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Immortality Regeneration

Immortality being used to regenerate a lethal injury.

Immortality (不死身, Fujimi), also known as Eternal Life (永遠の命, Eien no Inochi),[1] is a common element in the Dragon Ball series that is often an objective that can be completed through the use of the variants of Dragon Balls. This wish has been pursued by the likes of the Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa and even Evil Emperor Freeza.

Known Cases[]

  1. Kame-Sennin is stated within the series to be immortal, having consumed the Immortality Elixir. This Elixir grants him immense longevity, as he was three centuries old when he was introduced in Dragon Ball.[2] However, he can still be killed; his immortality merely seems to be prevent a natural death.
  2. Another immortal being existed on Earth, referred to as the Phoenix. It was immortal itself, and could grand immortality — with Kame-Sennin intending to make Gokū immortal as the reward for saving Umigame. However, it died when it ate tainted birdseed.[3]
  3. This same immortality was finally shown within the anime through Dragon Ball Super, where Zamasu of the future acquired immortality by wishing on the Super Dragon Balls. Being immortal made Zamasu complete invulnerable to any attacks, and gave him a complete regeneration factor, allowing him to heal from all wounds within seconds.[4] Should an immortal being fuse with a mortal being, however, the immortality becomes imperfect, and creates an unstable fusion. With enough damage dealt, the once-immortal being can be killed, as seen with the merged Zamasu.[5]
  4. In the movie, complete immortality was first seen in Dragon Ball Z: Return My Gohan!!, where the villain, Garlic Junior, acquired immortality through a wish to Shenron. Doing so made him completely invulnerable to all attacks, and he was forced to be sealed within the Dead Zone.[6][7]


  • Despite not being stated to be immortal, Fortune-Teller Baba and Tsuru-Sennin have lived for as long as Kame-Sennin, and Taopaipai is the younger brother of the same long-lived Tsuru Sennin.
  • In Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, Zamasu's Super Soul, "I really do love being immortal", mimics immortality. When the user dies, they will revive on their own without aid.


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