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This article details a subject that is considered canon. The subject of this article appeared in Dragon Ball Super anime and manga series.

ホップ Hoppu
Personal Data
Universe 9th Universe 9th Universe
Race Alien
Gender Female Icon Female
Voice Actors
English Amanda Gish
Professional Status
Team(s) 9th Universe
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 33 (Super)
Anime Debut DBS096
Image Gallery
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Hop (ホップ, Hoppu) is a warrior from the 9th Universe that was selected as one her respective universe's strongest warriors to compete in the Tournament of Power.


Hop Render

Hop's full appearance.

Hop appears as a feline humanoid with purple fur and dark purple hair.Her clothing consists a black midriff revealing top, a black pair of pants and black shoes.She possesses a tail having the same color as her fur with a darker shade at the end.



Part IV[]

Universe Survival Arc[]