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Kame House
Kame House[1][2]
Kanji カメ ハウス
Literal English Turtle House
Viz Media Turtle Hut[3]
Societal information
Owner Muten Rōshi

Kame House (カメ ハウス; Literally meaning "Turtle House") is the house located on a small island in the middle of the ocean on the southeastern of the Earth, owned by Muten Rōshi. For the majority of Part I of the Dragon Ball series, as well as early in Part II, the home was used by the Dragon Team as a base of operations, before being replaced by the Castle of God during the Androids and Cell Arc.


The house is a small, dark blue house (light pink in the anime) with "KAME HOUSE" emblazoned on the front. The house is constructed from wood, with wooden steps leading up to the screen door. Surrounding the home is the small island on which Muten Rōshi lives; a lawn chair, umbrella, and table are kept directly outside, as well as several palm trees.


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