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Human Tornado[1]
Type Physical Martial Arts Technique
Sub-Type Basic type
Class Supplementary
Range User

The Human Tornado is a physical exercise used by Son Gokū after removing his weights.


Gokū displays this exercise during the 23rd Tenka-Ichi Budōkai while fighting Tenshinhan. The technique consists of Gokū beginning a multiple combination hit against the hair, and then beginning to spin at such rapid speeds that his entire body begins to resemble a tornado. Gokū used the warm-up to acclimate his body to being without 500 kilograms of additional weight in the form of clothing, to better adjust to his increased speed.[2][1]


  • This warm up exercise is similar to a technique used by Son Gokū against Namu; however, while that was an offensive maneuver, this is a warm-up exercise.


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