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り Iaigiri
Literal English Quick-Draw Slash
Games Miracle Got'cha Slash (ミラクルごっつぁんスラッシュ, Mirakuru gottsu~an surasshu)[4]
Jump Slash (ジャンプ斬り, Janpu kiri)[5]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 139
Anime Debut DB105
OVA Debut OVA2
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Sparking! METEOR
Type Weapon
Physical Martial Arts Technique
Class Offensive
Range Close range
Utilised tool(s)
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The Iaigiri is a Weapon Technique used by the swordsman Yajirobe as his signature fighting slash.


Springing into action, Yajirobe grips the hilt of his katana with his right hand and unsheathes the blade at a blinding speed which produces a powerful slash capable of felling even opponents of considerable strength. Being a physical technique, the Iaigiri demands a sufficient degree of physical strength in order for it to be effective. When used by Yaijirobe, it demonstrated the strength to cut apart a minion of Piccolo Daimaō with ease.[1][2] Furthermore, during the fight against Vegeta, when the Saiyan prince managed to transform into a Great Monkey, Yajirobe managed to sneak up behind Vegeta and ambush him by slashing straight through his tail, successfully cutting it off. Given that Yajirobe's power level was undoubtedly several times lower than that of Vegeta's own, it is considered a remarkable feat that he managed to slice through the Saiyan's tempered tail.


  • The Iaigiri is, in actuality, a real-life Japanese sword technique, and is a component is "Iaijutsu" (居合術; Literally meaning "Quick-Draw Sword Technique"). It is among one of several real-life techniques used in the Dragon Ball series.


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