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Jōji Yanami
Nationality Japanese
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Birthday August 30, 1931
Age 85
Alias Shigemitsu Shirato (白土 繁満, Shirato Shigemitsu)
Professional Status
Occupation Voice acter
Companies Aoni Production

Jōji Yanami (八奈見 乗児, Yanami Jōji) is a Japanese voice actor who is affiliated with Aoni Production. He is best known from providing the original voice of the Narrator, as well as North Kaiō, but also provided the roles of Brief and Babidi. He also also appeared in numerous other anime, providing the voices for characters like Tōtōsai from InuYasha, Dr. Bali Bali from Astro Boy, among others.

Due to medical reasons, Jōji took leave from Dragon Ball Super for an indefinite amount of time, and his role as Narrator and North Kaiō were passed onto Naoki Tatsuta.


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