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Herā Clan[citation needed]
Kanji ヘラー 一族
Rōmaji Herā Ichizoku
Additional Information
Status Extinct
Unique Traits Full Power Herā
Notable Members

Herā clan (ヘラー 一族, Herā Ichizoku) was the race living on the planet Herā.


The exact origin of the Herā clan are largely enigmatic, other than the fact that they once lived on planet Herā, and all members of Galaxy Soldiers, led by Bōjakku are the last survivors of it.[1]


It is unknown if all of the members of this humanoid clan had teal-colored skin and orange hair like the Galaxy Soldiers. When they transform, their skin turns lime-green and their hair becomes red.


The Hera clan are a powerful race in their own right, as they are capable of holding their own against a Saiyan (a race known for their battle prowess). A few are shown to display the ability to transform, they are also known to possess psychic powers.


Main article: Full Power Herā Some members possess the ability to transform by focusing their ki,[2] their appearance change and their muscles begin to swell from the increased power. The only known Herā to use this form are Bōjakku and Gokua.[3]

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  • Their species name was derived from "Hera", the goddess of women and marriages.
  • Because the all Galaxy Soldiers's members were killed, that brought about the extinction of the entire clan.[3]


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