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The Heart Disease (Contagious Disease) (しんぞうびょう (でんせんびょう), Shinzō no Byōki (Densenbyō))[1] is a deadly disease that killed Son Gokū in the timeline that Trunks hails from.


When one is infected with the Heart Disease, initial symptoms include severe fatigue from even basic tasks. When Gokū first felt the symptoms, he was exhausted just flying away from the island where Androids 19 and 20 appeared due to his heart not being functioning properly. As the infection progresses, the victim will start experiencing excruciating chest pains until eventually, their heart becomes too damaged to function and they succumb to the disease and die. During this time, they will feel as if they are unable to breathe or catch their breath because their heart is unable to properly pump blood and delivery oxygen to their bodies. Senzu will not stop the disease or even slow it down. The only way to cure this disease is with its own medicine.

If the victim starts to experience the Heart Disease, it is best to avoid anything physical activities to avoid adding stress to their heart, otherwise they speed up the disease. This however, is not a true solution and only serves to delay the virus' progress. This was shown when Gokū turned Super Saiyan, he accelerated the heart virus.


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