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  • The use of the Kaiōken that enforces the force of the blow.
  • Uses the momentum to break the opponent's back.
Kaiōken Finish
界王拳フィニッシュ Kaiōken Finisshu
Games Kaiōken Assault[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #19, Chapter #226
Anime Debut DBZ029
Type Physical Martial Arts Technique
Parent Kaiōken

The Kaiōken Finish is a Physical Martial Arts Technique used through the use of the Kaiōken. It was created by Son Gokū.


The Kaiōken Finish is the best exemplified use of the Kaiōken's power — a quick burst. Gokū utilized this technique against Nappa, entering the base multiplication of the Kaiōken and rushing Nappa from the back with a powerful double punch. Catching the limp body, Gokū tossed Nappa onto the ground with his severe injuries.[2]



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