home and thank Gokū, Piccolo and Chichi for taking care of Pan. Chichi asks Gohan about the assistant job, but Gohan decided to turn it down as it would prevent him from seeing Pan, much to Chichi's disappointment.[20]

On Earth, Monaka takes his delivery to Bulma at Capsule Corporation. Bulma asks for Monaka’s help in an experiment, to which he does even though he must make a delivery to Planet Potaufeu. Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks are flying back to Capsule Corporation. They spot Monaka’s spaceship and enter it. However, after Goten play around with an inflatable toy, the spaceship’s door closes which traps Trunks and Goten.

Monaka goes back to his ship after helping Bulma and leaves Earth to travel to Planet Potaufeu, unaware that Goten and Trunks are in his spaceship. Monaka arrives on Planet Potaufeu and checks the ship’s storage compartment, only to find Goten and Trunks who have frozen due to the freezing temperature of space. Monaka warms Goten and Trunks with hot water, telling the young Saiyan duo that they are on Planet Potaufeu. Suddenly, an inhabitant called Potage whom Monaka knows of greets him. Monaka gives Potage his Monthly Universe Martial Arts magazine that he requested. However, thugs show up and threaten Potage. Goten and Trunks intervene and defeat some of the thugs with relative ease, causing the remaining thugs to retreat.

Potage praises Goten and Trunks for their strength while they ask why the thugs were after him; Potage explains that the thugs wanted to steal the power that is asleep on Planet Potaufeu. Potage reveals that he protects the power which is around his neck. However, the item is not around his neck and asks Goten and Trunks to help him find the item.

Potage, Trunks and Goten search for the item and come across the same thugs from earlier. The thugs have the item, which is similar to a pacifier. Goten and Trunks prepare to fight, but the thugs have captured Monaka as a hostage. The thugs take the captive Potage, Monaka, Goten and Trunks to a shrine where one of the thugs explain that the shrine contains miracle water that increases one’s power by a hundred times, although Potage claims that it is nothing more than a myth and that the water will be their demise. The thugs use the pacifier which is revealed to be a key and unlock the shrine; the shrine reveals a jug of water.

On Earth, Bulma explains to Vegeta that Trunks and Goten have boarded Monaka’s spaceship which has headed to Planet Potaufeu. Jaco, whom Bulma called to help, refuses to help find and bring back Goten and Trunks as he is busy investigating a criminal called Gryll which is the same thug that is on Planet Potaufeu whom has taken possession of the miracle water. Bulma blackmails Jaco with the knowledge that he drew a beard on the Galactic King’s picture. Jaco reluctantly agrees to go and find Goten and Trunks; Vegeta ends up tagging along after Bulma asks him to go with, much to his frustration.

Bulma phones Chichi and explains the situation to her, saying that Vegeta and Jaco will pick up Goten and Trunks asking her not to worry. After the phone call ends, an angry Chichi wonders why Gokū is never around when he needs to be. Meanwhile on North Kaio’s planet, Gokū is training and sees that his health has returned to normal.

Vegeta and Jaco are en route to Planet Potaufeu. On Planet Potaufeu, Goten and Trunks are flying away with Potage and Monaka from the thugs who have drank the water from the jug and become pink liquid-like beings. Vegeta appears and easily defeats the thugs, leaving only Gryll to deal with. However, the pink-like liquid from the thugs Vegeta defeated cover him and spit him out, causing Vegeta’s ki to be drained.[21]

The pink-like liquid transforms into Vegeta, much to Vegeta’s surprise. The pink-like liquid has transformed into a spitting image of Vegeta, taking Vegeta's personality and powers. Vegeta tries to destroy the imposter, but is unable to launch his Garlic Cannon. The Copy-Vegeta launches a Garlic Cannon to show that he is now the real Vegeta. Impressed, the Copy-Gryll orders the Copy-Vegeta to take the powers of Trunks; after hesitating, Copy-Vegeta prepares to absorb Trunks' powers. However, the timely intervene of Jaco allows Trunks and Goten to take the powerless Vegeta, Monaka and Potage and fly away to safety. Jaco himself soon retreats.

Trunks, Goten, Vegeta, Monaka and Potage escape to a canyon with Jaco joining them shortly afterwards. Potage explains the truth about the Superhuman Water; it is not miracle water but a weapon called Commeson which was created long ago as a way for the people of Portaufeu to defend themselves. Commeson absorbs a target's power and copies its appearance which neutralizes the target, causing the target to lose his or her power’s. The ancient people of Portaufeu used Commeson on their enemies. However, Commeson not only absorbed the abilities and copied the appearance of the enemies, but also absorbed their evil, causing Commeson to become corrupt. The corrupt Commeson began rampaging throughout the planet, absorbing every sentient life it found; if Commeson succeeded in absorbing all of Planet Portaufeu, it would absorb the entire universe. So in order to stop the rampage from reaching epidemic levels, the ancient people of Portaufeu sacrificed themselves and sealed away Commeson, ending its rampage. Potage, the only survivor left, became the guardian of Commeson's seal and has been protecting it for over 100 years.

However, Gryll came and unlocked the seal, causing Commeson to absorb Gryll and his henchmen, thus the Gryll gang encountered when Vegeta arrived was in actual fact Commeson that absorbed Gryll. Potage suggests that they must seal Commeson one way or another. Vegeta asks Potage why the Copy-Vegeta hesitated when attacking Trunks, to which Potage attributes it to Commeson absorbing the target's spirit. Vegeta then asks what happens to the victims absorbed; Potage says that the victim will disappear and die in 3 to 5 minutes, thus Gryll and his men are dead. Potage tells Vegeta that the only way to save him is to defeat the Copy-Vegeta.

The Copy-Vegeta and Copy-Gryll find the group. Trunks and Goten fuse and become Gotenks. The battle begins, but Copy-Vegeta easily overwhelms Gotenks, thus Gotenks transforms into Super Saiyan 3. However, not even Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks can deal any damage to the fake Vegeta. Vegeta's body begins to disappear. Copy-Gryll orders Copy-Vegeta to absorb Gotenks.

Meanwhile, Gokū is continuing his training on North Kaiō's Planet and is glad to see that he is in top form now. While eating, North Kaiō senses Gotenks and Vegeta fighting; Gokū also senses the battle and uses Instantaneous Movement to go to them.

On Planet Portaufeu, Copy-Vegeta overwhelms and defeats Gotenks, causing Gotenks to revert to Goten and Trunks. Before the Copy-Vegeta can finish them off, Gokū arrives and stops him. Vegeta explains to Gokū that he is the real one while the other is a fake; Goten and Trunks tell Gokū that he must defeat the Copy-Vegeta within 3 minutes otherwise the real Vegeta will disappear and die. Although dumbfounded by the situation, Gokū decides to fight the Copy-Vegeta.

The Copy-Gryll orders the Copy-Vegeta to absorb Gokū's powers. Annoyed by his orders, Copy-Vegeta quickly disposes of the Copy-Gryll. Gokū and the Copy-Vegeta begin their fight, with Gokū realizing that the imposter fights exactly like the real Vegeta and becomes excited. Gokū and the Copy-Vegeta begin their fight, with Gokū realizing that the imposter fights exactly like the real Vegeta and becomes excited. Gokū and the Copy-Vegeta power up.[22]

Gokū and Copy-Vegeta begin their fight; the two combatants fight evenly with each other. Soon, Copy-Vegeta manages to get the other hand, although Gokū is still able to withstand Copy-Vegeta's assault. Gokū decides to use multiple Instantaneous Movements to confuse Copy-Vegeta. Thanks to his multiple Instantaneous Movements, Gokū manages to get close to Copy-Vegeta and lands several punches and kicks on him. Watching the battle, Vegeta becomes conflicted as who he should support since he does not want to die but doesn’t technically want to lose to Gokū via his copy. Gokū and Copy-Vegeta continue fighting on equal ground; Gokū comments that from fighting Copy-Vegeta he can tell that the real Vegeta has become much stronger.

Impatient, the real Vegeta interrupts the battle and tries to attack his copy due to its lousy performance, only to fail. Gokū tries to calm Vegeta down, but the Saiyan Prince would rather die than watch himself lose in such a disgraceful manner. Vegeta gives the combatants advise and flies down to continue watching the battle, making both Gokū and Copy-Vegeta confused as to whose side Vegeta is on.

Since Vegeta doesn’t have much time, Gokū transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue while Copy-Vegeta also transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue form. The real Vegeta becomes more transparent; Potage gives Vegeta the pacifier-like key to suck on which will allow Vegeta more time to live. Vegeta does so, causing Jaco to take his camera out so that he can take a photo of Vegeta sucking the pacifier since he won’t see a scene like this again. However, Jaco's camera runs out of battery, much to Jaco's frustration.

In their Super Saiyan Blue forms, Gokū and Copy-Vegeta resume their battle, still fighting on equal terms. Potage remembers that by defeating the core of the Commeson, the copies will weaken. Thus, Trunks and Goten along with Potage and Jaco go to find the core. The main Commeson attempts to take Goten's powers, but Trunks and Jaco stop it. However, the main Commerson chases after the group, ignoring Jaco in the process, much to the Galactic Patrol officer’s annoyance.

Meanwhile, Gokū and Copy-Vegeta continue fighting while the real Vegeta becomes infuriated that he is not the one battling Gokū. Worrying about his father, Trunks and the group head to Vegeta while the main Commeson follows them. As Gokū and Copy-Vegeta attack each other, the main Commeson tries to take Trunks' powers, but the real Vegeta stands in front to protect his son while Trunks screams in anguish.

Trunks' scream causes Monaka to awaken and accidently step on the main Commeson's core, causing it great pain and weakening Copy-Vegeta. Seeing an opening, Gokū fires his Kamehameha which destroys Copy-Vegeta.

Vegeta returns to normal as a result of Copy Vegeta's defeat. Potage seals the main Commeson once again even though its core is broken since it is still dangerous. Potage thanks the Dragon Team for their help and is more than happy to welcome them back to Portaufeu. Gokū mocks Vegeta for sucking on a pacifier, causing Vegeta to enquire what it is.

The Dragon Team returns to Earth, where Vegeta learns from seeing Pan that a pacifier is actually for babies which disgusts him. Bulma and Chichi scold Trunks and Goten respectively while a flabbergasted Vegeta would have preferred death if he had known what a pacifier was, although Gokū is actually glad that Vegeta is not dead and encourages him to continue living since they would not be able to fight each other if he had died. Gokū and Vegeta agree to one day settle the score between them and find out who is truly stronger.[23]



# English title Kanji title Rōmaji title Japanese airdate
28 The 6th Universe's Hakaishin — His Name's Champa 第6宇宙の破壊神 その名はシャンパ Dai-Roku Uchū no Hakaishin Sono Na wa Shanpa January 24, 2016[24]
29 It's Settled: We're Holding a Martial Arts Match! The Team Captain's Even Stronger Than Gokū 格闘試合開催決定!主将は悟空より強いヤツ Kakutō Shiai Kaisai Kettei! Shushō wa Gokū yori Tsuyoi Yatsu January 31, 2016[24]
30 Rehearsing for the "Martial Arts Match" — Who Are the Two Remaining Members?! 『格闘試合』へのおさらい 残り二人のメンバーは誰だ!? "Kakutō Shiai" e no Osarai Nokori Futari no Menbā wa Dare da!? February 7, 2016[24]
31 To Lord Zunō! Ask About the Location of the Super Dragon Balls! ズノーさまのもとへ!スーパードラゴンボールのありかをせ! Zunō-sama no Moto e! Sūpā Doragon Bōru no Arika o Kikidase! February 14, 2016[24]
32 The Matches Begin! Everyone Head to the "Nameless Planet"! 試合開始だ!みんなで『名前のない星』へ! Shiai Kaishi da! Minna de "Namae no Nai Hoshi" e! February 21, 2016[24]
33 Be Surprised, 6th Universe! This is Super Saiyan Son Gokū! 驚け第6宇宙よ!これが超サイヤ人・孫悟空だ! Odoroke Dai-Roku Uchū yo! Kore ga Sūpā Saiya-jin · Son Gokū da! February 28, 2016[24]
34 Piccolo versus Frost — Bet Everything on the Makankōsappō! ピッコロVSフロスト 魔貫光殺砲にすべてをかけろ! Pikkoro Tai Furosuto Makankōsappō ni Subete o Kakero! March 6, 2016[24]
35 Turn Anger into Power! Vegeta's All-Out Battle! いかりをちからえる!ベジータのぜんかいバトル Ikari o Chikara ni Kaeru! Bejīta no Zenkai Batoru March 20, 2016[24]
36 An Unexpectedly Tough Fight! Vegeta's Explosion of Rage! まさかの大苦戦!ベジータ怒りの大爆発! Masaka no Dai-Kusen! Bejīta Ikari no Dai-Bakuhatsu! March 27, 2016[24]
37 Don't Forget Your Saiyan Pride! Vegeta versus the Saiyan of 6th Universe サイヤ人じんの誇ほこりを忘わすれるな!ベジータVSたい第だい6ろく宇う宙ちゅうのサイヤ人 Saiya-jin no Hokori o Wasureru na! Bejīta Tai Dai-Roku Uchū no Saiya-jin April 3, 2016[24]
38 The 6th Universe's Strongest Warrior! Meet the Assassin Hit!! 第6宇宙最強の戦士!殺し屋ヒット見参!! Dai-Roku Uchū Saikyō no Senshi! Koroshiya Hitto Kenzan!! April 10, 2016[24]
39 A Fully-Developed "Time-Leap" Counterattack?! Is It Coming?! Gokū's New Technique! 成長した“時とばし”の反撃!?出るか!?悟空の新たな技! Seichōshita "Toki Tobashi" no Hangeki!? Deru ka!? Gokū no Arata na Waza! April 17, 2016[24]
40 The Conclusion At Last! Who Will Prevail? Beerus, or Champa? ついに決着!勝者はビルス?それともシャンパ? Tsui ni Ketchaku! Shōsha wa Birusu? Soretomo Shanpa? April 24, 2016[24]
41 Come Forth, Dragon of the Gods — Grant My Wish, Pretty Peas! 出でよ神の龍 そして願いを叶えてちょんまげ! Ide yo Kami no Ryū Soshite Negai o Kanaete Chonmage! May 1, 2016[24]
42 A Tumultuous Victory Celebration! Facing Off At Last: Monaka versus Son Gokū?! 波乱の祝勝会!遂に対決!?モナカVS孫悟空 Haran no Shukushō-kai! Tsuini Taiketsu!? Monaka Tai Son Gokū May 8, 2016[24]
43 Gokū's "Ki" is Out of Control?! Lots of Trouble Taking Care of Pan 悟空の「気」が制御不能!?パンのお世話で四苦八苦 Gokū no "Ki" ga Seigyofunō!? Pan no Osewa de Shikuhakku May 15, 2016[24]
44 The Seal of Planet Potaufeu — Secret of the Unleashed "Superhuman Water"! ポトフ星の封印 解き放たれた“超人水”の秘密! Potofu-sei no Fūin Tokihanatareta "Chōjin Sui" no Himitsu! May 22, 2016[24]
45 Vegeta Disappears?! The Menace of Copy-Vegeta! 波乱の祝勝会!遂に対決!?モナカVS孫悟空 Haran no Shukushō-kai! Tsuini Taiketsu!? Monaka Tai Son Gokū May 29, 2016[24]
46 Gokū versus Copy-Vegeta! Who Will Prevail?! 悟空VS複製ベジータ!勝つのはどっちだ!? Gokū Tai Fukusei Bejīta! Katsu no wa Dotchi da!? June 5, 2016[24]


# English title Kanji title Rōmaji title Japanese release date
5 Beerus and Champa ビルスとシャンパ Birusu to Shanpa October 21, 2015[25]
6 The Preparation for the Tournament たいかいじゅん Taikai no Junbi November 21, 2015[25]
7 Warriors of the 6th Universe だいちゅうせんたち Dai-Roku Uchū no Senshi-tachi December 19, 2015[25]
8 The Match Begins! あいかいShiai Kaishi! January 21, 2016[25]
9 Gokū versus Botamo くうVSブイエスボタモ Gokū Buiesu Botamo February 20, 2016[25]
10 Frost's True Colors フロストのしょうたい Furosuto no Shōtai March 19, 2016[25]
11 Vegeta Takes the Stage!! ベジータとうじょう!! Bejīta Tōjō!! April 21, 2016[25]
12 Saiyan's Pride サイヤじんほこSaiya-jin no Hokori May 21, 2016[25]
13 The Winning Universe is Decided at Last!! 優勝宇宙ゆうしょううちゅう、ついに決定けってい!! Yūshō Uchū, Tsui ni Kettei!! June 21, 2016[25]

Anime-Manga Differences

  • In Super chapter 5, Gokū and Vegeta were given heavy suits to wear due to violating Whis' training conditions for the Saiyans' sparring match by transforming into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyans. In the anime, this scene was not shown, and Gokū and Vegeta were already shown with the heavy suits.[26]
    • Also, in the chapter, Champa and Vados arrive near Whis to introduce themselves, with Champa later asking Whis to get Beerus. In the anime, Champa and Vados made a rather boisterous entrance that woke Beerus from his sleep, causing the 7th Universe's Hakaishin to begin to attack the Saiyans and Champa for waking him up.[26]
    • In the chapter, the Saiyans, the Hakaishin and their attendants have their conversation about the food their respective universes offer, the introduction to the existence of twin universes to the Saiyans, and other conversations outside. In the anime, all of this took place inside Beerus' Palace.[26]
    • In the anime, Whis helped his older sister Vados find the planet Earth in the 6th Universe by directing her while looking into her scepter.[26] In chapter 5 of Super, Vados did this all on her own.
    • In the anime, Whis casually addresses Vados as his big sister, while he helps her find the planet Earth in the 6th Universe. In the chapter, it is Vados who reveals to the Saiyans that Whis is her brother.
    • In the anime, Beerus and Champa were shown having a sparring match that destroyed a floor of Beerus' palace.[26] No such fighting between the twin brothers was shown in chapter 5.
  • In Super chapter 6, Gokū mentions to Beerus how Champa´s description of certain giant Wish Orbs resembles Earth´s Dragon Balls. In the anime, Gokū mentions this detail to Vegeta, which Beerus later overhears.
    • In the anime, Champa gives to Gokū one remaining dodon bird egg before leaving Beeru´s planet. In the chapter, this situation never happened.
    • In the chapter, Gokū and Vegeta returns to return to Earth to request Bulma (by Beerus own request) to begin preparations to search for the the seventh and last Super Dragon Ball before the tournament, Whis alone takes Gokū and Vegeta to the planet. In the anime, both Beerus and Whis go to Earth.


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