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The Kaiō of the Seventh Universe.

Kaiō (かいおう; FUNimation "Kai", Viz "Lord of the Worlds"; Literally meaning "Boundary King") are members of the Shinling race that assist the Kaiōshin in overseeing the universe. Functionally, they work similarly to the Kaiōshin.


The Shinling who become Kaiō are born from the "ordinary fruit" (ふっぅの果, futsū no ka) of the World Tree on the planet Kaishin. Occasionally, there are delinquent Shinling born with evil hearts, and they would become the Makaiō.[1]

They are genderless and have extraordinarily long lifespans. Those born of an ordinary fruit can live upwards of 75,000 years. In their homeworld, they live leisurely lifes, studying various things at a school-like castle. When a Kaiō passes away, they choose among them by lottery who will take over that Kaiō's place and become the new Kaiō.[1]

Unlike the Kaiōshin, the Kaiō appear to be personally involved in their quadrant of the universe, as Kaiō of the North] of the Seventh Universe was extremely active during the events on Earth and Namek.

List of Kaiō

7th Universe

Main articles: North Kaiō, East Kaiō, South Kaiō, and West Kaiō There are five Kaiō — four to rule over the cardinal galaxies and a fifth, the Grand Kaiō, to rule over the individual Kaiō.[2]

10th Universe

Main article: Zamasu (disambiguation) Zamasu was the former North Kaiō of the 10th Universe. When Zamasu was selected to become a Kaiōshin apprentice, another Shinling succeeded the position.[3]


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