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Kaiō of the North's Planet
Kanji きたかいおうほし
Rōmaji Kita no Kaiō no Hoshi
Astrographical Information
Universe 7th Universe Symbol [[7th Universe]]
Physical Information
Class Terrestrial
Societal information
Affiliation Kaiō Realm

The Kaiō of the North's Planet (きたかいおうほし, Kita no Kaiō no Hoshi; Literally meaning "North's Boundary King's Planet"), simply refered as Kaiō's Planet (かいおうほし, Kaiō no Hoshi; Literally meaning "Boundary King's Planet"), is the homeworld of the Kaiō of the North, who rules over North Galaxies.



At some point in the past, Beerus was responsible for the destruction of the Kaiō of the North's planet, and the Kaiō assembled what was left into small planetoid.[1][2][3]


  • The explanations for the size of the planet vary depending on the source. According to Akira Toriyama himself, Beerus destroyed the planet after he lost to North Kaiō in a car racing game.[1] In Dragon Ball Z: God and God, Whis claims Beerus destroyed it after a particularly spirited game of hide and seek.[2] In Dragon Ball Super, Beerus claims it was because the Shinling served him particularly bad food that he destroyed his planet. In conclusion, Beerus appears to be responsible for the planet's size.[3]


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