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This article details a subject that is considered canon. The subject of this article appeared in Dragon Ball anime series.

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Waaaaah! A huge cloud!

—Son Gokū on seeing the Huge Kintoun, Chapter 152

Huge Kintoun[1][2]
Kanji でっかいきんうん
Rōmaji Dekkai Kintoun
Literal English Huge Somersault Cloud
Manga Debut Chapter 152

The Huge Kintoun is a particularly large Kintoun owned by Karin.


The Huge Kintoun is just that, an overly large Kintoun owned by the cat, Karin. As with the standard Kintoun, this Kintoun is more than capable of flying through the sky at the user's will, and can only be ridden by those who are pure of heart. It also shares the similar weakness of being unable to fly higher than Karin Tower. This Kintoun was used to gift Son Gokū with a second Kintoun after his first had been destroyed by Tambourine. The first Kintoun that Gokū owned also came from this larger cloud.[1][2][3]


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